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Outdoor succulents - featured

16 Best Outdoor Succulents – Pick the best one for you.

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If you want to give your garden that additional edge, why not plant some outdoor succulents?

These exotic and interesting plants can give your outdoor space a unique, otherworldly vibe. One of the best things about these plants is that there are just so many different types of succulents to choose from.

These plants fall into an incredibly diverse spectrum, and you can find outdoor succulents of virtually any color. Not only that, but you can find succulents of many different shapes and sizes. Some might even look like they’re from another planet!

Another awesome benefit of growing outdoor succulents is the fact that you don’t need to be a professional to fill your garden with these plants.

It’s relatively easy to learn how to care for succulents, and you can have an amazing succulent garden in no time. 


10 Best outdoor Succulents

If you really want to make your garden shine, it’s best to choose only the best outdoor succulents. These plants have tons of character, and they can find their home in virtually any garden imaginable.

Here are the 10 best outdoor succulents:

6. Elephant Bush

If you want a succulent that can grow to towering heights, choose the elephant bush. This beautiful South African succulent can grow up to 15 feet in height – so it’s really more like a tree.

7 outdoor succulents that can be indoor

Sometimes, it makes sense to have a little bit of versatility when choosing outdoor succulents.

Choose succulents that can also be indoor succulents, and you have the freedom to move them inside if things aren’t working out.

Here are 7 outdoor succulents that can be indoors:

More Awesome Plants

Of course, there are plenty of other awesome plants you can choose to fill up your garden. If you want to mix it up a little and add to your garden of outdoor succulents, consider these options for a more varied garden:

  1. If you don’t even have a garden in the first place, it’s best to consider different types of houseplant when decorating your space. These houseplants can give your home tons of life and character.
  2. Everyone knows that avocado on toast is delicious – but imagine how cool it would be to pick avocados from your own tree every day? That’s what you can do when you learn how to grow an avocado tree.
  3. When growing succulents, it’s important to learn about their unique needs and requirements. They’re pretty unique compared to other plants, so it’s a good idea to learn how to water succulents.

How To Pick Outdoor Succulents

Choosing outdoor succulents for your garden might be tricky, but you can approach this process with a methodical, strategic technique.

Choose carefully, and you can fill your garden with succulents that complement one another, helping to create an even more stunning outdoor space.

Here’s how to choose the best outdoor succulents:

1. Consider Your Climate

One of the first things you want to consider when choosing outdoor succulents is your climate. There are succulents that can grow in virtually any region, but it makes sense to do some research before your order your seeds or cuttings.

Once you’ve selected a succulent from the list above, do a little more research and figure out if it’ll actually grow in your climate.

2. Create a Theme

Although picking outdoor succulents are random can result in some interesting patterns, you might want to create a theme as you plan out your new succulent garden.

For example, maybe you want to choose only red succulents to create a Martian landscape. Maybe you want to choose succulents that mimic traditional grasses, roses, and other plants – with a unique twist.

3. Consider Growth Potential

Succulents might start out small, but they can grow to tremendous heights within a few short months. Because of this, you should always take growth potential into account when choosing outdoor succulents.

If you want to keep your succulents small and compact, choose succulents that stay at a small height throughout their life cycle. If you dream of massive, towering succulents in your garden, choose plants that actually have the potential to reach these heights.

In Conclusion

Choosing outdoor succulents is an awesome way to make your garden truly unique, and these plants can bring joy and discovery to virtually any gardener.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or someone who’s starting their garden for the first time, outdoor succulents are tons of fun.

Perhaps you’re bored with the “same old” plants, and you want something new.

Or maybe you’re building an entirely new garden, and you want it to look like an alien landscape.

Whatever the case may be, you can choose from the types of succulents we’ve outlined above to make your dreams come to life.

Learn how to care for succulents and follow our guide on how to choose the right outdoor succulents, and you really can’t go wrong with these amazing plants.

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