Are you a fan of all things vintage? Do you want to deck out your home with some great Christmas decorations? Then these vintage Christmas decorations might be the perfect combination for your holiday needs.

With Christmas just around the corner, now is a great time to start thinking about what decorations you’ll be putting up this year.

With this wide variety of vintage Christmas decorations, you’ll be sure to find something that will look great and fit the vintage aesthetic.

Check out these decoration ideas and get in the holiday spirit this winter season!


3 Best Vintage Christmas Decorations

If you’re looking for vintage christmas decorations that will bring in the maximum holiday spirit, then check out these decoration ideas.

1. Merry Christmas Banner

Great to hang over your fireplace. Built to be light, yet sturdy, so you’ll be able to count on using this Merry Christmas banner for many years to come.

2. Christmas Countdown Box

This Christmas countdown box is a nice substitute for an advent calendar. Has a very cozy and vintage design, so it’s great for adding a bit of nostalgia to the room.

3. Tabletop Lantern

This tabletop lantern uses multiple LED lights to emulate the look of a flickering flame, so there’s no worry about setting the house on fire. The soft light creates the perfect cozy atmosphere, making it great for a cold winter night.

3 Vintage Christmas Door Decorations

Are the doors lacking in Christmas spirit? Then deck them out with some of these awesome door decorations, and let every room make a good first impression.

4. Holiday Bow

A classic choice for any Christmas lover. The bright red color will make even the most plainly colored door pop with holiday spirit.

5. Personalized Water Resistant Doormat

This personalized water-resistant doormat has a vintage wood design, giving your patio a nice old-fashioned feel that looks great during winter. It is made with a water-resistant, 100% recycled material that allows for a long-lasting doormat that won’t get ruined by snow or rain.

6. Door Hanging Bells

These door hanging bells are brass plated, giving them a clear sound. The leather strap lets you hang them on any door.

3 Vintage Christmas Room Decorations

Looking to spread the holiday cheer by decorating the rooms in your house? Then check out these jolly room decorations for ideas on how to effectively decorate a room.


7. Super Soft Blanket

Get this super soft blanket that’s made of high quality acrylic that’ll keep you nice and warm. The attractive plaid pattern makes it perfect to decorate furniture with.

8. LED Blossom Tree

Light up the room with this LED blossom tree. With its flexible branches, you can adjust the way the tree looks to your heart’s content. The warm LED gives off a cozy atmosphere, making it perfect for winter evenings.

9. Christmas Advent Calendar

Countdown the days before christmas with this christmas advent calendar. Keep track of the date with a magnetic snowflake, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off easily. It comes with a hook, so you can place it anywhere; it can even be placed on your front door.

3 Vintage Christmas Ceiling Decorations

Want to give your ceiling the holiday treatment? Make sure to go through these festive ceiling decorations to make sure your ceilings get as much holiday cheer as the rest of your house.


10. Hanging Wood Snowflakes

These hanging wooden snowflakes can be placed almost anywhere. With their lightweight wooden design, they can be hung up on strings, put on a Christmas tree, or placed on flat surfaces.

11. Star Babies

These star babies come in a variety of colors, so you can easily coordinate with the rest of your holiday decor. They are made of glass, so they look elegant and make great accents to the room.

12. Christmas Paper Lanterns

A great way to light up a room is with these Christmas paper lanterns. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can mix and match them however you want.

3 Vintage Christmas Kitchen Decorations

Is your kitchen in need of holiday cheer? Take a look at these kitchen decorations and see if they’ll bring the joy to your cooking haven.

13. Red Table Runner

Decorate your dinner table with this lovely red table runner. The red design will easily make your table look festive.

14. Dining Chair Slip Covers

This dining chair slipcover is simple to put on, so you can decorate your dining room with ease. The vibrant red color is sure to keep the mood light and festive.

15. Christmas Oven Mitt

These Christmas oven mitts can withstand heat of up to 482 degrees, so you won’t have to worry about burning yourself while baking gingerbread cookies. Their vintage christmas design makes them look great when hung up in the kitchen.

2 Vintage Christmas Outdoor Decorations

Want to decorate your porch with some great decor? Check out these outdoor decorations and let everyone know you’ve got holiday spirit.

16. Large Christmas Sign

This large Christmas sign is easy to place anywhere, so you can even hang it up indoors. This sign is made with high-quality polyester, so it can survive to be outside in harsh temperatures.

17. Wooden Christmas Trees

These wooden Christmas trees can be hung or propped up, so they can be placed almost anywhere. Their rustic appearance look great amongst other decorations outside your home.

3 Vintage Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Are you looking for something that takes up space but is easy to store? See if any of these inflatable Christmas decorations catch your eye.

18. Christmas Tree

A classic Christmas decoration. This inflatable Christmas tree has LED lights inside, so they’ll look great at night.

19. Elf Legs

These elf legs are sure to get a laugh with it’s funny design. They light up for easy visibility at night.

20. Santa Claus With Eagle and American Flag

This Santa Claus showcases an eagle and the American flag, so you can show your patriotism as well as your Christmas spirit. It is small enough for indoor use too.

3 Vintage Indoor Christmas Decorations

Trying to find decorations to decorate the inside of your home? You’ll be sure to find something to spread the holiday cheer throughout your home with these indoor Christmas decorations.

21. Tinsel Icicle

These nostalgic tinsel icicles look great and can be hung on your Christmas tree. They’re made with aluminum and give off an elegant silver sheen.

22. Area Rug

This area rug has an attractive, modern design that looks great in most home styles. It is made of a comfortable material that makes it soft and comfy to awk on.

23. Bicycle Jeweled Christmas Ornaments

These bicycle jeweled Christmas ornaments have a great vintage design that evokes nostalgia. Their gold and silver color go well with most holiday color schemes.

3 Vintage Christmas Window Decorations

If you’re in search of some ways to spice up your windows this holiday season, try out these Christmas window decorations. Passers by will immediately notice your vintage Xmas appeal. 

24. SNOWFLAKE garland

These snowflake garlands are made from used book pages, which gives off a very cozy, handmade feel. They are very lightweight and so can be hung in front of every window in your home.

25. Window Cling Stickers

The designs on these window cling stickers evoke a jolly Christmas atmosphere. They stick to most flat surfaces, so they can be placed around the house as well.

26. Red Velvet Christmas Bow

A red velvet Christmas bow on a window really makes it pop, especially when it snows. They can be hung up in places other than your window, so feel free to have fun with them throughout the house.

3 Vintage DIY Christmas Decor

Instead of buying pre-build decorations, why don’t you try out these diy Christmas decor ideas? They might be just as festive! And better yet, you get to spend more time doing arts and crafts with the family. 

27. Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

This Christmas jigsaw puzzle is not only a great pastime, but once completed, makes for a great centerpiece. It’s 1000 pieces will be sure to keep kids and adults alike having fun for a while.

28. Christmas Tree Hand Embroidery Kit

This Christmas tree hand embroidery kit lets you make cute ornaments to hang on your tree. They also make great gifts to give to your friends.

29. Beaded Christmas Tree

This beaded Christmas tree is a great accent to your other decorations. Easily put together so even kids can do it.

3 Vintage Rustic Christmas Decor

Going for a rustic look to your Christmas decorations? See if these rustic Christmas decor ideas fit the bill, so you can create a truly timeless Christmas experience. 

30. Quilt Set

This quilt set has a quality rustic design, giving your bed or couch a nice nostalgic edge.

31. Hanging Stockings

These hanging stockings are great for hanging in front of your fireplace, but also look amazing hung in other parts of the house. It’s striped design give them a distinct rustic feel.

32. Antler Drink Coaster

The wooden design on these antler drink coasters goes great with a rustic aesthetic. The padding on these coasters protect your table, so no more scratches or spills from sliding it around.

How to Pick the Best Vintage Christmas Decorations

It can get difficult to choose from such a wide variety of decorations. How can you make sure you’re getting the best ones that’ll make your home look great? All you have to do is follow this simple guide to make sure you’re picking the very best vintage Christmas decorations. 

1. Pick a Variety of Holiday Icons

When picking decorations, you want to make sure you’re picking from a variety of holiday icons. That means not choosing just decorations having to do with exclusively Santa, or snowmen. Mix things up a bit and pick out decorations that represent snow, Santa, elves, and Christmas trees.

2. Stay Consistent With Your Color Scheme

Depending on what kind of look you’re going for with your Christmas decor, you want to stay within a chosen color scheme. Don’t go overboard with a bunch of different colored decorations, or you’ll run the risk of making your decorated space too complex. Staying within the red, green, and white palette is always a safe bet, but don’t let it limit you!

3. Don’t pick decorations for just one part of the house

If you want your home to feel complete this holiday season, then don’t just decorate one part of your house. Make sure to decorate more than just your living room, like your patio and kitchen to tie your rooms together.

More Awesome Decoration Tips

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In Conclusion

With all the Christmas decorations available out there, it can be a daunting task to shop for the right ones. Not only do decorations look nice when they’re hung around the house, but they also spread holiday spirit. 

Christmas is a time of cheer and joy, so we hope going through these vintage Christmas decorations ideas has inspired you in your quest to decorate your home. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!