Hi there, I'm Aya Bradley, the editor-in-chief of The Golden.

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We started The Golden because we found that the majority of home and garden content was published by big media companies. Why does that matter? Well, to us, we found that the content lacked personality, it lacked honesty, and it lacked sincerity. More often than not, it felt like the same old stuff... generic and bland.

And to me, that is the exact opposite of how I want my home to feel. Instead, on The Golden, we try to create the right type of content. What is the right type of content? To me, it follows three fundamental rules:

Rule #1: Genuine and real

Rule #2: Actionable

Rule #3: In-depth

And it's these three rules help us create content with one goal in mind: to help you make your house a home.

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2. Check out these 5 must-read articles

I put together this list of articles that I feel everyone should read to help jump-start their happy-home building process.

These are some my favorite articles we've ever published:

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Must-Read #4: 60 Best Man Cave Decor Ideas

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Must-Read #5: 82 Apartment Furniture Ideas

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5. Turn off your computer... and go make some memories

When you're 80, sitting on your rocking chair, reflecting on your life... are you going to remember the time you spent on the computer, or the time you spent doing awesome stuff?

The world is an incredible, beautiful place... don't forget to enjoy it.

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