If you're not using the best lawn mowers, lawn care can be much more work than it needs to be.

In fact, when you invest in a well-built, advanced lawnmower that actually works properly, taking care of your lawn can even be fun. 

Searching for the best lawn mowers isn't always easy, however. There are many options out there, and sometimes it's difficult to figure out which models are even worth your time.

It's easy to be fooled by glitz, glamour, bells, and whistles that you don't really need. So how do you find the best lawn mowers that are actually worth your hard-earned cash?

This guide is an excellent starting point.

Continue reading, and you'll find a list of the ten best lawn mowers that you can depend on to get the job done.


What are Lawn Mowers?

Lawnmowers first appeared in 1830, and prior to this people were forced to walk through fields and cut grass using scythes and other basic tools.

The original lawnmower was based on textile machinery, and the general concept remains the same to this day:

One or more rotating blades cut the blade at a uniform height. Lawnmowers can either be powered by an engine or simply through mechanical motion while being manually pushed along.

You can even ride some mowers like a small automobile, and steering this mower around your garden can be an amusing experience.

Some of the newest lawnmowers even use robotic components to automatically mow your garden without any supervision. The best lawn mowers are reliable, efficient, and built to last.

Top 10 Best Lawn Mowers

By scrolling through this list of the top 10 best lawn mowers, you can make your search for a new lawnmower a total breeze.

This list contains some of the best lawn mowers on the market right now, and you can find excellent options here regardless of your budget or your specific needs.


10. Gardena 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawnmower

Price: $1,349

Type: Robotic

Weight: 16.5 pounds

Best Features: Anti-theft protection and zero emissions

The Gardena Robotic Lawnmower doesn't just make the chore of mowing your lawn easy - it completely removes it from your to-do list.

Programmable and customizable, this Robotic Lawnmower will get to work on the specific days you choose, rain or shine.

With zero emissions and anti-theft protection, this mower is safe, reliable, and beneficial for the environment. 

9. EGO LM2142SP

Price: $749

Type: Walk-behind (self-propelled)

Weight: 89.9 pounds

Best Features: Fast-charging, PeakPower technology

The EGO self-propelled lawnmower might look fairly straightforward on the outside, but a range of advanced features under the hood tells a different story.

You can charge this mower up in just 40 minutes. LED lights provide extra visibility while you mow during dawn or dusk. On a single charge, you can mow for 80 minutes - more than enough time to cover even the largest lawns.

With weather-resistant construction and a walk-behind design, mowing lawns with this EGO mower is easy in any situation.

8. Oregon LM400

Price: $573.95

Type: Walk-behind (push)

Weight: 61.5 pounds

Best Features: Dual-battery, 3 clipping disposal options

If you're simply looking for a reliable, straightforward mower that can get the job done, the Oregon LM400 is the mower you're looking for.

You can get a kit that comes with a mower and two batteries, allowing you to switch out batteries on the fly to continue mowing without waiting to recharge.

This walk-behind, push mower also has plenty of clipping disposal options, including a setting that allows you to eject clipping onto your lawn to prevent moisture loss.

7. Masport Rotarola

Price: $1300

Type: Self-propelled, rear roller rotary

Weight: 155 pounds

Best Features: Aluminum deck, precise lines

If you're obsessed with getting crisp, clean lines on your lawn, then the Masport Rotarola is the best mower for you. The solid, aluminum deck provides corrosion resistance against the elements for a mower that'll last for years.

Recognized as one of the best lawn mowers in the industry, the Rotarola will provide you with the look of a reel cut without the price tag that's normally associated with that aesthetic.

6. Toro The Company 21200

Price: $1600

$$ @ Amazon.com

Type: Self-propelled, electric-start gas motor

Weight: 138 pounds

Best Features: Twin atomic blades, electric start

If you're thinking about getting mower with a gas motor, one of the best lawn mowers on the market is Toro's model 21200. You won't have to pull a cord to start the motor up, as this mower has an electric start feature.

The twin atomic blades are also incredibly fine, splitting your grass up into a mulch that promotes better lawn health. These blades are so efficient that they can reduce mowing time by up to 40%. 

5. Sun Joe 24V-X2-17LM

Price: $249

$$ @ Amazon.com

Type: Cordless, brushless motor

Weight: 43 pounds

Best Features: Durable steel blades, efficient brushless motor

If you don't want to spend a ton of money and you're only taking care of a small yard, this Sun Joe mower is one of the best lawn mowers.

With an efficient, brushless motor and durable steel blades, this mower will run for a long period of time without needing to be recharged, and it will remain durable and reliable throughout the years.

4. Makita XML03PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT

Price: $640

$$ @ Amazon.com

Type: Battery-powered brush motor

Weight: 91.8 pounds

Best Features: Durable, steel deck is weather-resistant

This Makita is another solid lawnmower if you're looking for tons of quality in a budget-friendly package. A steel deck ensures your new mower will last through the years, and weather-resistant construction keeps your mower running rain or shine.

The brushless motor delivers 2,500 to 3,000 RPM for efficient cutting. You can also choose from ten height settings to get the perfect cut.

3. Honda HRX217K6VKA

Price: $679

$$ @ Amazon.com

Type: Gas, walk-behind

Weight: 115 pounds

Best Features: Auto choke system, variable speeds

This Honda mower is a fine addition to your backyard shed, especially if you prefer gas-powered mowers. This mower contains MicroCut blades, and it excels at creating a fine mulch that'll help your garden reach its full potential.

The auto choke system removes the need to pull a cord to start the motor, and fuel efficiency is a strong focus with this particular Honda model.

2. TACKLIFE Electric Lawn Mower

Price: $150

$$ @ Amazon.com

Type: Corded, walk-behind

Weight: 123 pounds

Best Features: Extension cord retainer, double safety switch

Cordless lawnmowers aren't always the best option, especially when there are mowers like these that offer unlimited power without having to worry about batteries or refueling with gas.

The extension cord retainer and the double safety switch ensure that using a power cord with your mower is a convenient and hassle-free process. If you have a small or a medium-sized garden, this simple yet effective tool is all you need.

1. Greenworks 2501202

Price: $700

$$ @ Amazon.com

Type: Cordless, push

Weight: 74 pounds

Best Features: Smart Cut Technology, Vertical storage

This Greenworks lawnmower proves that you can still pack tons of power into a cordless, battery-powered lawnmower. In fact, this particular lawnmower delivers power that's equivalent to a 160cc gas engine.

On a single charge, you can run your lawnmower for 45 minutes. Grab a second battery, and you can switch to a fresh power source when one battery runs dry.

One of the most innovative features of this mower is Smart Cut Technology. This automatically increases power to the blades when more strength is needed, creating a perfect, clean cut every time.

Other convenient features include vertical storage options for 70% better usage of space and an easy push-start button.

The Best Lawn Mowers - Comparison Table

Check out the box below to help you pick the best one.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice

Gardena 4069 R80Li Robotic LawnmowerAnti-theft protection and zero emissions$1,349

EGO LM2142SPFast-charging, PeakPower technology$749

Oregon LM400Dual-battery and 3 clipping disposal options$573.95

Masport RotarolaAluminum deck and precise lines$1300

Toro The Company 21200Twin atomic blades and electric start$1600

Sun Joe 24V-X2-17LMDurable steel blades and efficient brushless motor$249

Makita XML03PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXTDurable, steel deck is weather-resistant$640

Honda HRX217K6VKAAuto choke system and variable speeds$679

TACKLIFE Electric Lawn MowerExtension cord retainer, double safety switch$150

Greenworks 2501202Smart Cut Technology, Vertical storage$700

How To Choose a Lawn Mower

Obviously, there's a lot to consider after reading our list. You may feel overwhelmed by our list of best lawn mowers, and it might seem difficult to narrow down your choice to just one mower.

To make your decision-making process easier, you can read through the following guide. You'll learn some basic tips for choosing the right lawnmower for your specific needs, and you'll learn which mowers you might want to avoid.

1. Consider Your Garden

The first thing you want to consider when choosing your lawnmower is the outdoor space you're working with. It might not make sense to get a super heavy-duty lawnmower if you have a relatively small garden.

On the other hand, a more extravagant, powered mower might be a more logical choice if you have to take care of a large property. There may also be certain characteristics of your garden that some mowers might be better suited to handle.

2. Consider Operating Costs and Environmental Impact

Many people assume that low-powered or manual mowers are always inferior to mowers with a little more horsepower, but this isn't always the case.

In fact, you can save a considerable amount of money with a manual mower simply because you won't have to worry about fuel costs. Additionally, you can minimize your impact on the environment by choosing mowers that don't consume fuel.

3. Consider Your Physical Attributes

The best lawn mowers are the ones that suit your physical attributes. Not everyone can handle the physical demands of mowing a large yard, especially on a regular basis.

If you're trying to minimize the amount of physical labor you're faced with each day, consider getting a mower that you can ride on. This may be an especially solid option for the elderly.

More Great Ways To Make Your Garden Great

Of course, choosing the best lawn mowers is only one aspect of taking care of your garden. There are many other things to consider if you want to really take your outdoor space to the next level.

  1. There are some things that even the best lawn mowers can't cut down. If you want to make sure those nasty weeds don't take over your garden, it makes sense to choose the best weed wacker you can find.
  2. Adding different types of succulents to your garden is an excellent way to add a unique and exotic flair. Plant these succulents in your garden, and it'll look like it's totally out of this world.
  3. If you're serious about lawn care, watering your grass is incredibly important. This is why it's always a good idea to choose the best garden hose you can find so you can make watering your lawn easier.

In Conclusion

Choosing one of the best lawn mowers might seem like a big step, but it's definitely worth it in the end. Spend the necessary time considering all of your options, and you can make it much easier on yourself in the coming years.

The best lawn mowers can make lawn care a joy for many years to come, and you can avoid the headache of repairs and replacements down the line.

There are some items that are simply essential to maintaining a garden, and a lawnmower is one of them.

While you might be able to get by with basic tools for other jobs, lawn care is something that requires the utmost care. The best lawn mowers enable you to provide your lawn with the attention it needs.

Choose an option from our list of best lawn mowers, and you won't regret it.