In this post, I've rounded up an ultimate list of Thanksgiving decorations to put you and your guests in high spirits.

Every special holiday is the perfect excuse to dust off your box of trinkets and go all out with bedecking every nook and cranny of your home. I've written countless guides helping people liven up their spaces, from home offices to outdoor kitchens.

If you've been looking for creative decoration ideas for this fall season, this list of Thanksgiving decorations will give your guests pumpkin' to talk about. Get it? Get it?


7 Best Thanksgiving Decorations

You don't need to cash out big bucks or shop at Pottery Barn to decorate your home. All you need are awesome Thanksgiving decoration ideas to spice up your place for the holidays. Mini pumpkins, candles that smell like pumpkin pie, and a gourd as a centerpiece. Whatever you're in the mood for this fall, these Thanksgiving decoration ideas are undoubtedly made for Thanksgiving Day.

1. Thanksgiving Window Clings

If you're looking for some cute Thanksgiving decorations, look no further than these adorable gnome windows clings. They're 2 sided for double display cuteness!

2. Galvanized Metal Pumpkin

Get creative with your decorations and switch up those ordinary pumpkins with this brilliant-looking metal pumpkin centerpiece.

3. Pumpkin Linen Ribbon

Use this roll of ribbon to create the perfect Thanksgiving decorations. Great for wreaths or table napkin wraps.

4. Floral Pumpkin Wreath

This colorful, floral pumpkin wreath beautifully captures the wonderful harvest of fall.

5. Personalized Thanksgiving Candle

Not only will this candle fill your place with a Thanksgiving aroma, it's simple enough to blend in with any set of candles you may have.

6. Turkey Candles

7. Pumpkin Pie Candles

These candles look and smell delicious, so make sure no one confuses them for actual pumpkin pie — they're definitely not edible!

7 DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

If you really want to go all out with Thanksgiving decorating, how about adding a personalized touch with a Thanksgiving craft and making your own DIY Thanksgiving decorations? Not only are these ideas creative, but they're also super fun to put together with family and friends. Even better, you get bragging rights and enjoy putting up your own creations more than any other decoration.

8. DIY Fabric Buffalo Check Toilet Paper Pumpkin

This kit allows you to make your own cloth pumpkin wrapped around a roll of toilet paper! Talk about creativity!

9. Pumpkin Mandala Wall Art

This pumpkin art can be easily downloaded and printed on any canvas, from cloth to paper that can be framed on the wall.

10. "Thankful" Script Word Cutout

Paint and place this "Thankful" wooden cutout on any decoration for an inspirational Thanksgiving message.

11. "Thankful" Banner

Another way to create your own "Thankful" message to show how truly grateful you are for everything this holiday season.

12. Farmhouse Tiered Tray DIY

Put your own fall-themed tiered tray together with these lovely Thanksgiving decorations.

13. DIY Crochet Lighted Pumpkin

Learn how to make your own crochet-lighted pumpkins with this detailed step-by-step guide that teaches you exactly how it's done.

14. DIY Fabric Pumpkin Kit

With this kit, you can easily make your own pumpkin cushions to include some Thanksgiving decorations on your couch or bed.

8 Thanksgiving Door Decorations

Create an even more inviting space with these Thanksgiving door decorations. From gratitude signs to a beautiful Thanksgiving wreathyour door will be beaming with the Thanksgiving message. There's no better way to welcome guests than with these inviting door decorations that you can use all year long.

15. "Happy Thanksgiving" Sign

Keep things plain and simple with this lovely sign that wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

16. "Thankful" Pumpkin Sign

Grateful, thankful and blessed — let everyone who visits know what this holiday means to you.

17. Burlap Wooden Turkey Sign

Give thanks with this special little turkey sign that will stand out perfectly well on any door.

18. Turkey Mesh Wreath

With all the creatives in this world, Wreaths come in so many different styles and portrayals, and this turkey wreath is everything you need for your door decor.

19. "Give Thanks" Burlap Mason Jars Hanger

This burlap says it all wrapped up in a fun Mason jar that fits right into the fall/Thanksgiving theme.

20. Faux Maple Leave Garland

With a vivid look and vibrant colors, this Garland features all the aspects of Thanksgiving and the wonderful fall season.

21. Personalized Initials Wooden Pumpkin Monogram

Personalize your door with this Thanksgiving pumpkin door hanger and choose whichever letter represents you during this holiday season.

22. "Harvest" Sign

Show your love for the Thanksgiving harvest with a simple sign that comes in several different colors.

6 Thanksgiving Ceiling Decorations

Banners and garlands are just some of the few ceiling decorations you can use to light up each room. Get some great decoration ideas with this incredible list of ceiling decor that can be hung from curtains to chandeliers — the creativity is endless!

23. Wooden Pumpkin Garland

This wooden pumpkin banner can be hung as is, or painted with beautiful colors and designs to make it your own.

24. Happy Thanksgiving Hanging Swirls

Hanging swirl decorations are always fun and are guaranteed to lighten up the mood and create a good time for the holidays.

25. Thanksgiving Party Supplies

Fill your place with lots of orange, brown and yellow to make it look like Autumn has come indoors this season.

26. Happy Fall Truck Swirls

Get everyone excited for pumpkin picking this Thanksgiving with these hanging trucks full of Pumpkins.

27. Maple Themed Balloons

Hang these 4D Autumn leaf balloons all around your walls and ceiling for a fun and effortless Thanksgiving atmosphere.

28. Thankful Burlap Banner

This exquisite Burlap Banner is a lovely way to show your appreciation for the holiday season and is large and clear for all to see.

7 Thanksgiving Kitchen Decorations

If you love decorating for Thanksgiving then you know the kitchen is the perfect place to start. No need to use any scented decorations, the cooking adds all the aroma needed to make your kitchen decorations feel authentic.

What's also great is that these decorations can be used for your dining area as well. Whether you dine in your kitchen or a separate room, make sure to dress up your dining table with the most beautiful Thanksgiving display.

29. Faux Pumpkins

Think about all the places this tiny, sophisticated, white Pumpkins can go. Put them around your kitchen or add them to your dinning setting for an elegant look.

30. Turkey Pumpkin Table Topper

Nothing is cuter than this fall turkey centerpiece that will take all the attention away from the real turkey!

31. Maple Leaves Table Runner

If you've been searching for the perfect table runner, you've found it. This one can be placed without any other decorations and still make your table look gorgeous.

32. Thanksgiving Placemats

Placemats add so much to a dining table, and these placemats will add so much of Thanksgiving to it.

33. Black and Gold Dinnerware Set

If you don't already know, black and gold are brilliant Thanksgiving colors. Use them for Thanksgiving and any other day or special event.

34. Stone Place Cards

For this Thanksgiving dinner, get creative with name cards written on colorful stones to seat each one of your guests.

35. Thanksgiving Kitchen Towels

Give your kitchen a fun and vibrant feel with these adorable kitchen towels that say everything we love about this season.

6 Thanksgiving Outdoor Decorations

The season of Autumn, with it's colorful, fallen leaves, bare trees, cool wind, and distinct smell, just isn't enough to create that Thanksgiving outdoor atmosphere you're after. With these Thanksgiving outdoor decorations, you'll be able to create the most amazing outdoor Thanksgiving scenery anyone has ever seen.

36. Lighted Autumn Leaves

Light up your Thanksgiving decorations with these amazing lighted leaves.

37. Turkey Yard Sign

Remind everyone to give thanks this Thanksgiving with a Burlap sign featuring a cute turkey.

38. Thanksgiving Garden Flag

You can never have too many turkey decorations. After all, the turkey is the Thanksgiving mascot.

39. Acorn String Lights

Shine the light on the Thanksgiving tradition of acorns with these acorn string lights.

40. Artificial Acorns and Pinecones

This 120 piece set gives you artificial acorns and natural pinecones to decorate your outdoors with and create that unique fall feel.

41. Personalized Family Photo Thanksgiving Yard Sign

If you really want to stand out with your Thanksgiving decorations, do so with this personalized yard sign featuring your entire family to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

How to Pick the Best Thanksgiving Decorations

With all the different Thanksgiving decorations on this list, it can be hard to find the best ones that give you exactly what you're looking for. No need to stress, with these tips below, you'll be able to get an idea of which decorations fit right into your holiday-inspired decor.

1. Pumpkins, Pumpkins, and more Pumpkins!

Any decor with non-spooky pumpkins makes the best Thanksgiving decorations. There's no other harvest vegetable more important to Thanksgiving than pumpkin. Look for painted pumpkins, or paint them yourself. Who says Thanksgiving pumpkins all need to be orange? Use tiny pumpkins as table settings, they make the cutest statements!

And, go ahead and cook up your best pumpkin pie or add plenty of pumpkin fragrances to amp up your Thanksgiving decorations.

2. Choose patterned decorations

Patterns like plaid and gingham are widely used in Thanksgiving decorations. Look for patterned cloths to decorate your dining table with, either as a runner or placemats. Likewise, Thanksgiving patterns can have fall leaves and Acorns. This makes for some beautiful decorations that can easily be used all year long.

3. Look for scented decorations

Scented candles come in so many different fragrances, shapes and designs. It's so easy to find the perfect scented decor for Thanksgiving. It's not just enough for your place to look like Thanksgiving, it also needs to have that amazing Thanksgiving scent.

Look for pumpkin scents, as well as other spices, like cloves, cinnamon, almond, and even the wonderful smell of outside to bring that special aroma of Thanksgiving indoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are more frequently asked questions to help you with your Thanksgiving DIY project and make the most of your Thanksgiving celebration.

1. How do I decorate for Thanksgiving on a budget?

The best thing about decorating your home during Fall is that everything from your centerpiece to your yard decoration is already available in nature and can be made into a Thanksgiving decor. All you need are a few craft supplies and a lot of creativity.

Fall leaves, pinecones, twines, and acorns can be made into a Thanksgiving wreath, Thanksgiving centerpiece, wall art, and even a gift card.

2. Are fall and Thanksgiving décor the same?

Fall and Thanksgiving both celebrate the same sentiment of gratitude, so you can definitely use your Fall decor as Thanksgiving home decor.

3. How do I make my house cozy for Thanksgiving?

The best way to make your home warm and cozy for Thanksgiving is to create an ambiance using lights and scents. String lights and pendant lighting with a warm glow and scented candles give your living space instant mellow charm and hominess.

4. Why are pumpkins used as common decorations every Thanksgiving?

Here's one of many interesting Thanksgiving trivia questions: the reason why pumpkins, squash, corn, and gourds are commonly used as Thanksgiving decorations is that they are harvested at this time of year. Aside from adding them to delicious Thanksgiving recipes, these vegetables are also beautiful and rich in color, making them perfect decorations for the Fall holidays.

More Awesome Decoration Tips

Thanksgiving isn't the only holiday you should be thinking about decorating for. Check out these other awesome decoration tips for some more amazing holiday inspired decor that can be used for any occasion.

  1. The Christmas season is right around the corner from Thanksgiving, so get your Christmas decorations picked out early and check it off your long list of things to do.
  2. Valentine decorations are the perfect way to surprise that special someone in your life — and it doesn't need to be Valentine's Day to do so.
  3. Throwing a New Year's party? Or a New Year's themed party? These New Year's decorations give you everything you want and more.

In Conclusion

Whether you're looking for Thanksgiving decorations to use only for the holiday season, or all year long, these Thanksgiving decorations will keep you and your guests in high spirits.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time where you can make your place feel cozy, comfortable and extra welcoming. So, feel free to use these decoration ideas as a way to keep your space full of thanks and warmth.