As you can probably tell from your Insta feed or Pinterest board, indoor succulents are taking the world by storm. The gorgeous, sculptural plants add amazing, almost effortless aesthetic to any room.

If you're worried that you don't know how to care for succulents, you are in luck! There are many different types of succulents, but the main thing they all have in common is that they need very little attention. In fact, that's part of what makes them the perfect first houseplant!


22 Best Indoor Succulents

No matter your decorating style, there are succulents that will add a lot of character to your home. Not only that, but succulents add oxygen to the air around them almost constantly, plus they pull dangerous VOC's from the air to convert to plant food. That's right, friends, these guys are tiny air purifiers

With only needing to be watered a few times a week at most, these waxy plants are perfect for the jetsetter, the career dynamo, or just the slightly scatterbrained. Choose a few that spark joy for you and brighten up your home in an instant.

1. Christmas Carol Sleigh

This aloe plant grows 1 foot tall and wide, with small pink flowers and red tinged leaves.

2. 'Superba' Air Plant 

This upright plant has yellow patterns on dark green leaves and does well in bright light.

3. String of Fishhooks

Green-blue fishhook shaped leaves drip off trailing vines on this plant that's perfect for hanging.

4. Pothos 'Devil's Ivy'

Devil's Ivy has variegated dark green leaves on vines can grow up to 8 feet long, making it quite the standout.

5. Aeonium Kiwi

This classic succulent has bright green leaves that are kissed with pink along the edges.

6. String of Hearts

This beautiful vine has long tendrils of heart-shaped leaves and small vase-shaped purple flowers.

7. Euphorbia obesa

This unique baseball plant has gorgeous purple and green coloring.

8. Baby Necklace

Also called a string of buttons, these multicolored leaves look like a stack of beads and stay under a foot tall.

9. Echeveria Desmetiana

These small plants have point tipped leaves that fade to a pinky glow, but can range from red to yellow in the winter.

10. Gasteria Flow

Incredibly sculptural, with white-spotted dark green leaves in a spiral shape.

11. Shark Tooth Plant

These bright green plants look like a 10" stack of shark teeth, that top out with tiny flowers.

12. Hen and Chicks 

This captivating plant is green and dark red, covered in an intricate white webbing.

13. Puli-lindsayana

Small compact rosettes with dark pink edges on fleshy leaves.

14. Star Window Plant

This plant of rosettes varies in green, with translucent "windows" on the long triangular leaves.

15. Aeonium Black Rose

Deep purple leaves are ridged in tiny teeth in layers of rosettes.

16. Taylor Woolly

These fun, pale green plants are covered in white hair, and they bloom orange flowers in the fall.

17. String of Dolphins

This hanging plant has leaves that look like jumping dolphins in a pod, and produces tiny white puff flowers in the fall.

18. Ruby Slippers

This plant grows an impressive 12" tall by 12" wide, with pink-tinged leaves and orange bell-shaped flowers.

19. Baby Toes

This unique, South African plant has upright fingers in small clumps, with translucent windows on top

20. Mother of Thousands Kalanchoe

This Mexican Hat plant has layered green leaves with dark red fringe on the edges.

21. Golden Barrel Cactus

This plant starts small, but can grow quite large (60" tall!) in the right environment! It is also covered in yellow spines, so, be thoughtful in placement around pets and kids.

22. Lithops

This stunning plant looks like flowers spring forth from a rose-colored rock.

12 Indoor Succulents That Can Be Outdoor

Looking for some outdoor succulents? These plant options are perfect if you're looking to xeriscape your yard, add a greenhouse vibe to your patio, or like to rotate your plants in and around your home for a fresh feel.

While all of these plants are flexible when it comes to environment, do a little homework before planting them in the same pretty pot as their indoor cousins. Different kinds of succulents have different light and water needs, and they'll thrive best with similar plants.

23. Red Crown of Thorns

This good luck plant has gorgeous glossy green and red leaves with hot pink flowers.

 24. Maranta Red Prayer

This striking plant has dark green leaves with bright red veins and dark red backs.

25. Pencil Cactus Tree 

This plant can grow up to 6 feet tall in a pot, and has incredibly sculptural pencil-like stems.

26. Fire Sticks

Bright green upright branches fade to orange then red, with the image of being on fire.

27. Hindu Rope

These cupped leaves form long vines that are great for hanging on training. Small pink flowers grow in the spring.

28. Jade Plant

This friendship or money plant has small pink or white flowers and loves the sun.

29. String of Bananas

This hanging plant grows fast, with it's long trailing vines reaching 36" quickly. It has small, cinnamon-scented flowers.

30. Zebra Plant

This striking plant has white and green zebra patterned leaves that love bright sun.

31. Parlor Palm

Bring the beach to you with these thin, graceful palm trees with dark green foliage.

32. Pickle Plant

This fascinating plant has 10" long upright tendrils that are soft and marked with dark green scales.

33. Faux Agave Americana

This large faux plant is a statement at 48" tall, and requires zero thought or effort while offering maximum impact.

34. Faux Calathea Plant

This plant is just under 2 feet, with large burgundy leaves that look like hands reaching upwards in prayer.

How To Pick Indoor Succulents

Ready to start your adventure to plant parenthood? Don't be overwhelmed by all your options - I've got some easy tips on how to start slowly so your plants help distress your space, not make you sweat!

1. Set a budget

It's easy to start splashing out cash on things like plants, furniture and art. We want our homes to be lovely and restful and inviting - that should be a priority, right?

Not so fast! Plant costs can add up fast when it comes to pots, food, and individual varieties. Just like the chips jingle, who can stop with just one? So set a budget at the outset, and do your best to maximize and prioritize your purchases.

2. Open your eyes and visualize

Buying plants without a plan isn't a good idea. You may end up with succulents that are too large or too small or don't group well together.

Take a good look at your space and think through where you want to add some greenery. If you want it on a high shelf, maybe choose something that has vines. If you want to line your pathway, maybe you want them to get larger as they go.

Don't forget to factor in what you want the final outcome to look like. Make sure to leave space for your new plants to grow.

3. Take the leap!

You set a plan, you did the homework, now it's time to buy yourself some plants! Don't stress too much about the outcome. Succulents are pretty hardy as you learn to care for them, and if they don't suit the space you planned for well, chances are there is a perfect spot waiting for them.

These succulents will add so much life and brightness to your space. So go ahead and pick a few - Chances are, you'll soon be adding more!

More Awesome Plants

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In Conclusion

Are you excited to order some new indoor succulents for your home? I'll bet you'll be blown away by how all these different types of succulents can bring so much joy and light to your space, especially in interesting and unexpected combinations.

Once you've mastered how to care for succulents, you'll feel like a houseplant pro! Just don't blame me if you can't stop adding baby plants to your decor! Good luck!