Are you looking for modern living room furniture to give your home a functional, minimalist vibe?

Modern furniture is based on the idea that less is more, and that practicality can be beautiful. So if you want your living room furniture to have a feeling of pragmatism and permanence mixed with the principles of art and design, look no further. Today we're going to show you some of the best pieces of modern living room furniture, including modern furniture influenced by other popular styles.

No matter what you want your home to say about you, we've got furniture suggestions to help reflect your own unique personality and values.


8 Best Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

To come up with our list of the best pieces of modern living from furniture, we chose a variety of pieces influenced by a several different styles.

Whether you're looking for a place to put up your feet at the end of a long day, or somewhere to set a steaming mug while you enjoy a great book, you're sure to find something on this list that jumps out at you.


1. Glossy White Coffee Table W/LED Lighting

This beautiful coffee table reflects natural light during the day and is equipped with LEDs to keep a glow at night.

2. Rustic Bookcase

Organization has never looked so good with this modern geometric bookshelf.

3. Live Edge Wood Colbie Bench

This rustic modern bench is a great way to provide extra seating for family and friends.

4. Side Chair

This handsome chair with a perforated back is both scholarly and luxurious.

5. End Table with Storage

A perfect place to set a bottle or glass, with storage for magazines, remotes, and blankets underneath.

6. Chrome Jensen 12 Light Chandelier

This minimalist chandelier casts a warm glow with a modern aesthetic.

7. Chelsea Apartment Sofa

A mix of modern and retro, this sofa packs a lot of style into a compact frame.

8. High Gloss TV Stand with LED Lights

With plenty of storage space but an amazingly open design, this LED equipped TV stand is perfect for a modern living room.

8 Modern Budget Living Room Furniture Ideas

Even though modern furniture is all about commodification and minimal materials, anything that gains popularity is gonna come with a hefty price tag.

That's why we wanted to find some budget furniture in the modern style. These pieces represent what modernism is all about - eye catching design that's practical and affordable for everyone. So, if you want to redo your living room but you're keeping an eye on the bottom line...

9. Cozy Elegant Modern Creative Floor Lamp

This eccentric floor lamp casts a lot of light, and is the perfect fixture for unlit corners.

10. Aingoo Small Coffee Table Round Mid Century Vintage

With a steel frame and three vintage table tops, this coffee table is perfect for display and use.

11. Chair with 360-degree Swivel

This unique, playful chair is for modern furniture what the bean bag chair was for the nineties.

12. Mauve Velvet Modern Liliana Chair

Another modern spin on an old style, this low standing chair has a high back and arm rests for ultimate comfort.

13. Round White Marble Milan Accent Table

This accent table is both minimalist and glamorous, a touch of class with out ostentation.

14. Fluent In Golds Triptych By Elinor Luna Wall Art Set Of 3

This golden artwork in gold frame will turn your wall into a private gallery.

15. Baxton Studio Armchair

With material exactly where you need it and nowhere else, this armchair/rocker is the definition of modern.

16. Coffee Table Lift Top

Modern life is a blend of work and play, and so is this convertible coffee table.

6 Unique Modern Living Room Furniture ideas

Some people shy away from modern styles because they feel it lacks personality.

But as this unique furniture with modern design shows, that just ain't the truth.  These eye catching pieces will help you reflect your uniqueness through your furniture, and are as one of a kind as your own family.

As you scroll through, look for pieces that will be practical, but also let yourself be moved by the ones that call your name. Your living room should be a place you love spending time, so look for pieces that bring you joy.

17. Pori Arm Chair

This truly unique chair uses ergonomic design to catch the eye and cradle the body.

18. Portable Smart Side Table Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charger

This sleek end table provides 360 degrees of sound and wirelessly charges your capable smart devices.

19. TV console with LED lighting system

This large, low profile TV stand has enough space for all your home entertainment needs, and LEDs to set the mood.

20. Mid-Century Modern Fabric Settee

With a full back and thick seat cushion, this modern take on a settee sofa is one comfortable piece of modern living room furniture.

21. Sectional Sofa With Ottoman

We're all familiar with pull-out couches and futons, but this modular sofa converts into a queen-size bed that won't kill your back.

22. 3 Piece Coffee Table Set

The curved legs and lattice top on this set of tables can tie your whole living room together.

6 Modern yet Traditional Living Room Furniture ideas

Some of the most interesting pieces of art come from the overlapping of different styles - and whether or not you consider furniture to be artistic - the same is true of the next pieces in this list.

These pieces blend the modern and the traditional to come up with a style that is both practical and ornate, new and yet somehow familiar. So, whether you're looking for apartment furniture that bridges two worlds, or living room furniture that builds on the idea of tradition...

23. 3 Piece Coffee Table Set

With one large coffee table and two slim end tables, this set is perfect for modern apartments.

24. Electric Fireplace

This elegant white fireplace brightens a room even before you turn on the electric flame.

25. Mid Century Modern Club Chair

With a low seat and high arms and back, this sleek arm chair gives traditional style a modern update.

26. Reclining Glider

There are few pieces of living room furniture more traditional than the recliner, and the piped detailing and smooth glide give this one a modern feel.

27. Acorn Brown Wood Mid Century Media Stand

Whether you use this as an entertainment stand or storage bureau, this piece is stylish, sturdy, and functional.

28. Credenza by Holli Zollinger AMAI DENIM

This credenza combines simplicity with detail to make an eye catching piece of functional furniture.

5 Modern Minimalist Living Room Furniture ideas

Modern furniture and minimalist furniture are a match made in heaven. They both put an emphasis on minimizing materials, but when the two styles combine the materials used and the forms attained make for some really awesome pieces.

These styles are especially popular for people who need to get a lot of use out of a little space, or who believe in a simplified lifestyle and focus more on quality than quantity. If that sounds like you...

29. Contemporary Armless Sofa

Stretch out on durable fabric and layered cushioning of this minimalist modern sofa.

30. Coffee Table With Glass

This two-tone table has clean lines and plenty of storage space from either end.

31. Bamboo Nesting Triangle End Table

These end tables have just enough space for a lamp or an accent piece, but keep the clutter to a minimum.

32. Minimalist Tripod Floor Lamp With Bulb

Perfect for shedding light on your arm chair or sofa, this minimalist lamp casts a soft, warm glow.

33. Glass Bookcases

This minimalist bookcase has a place for everything you want to display, and makes a unique addition to any modern living room.

6 Modern Bohemian Living Room Furniture Ideas

Modern and bohemian living room furniture might not sound like compatible ideas, but just wait until you take a look at some of these pieces.

They manage to walk the line between practicality and comfort by using a minimalist design and including ornate detail. These pieces are inviting and eye catching, and they communicate a care-free attitude... but with the ability to make it to work on time.

34. Tuchico Contemporary Fabric Accent Chair

With modern legs and an inviting bohemian cradle-style seat, this chair a blend of comfort and practicality.

35. Moroccan-Style Side Table

With clean lines and ornate detail, this side table also has a small drawer with a classic ring pull.

36. Ivory Area Rug

This area rug uses geometric designs with just the right intensity to give a modern bohemian vibe to your space.

37. Brownsboro End Table

This end table uses natural materials in a minimalist fashion, giving your space a warm, eco-friendly vibe.

38. Swivel Bar Stool

Pull up a seat at your favorite bar: the one in your modern farmhouse style living room.

39. Glass Top Console Table

Display your books and art or give your plants a place to grow with this streamlined open frame table.

How To Pick The Best Modern Living Room Furniture

Furnishing a room can be difficult, especially if you're moving to a new concept or style of design. So, if you're at a loss for where to begin, follow these three steps to pick the best modern living room furniture.

1. Make it Your Own

Since home is a place most of us spend a good deal of time, your place should feel like your own. As you look through these pieces, select items that you know you'll get a lot of enjoyment and use out of. Look for items that reflect your personality and help you relax in the ways most natural to you.

2. Plan for Company

The living room is a place for entertaining guests and relaxing with friends. But that can be hard to do when you don't have the furniture you need for people to sit on or places for them to set their glasses. So even though step one says to make it your own, you also should anticipate having people over and give them a place where they'll feel comfortable.

3. Work with Your Space

You can dream as big as you want, but you should only buy as big as your space. Before you add anything to your cart, measure your living room and check the dimensions on each piece you're considering.

Because no matter how stylish or comfortable your furniture is, if the room is too crowded to move around in you won't be able to enjoy it.

More Furniture Ideas

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In Conclusion

Hopefully you've found a few great pieces of modern living room furniture to give your space a functional, minimalist feel.

If this article helped you find some furniture that you love, pass it on to a friend. There's enough great modern living furniture to go around.