In this post, I'll share useful and practical toy storage ideas for your little ones. Nothing might be more annoying than seeing your kids' toys scattered all over the room.

These toy storage ideas for small spaces are all you need if you are looking for playroom ideas. As an expert DIY-er and master interior designer, I also created useful articles, some of them featured in The Spruce and My Maid. 

Let's help you clean up your kid's playroom mess without further ado.


Why It's Important To Have A Proper Storage For Your Kids' Toys?

Proper storage keeps your kids' toys last longer, keeps the play area clean, and prevents untoward accidents and injuries. Likewise, it gives kids easier access to their toys and avoids the stress of finding missing items. Keeping toys away after playing with them is a good habit you can teach your kids while they're still young.

How to Store Your Kid's Toys Properly

Organizing your kids' toys is one of the most challenging parts of parenthood. You often deal with their toys, if not constantly nagging them to clean up their mess. Thankfully, there are ways to organize your children's toys and keep your sanity intact.

Step #1: Keep only a few toys.

Kids tend to be too overwhelmed with so many toys around them that they often only play with a few. Make sure to keep only a few toys they play with – whether a few stuffed toys, a few Barbie dolls, a few puzzles, etc. Store or donate toys they don't play with anymore.

Step #2: Invest in a toy storage system.

A low shelf can be a game-changer in organizing your kids' toys. You can add lidless baskets or bins that can be stored in and on top of the shelves. Tilted containers are also available so kids can easily see what's inside and keep toys off the floor.

Step #3: Group the same toys in one location.

Put all kitchen toys in one container, toy cars, trucks in another bin, puzzle toys in one basket, etc. Put labels on each container so your children can easily find the toys they want to play with.

Step #4: Try hanging storage.

Use the back of your door or walls to put hanging storage or a hammock for your kids' toys. Better if you can find clear ones so they can easily see the toys inside. Good toy storage should not take up too much room space and keep your kids' toys tidy.

8 Toy Storage Ideas: Home Items You Can Use to Store Toys

Storing your kids' toys can be challenging, especially if you only have limited space. This doesn't mean you will prohibit your kids from playing with their toys to avoid a mess.

The good news is you can still let your kids play to their hearts' content while keeping your limited play space organized and mess-free through these DIY toy storage ideas for small ideas. 

1. Ottomans or couches that open up

These storage spaces can be used for your children's toys and other home items that need a permanent "residence." Ottomans and multi-purpose couches have recently become popular hidden toy storage ideas for the practical and aesthetic benefits it provides. You can store things and sit on them with style. How cool is that?

2. Woven baskets

You can also store your kid's toys on woven baskets and put them on a kid-friendly shelf. It gives your children easier access to toys and stores them easily later on.

3. Shoe Racks

Shoe racks are not only for... well, shoes -- but also for toy storage. There are different shoe rack designs and colors to choose from that will be suitable for the playroom theme and your child's preference and safety.

4. Bookcase

You can store books and toys by buying a bookcase. It helps save on space and keep your play area neat and injury-proof. It also lets kids freely access their toys anytime they want.

5. Wooden Crates

Similar to woven baskets, wooden crates also make good toy storage containers. It also comes in different sizes and designs for your toy storage needs. Don't forget to label the crates.

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6. Hanging Laundry Mesh

This is also a good storage idea to have more space in the play area and keep your kids' toys well-organized. You can choose different colors to segregate the toys according to usage, size, etc.

7. Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

Another way to organize toys is by using an over-the-door shoe organizer. These often come with transparent pouches that kids can easily see through when they want to play with a certain toy.

8. Hanging Beach Bags

If your child doesn't have too many toys, hanging beach bags are also a good toy storage idea. It also comes in different colors that your kids will love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parenthood has various challenges, including teaching kids good manners and simple chores at home. Teaching your children to put their toys back into their containers is a good start to raising well-rounded kids. Meanwhile, here are other FAQs about toy organizing:

Are there toys that would be dangerous for my kids?

Parents should avoid buying small toys, and parts for infants and children as these could cause choking if they accidentally put them into their mouths. Other toys that could be dangerous and can cause injuries, especially to small kids, are:

  • Trampoline
  • Balloons (as the string could accidentally wrap around their necks)
  • Toy guns
  • Pull toys
  • Marbles/coins/small balls

How can I make my kids remember always to put away their toys?

Keep chores, such as putting toys back into place, fun as much as possible. Some ways you can make your kids remember to put their toys away after playing are the following:

  • Make clean-up time your bonding/play time with your kids.
  • Create challenge games (ex. "If you put away your toys before I am done washing the dishes, you get a prize from me")
  • Explain why cleaning up is a must. (ex. "You need to clean up so that you won't trip or hurt yourself or lose a piece of toy.")
  • Create kid-friendly toy storage areas.
  • Don't expect your kids to clean up perfectly. As long as they made an effort to clean up, they deserve praise from you.

How many toys should a kid have?

Experts say kids should have no more than 15 toys to play with. Fewer toys mean the longer they will play with them and the more they can be creative with them.

Would my kid enjoy building a toy organizer with me?

Yes, you can make building toy organizers fun and meaningful. It is also a good way to bond with your child and teach them responsibility at a young age.

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The abovementioned toy storage ideas will help parents and kids keep their things neat. There's nothing more annoying than seeing your kids' toys scattered all over the room after putting them back in their containers just minutes ago. It is also a good bonding moment for families while teaching children to be responsible at a young age.