Summer's heating up in many parts of the world, and that means you'll need the best garden hose around to keep your lawn and plants in tip-top shape!

If you've ever wondered which garden hose style is right for you, then exploring this list is sure to give you great ideas for which type to buy. From traditional to collapsible to lightweight garden hoses, every major style is covered here, with multiple options to suit any budget.


16 Best Garden Hose

When only the best garden hose will do for your backyard and lawn, you'll find great inspiration in this list. It's filled with the coolest options for garden equipment in every style.


1. KURTVANA Expandable with 9 Function Nozzle

Super durable and easy to store thanks to its expandable design, this hose from KURTVANA also boasts a comprehensive array of water spraying options. It's a pricey but not overpriced option that's built to last.

2. STAHONE 50ft Expandable with Double Latex Core

Between the solid brass connectors and two layers of latex core, this hose is equipped with incredible flexibility and go-anywhere toughness. Add in a money back guarantee, and it's clear that this is a safe and worthwhile choice for any gardener.

3. Willcallyou 50 FT Expandable Flexible Garden Black Hose

If you've ever been frustrated by kinks in your garden hose, this hose from Willcallyou may be a perfect addition to your lawn equipment repertoire. It's specially designed to never kink or jam, and can be folded away for easy storage.


Flexible, expandable, and durable, the LANIAKEA hose also boasts solid brass connectors and a latex core, all at a reasonable price. It's one of the best hoses available today, and provides 50 feet of length to make your watering easy and convenient.

5. BruRkim 50ft Expandable

6. STAR FOREST Expandable

Small but mighty, the STAR FOREST expandable garden hose is a 30-foot long, lightweight and multipurpose garden hose that's easy to store and available at a great price.

7. GrowGreen Heavy Duty Expandable

One of the shortest but strongest hoses on this list, GrowGreen's heavy duty expandable hose has two hidden secrets. First, it grows to nearly three times its original size -- and second, it comes with a lifetime warranty that guarantees your satisfaction forever. Not bad at all!

8. Palea [Upgraded 2019]

The only hose on this list to come with an integrated hanger for easy storage, Palea's expandable garden hose is extremely easy to store when not in use.

9. ZZKH 50FT Lightweight Stretch Water Hose

Lightweight, flexible, and easy to store, ZZKH's garden hose is one of the few on this list that's available in a variety of colors to match your outdoor decor.

10. Very Right Stuff  50ft

Made of super durable 3750D polyester fabric (the toughest polyester available on the market today), this expandable garden hose easily compresses to just 15 feet in length, making it exceptionally easy to store.

11. MYRIANN Expandable

Featuring an outstanding four layers of latex coating, twice as much as any other hose on this list, this expandable garden hose from MYRIANN is both the most flexible and longest-lasting 50-foot hose you can find.

12. ABC life 50ft

Strong, soft, and flexible, ABC life has produced a hose that's comfortable to use and easy to store, as well as being built to last.

13. Eocolz

Eocolz offers the longest expandable garden hose in this entire list, at a massive 75 feet in length. It's perfect for anyone with an extra-large backyard, and comes with a bag for easy storage when not in use.

14. HULOSAN Expandable

Small, lightweight, and convenient, HULOSAN's garden hose offerings starts out at a diminutive 10-foot length, and can expand to sizes up to 30 feet. It's inexpensive and durable, making it a good option for anyone looking to save a few bucks without sacrificing quality over time.

15. Fuzzion Sprayers

This 50-foot, 8-function garden hose and sprayer is available at a surprisingly low price, given its sturdy construction and portable flexibility.

16. JOOIKOS Expandable 50ft

The only hose on this list to feature 10 different sprayer settings, the JOOIKOS expandable 50-foot garden hose offers greater versatility and top-of-the-line construction and durability.

10 Best Expandable Garden Hose

Available in a wide range of sizes, the best expandable garden hose options make it easy to store your watering tools when not in use. Many of them also feature durable brass fittings and multi-layer latex cores, perfect for extending their longevity year after year.


17. GrowGreen Heavy Duty Expandable

Available in four different sizes, with the largest hose being a huge 100 feet in length, GrowGreen's heavy duty expandable hoses give options for every gardener to find the perfect hose for their home.

18. Flexi Hose & 8 Function Nozzle

A remarkably inexpensive 100-foot long hose, Flexi Hose offers unparalleled flexibility and durability available at a complete bargain of a price.

19. TBI Pro Expandable and Flexible

50 feet long and equipped with an anti-leak system featuring double protection at its connectors, the TBI Pro garden hose is a premium option that's perfect for anyone with pets who usually chew up their other hoses.

20. Grow Green Hoses

The least expensive hose on this list available in a 100 foot length, GrowGreen also offers sizes of 25, 50, and 75 feet. Each hose comes with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty, making them a safe option to invest in.

21. Hermard Expandable 50ft

Medium-sized and extra-durable, the Hemard expandable garden hose is created from 5000D polyester material and outfitted with a thick latex core that gives it great flexibility, too.

22. EasyJoy 50FT Expandable

Perhaps the best expandable garden hose for the money, EasyJoy's hose expands from a compact 17 feet to a generous 50 feet in under a minute. It's exceptionally strong construction features a four-layer latex interior tubing that's guaranteed to last.

23. HouGariee

Another option for a 50-foot garden hose, this time in an attractive blue color with matching carrying bag, HouGariee's expandable hose features solid brass connectors, durable polyester outer coatings, and a four-layer latex interior for maximum longevity.


Super lightweight and available in four different lengths, FILDANCO's expandable garden hose does away with heavy materials in order to create an inexpensive, easy to carry and use option for anyone who doesn't need to worry as much about durability.

25. Double Couple Garden Hose Flexible Car Wash Water Hose

Offering 10 spray patterns that make it versatile and easy to use for a variety of outdoor projects, Double Couple's hoses are available in 50 foot or 100 foot lengths. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a precision nozzle for car washes.

26. TheFitLife Expandable and Felxible Garden Hose - 2020 Upgrade Model

No other expandable garden hose can quite match up to the flexibility and durability offered by TheFitLife's hoses, thanks to a whopping 13 layers of latex in their inner cores. This makes them essentially leak-proof, puncture-proof, and burst-proof.

8 Best Lightweight Garden Hose

Choosing the best lightweight garden hose will make any outdoor project faster, easier, and more convenient. Save yourself the stress on your muscles and joints that comes with using old, heavy garden hoses by upgrading to one from this list!


27. GREEN MOUNT Lightweight Expandable

Offering 50 feet of hose and weighing just under 2 pounds, GREEN MOUNT has produced a remarkably lightweight garden hose that's expandable, too -- making it as easy to store as it is to use.

28. Rocky Mountain Goods Flat Soaker Hose

A set-it-and-forget-it option for watering any flower bed, Rocky Mountain Goods' lay-flat hose can make your daily watering fast, easy, and pain-free.

29. Gpeng Sunhoo Expandable

Available in three colors and two lengths (either 50 feet or 100 feet), Gpeng's expandable garden hose is quite rugged and durable considering it weighs in just under three pounds. It's a long-lasting option for anyone looking for a lightweight garden hose at a great price.

30. Bionic Steel PRO

Steel-coated and lightweight? If it sounds too good to be true, think again: The Bionic Steel Pro garden hose weighs a tiny two pounds, but is incredibly durable thanks to being wrapped in a thin layer of 304 grade stainless steel.

31. Bluebala Flexible and Expandable

50 feet long, collapsible for easy storage, and weighing less than two pounds -- all at a great price -- this garden hose from Bluebala is perfect for anyone on a budget.

32. NGreen Garden Hose Flexible and Expandable

Available in four lengths that are all made of exceptionally durable woven fabric and triple-layer latex, the NGreen garden hose is a good choice for anyone looking for a custom option that fits their yard size perfectly.

33. MTB Supply Expandable

Incredibly inexpensive and ultra lightweight, MTB Supply offers expandable garden hoses in lengths up to 100 feet. They're some of the lightest hoses of any on this list, but don't feature some of the rugged outer layers of more expensive hoses.

34. Flexzilla

On the lightweight side of heavy-duty garden hoses, the Flexzilla offers a perfect in-between for anyone who needs a durable option that won't be difficult to carry, move, and store.

How to Choose the Best Garden Hose

Finding the right garden hose for your backyard lawn and garden care couldn't be easier. Just follow these three simple steps to narrow down the items in this list to the perfect hose for you.

1. Pick Your Garden Hose Style

Traditional hoses are often the least expensive, but are too bulky and heavy for comfortable use. Instead, consider getting an expandable and/or lightweight garden hose -- they're as easy to store as they are to use, and many feature high-tech materials that increase their durability.

2. Consider What Size You Need

Take a rough measurement from your water source to the edge of your yard, and be sure to get a hose that can reach wherever you need! When in doubt, get a longer hose and leave part of it coiled up during use.

3. Decide On Sprayer Options

Multi-function sprayer heads are rarely any more expensive than a single nozzle, so why not go for something that will give you greater versatility for backyard projects? More sprayer options will give you more choices for how to use your garden hose, and can be perfect for car washes and more.

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In Conclusion

Thanks for reading this article on the best garden hoses available today! Hopefully you've come away with tons of ideas for which garden equipment is right for you, and will be able to keep your lawn looking great all summer long.