Are you looking for plants that like full direct sunlight? We cover them all here!

My knowledge about plants has reached different publications such as Constant Delights and Huffpost, so I can say that plants that grow in full sun are ones that I've encountered a lot. Heat-tolerant plants are great because you can see them grow even if you're not the best gardener out there.

Let's dig into these heliophytes!


7 Garden Plants That Like Full Direct Sunlight

When we think of putting plants in full sun, it can seem like a bad idea. Plants need water to live. However, some plants can withstand drought and arid conditions. Some plants are blessed enough to grow even when no water is available. These sun-loving plants are exactly the kinds of plants for full sun.

1. Marigolds

Marigolds are one of the most versatile plants. They can grow in full sun, as well as in moist soil. Marigolds need very little care once they are planted. They're best kept and produced in the ground as bedding plants. But they can also do well in containers. You don't have to water them daily, as they can go up to two weeks without being watered. They can even grow well even without fertilizer.

Fun fact: Marigold is a rich source of lutein, a substance that acts beneficially on the human eye.

2. Zinnia Plants

Zinnia plants require a bit more care than the usual full sun plants. It's best to water it in the morning to allow it to dry off for the rest of the day. It thrives in moist soil. However, as zinnias mature, they will require less watering. If you have a flower garden, this is the perfect addition.

Fun fact: In the language of flowers, zinnias represent friendship, specifically thoughts of an absent friend.

3. Lavender

Lavender can tolerate different growing conditions, but it blooms best under sunny conditions in well-drained soil. However, lavender doesn't take overly cold and wet places, so it's one of the perfect full sun plants. Grown lavenders require little care because they're extremely drought tolerant. Lavender plants are best planted outdoors, but they make good indoor plants, too, as long as you keep them in a place that receives a significant amount of sunlight.

Fun fact: The ancient Egyptians used lavender during their mummification process, embalming the corpse with perfume.

4. Sago palm

The best thing about the Sago palm is that it's an indoor plant that can thrive in direct light as well as low light. It's well known for its beautiful foliage and the convenience you get in taking care of it. As a sun plant, it's a special need for the Sago palm to be in bright light, but it's very tolerating to be in the shade or indirect sunlight. This plant needs regular care and fertilizer to help it bloom, but if it's in a container, it can take up to 15 years before it can bloom, if it even will at all. Aside from that fact, plant care for this one is fairly easy and unproblematic.

Fun fact: Sago palm tree is not a palm.

5. Aloe vera

Aloe is one of the most beneficial plants out there. There are many types of aloe, but aloe vera is one container plant that loves the morning sun. Like the jade plant, aloe vera thrives in rocky and sandy soils with low fertility. So you know what that means? It's a very low-maintenance sun perennial. Although aloe vera loves light, it's best to put it in a place with bright, indirect light or partial shade to keep it from drying out too fast. Growing plants like aloe vera is best done during late spring or early summer.

Fun facts: It consists of 99% water.

6. Hibiscus

The hibiscus plant has a leaf that's smooth and covered in trichomes. This makes it look very beautiful. Most people choose to grow their hibiscus in containers. It's important to remember, though, that if you want to see the beautiful blooms of the hibiscus, you should give it at least six hours of sunlight. It also appreciates some shade in the afternoon sun.

Fun fact: Hibiscus cannabinus is a hibiscus species used in the paper industry.

7. Lantana

Lantanas are one of the easiest plants to grow and take care of. They're best planted during spring up to late summer, avoiding cold weather. They thrive best in warm weather. The great thing about Lantanas is that they add color to your garden. All it needs is a sunny location and well-draining, slightly acidic soil. Lantanas need frequent watering when new, but once they have established themselves, little care needs to be done, making them a great plant for beginners.

Fun fact: Lantana can produce up to 12 000 seeds from one plant in a year!

Pro tip!

When dealing with full sun plants, it's essential to know how to water them to be able to thrive and be at their best. Learning how to water plants is as easy as reading about how to water succulents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose you're still confused about full sunlight, plants, and plants that like full sunlight, don't fret. We have answers to your questions!

How many hours of sunlight is the full sun?

Full sun means at least six hours. However, some plants and perennials need around eight to ten hours of sun exposure.

Is sunlight through a window direct sunlight?

If the sun's rays go through your window and directly to your houseplants, it's direct sunlight. Otherwise, every other instance is indirect light. Usually, it's the south-facing windows that experience direct sunlight.

Is it easy to identify which plants do well in full sun?

A simple search can help you identify which plants love the sun. Many plants need and love the sun, such as ponytail palm, zz plant, snake plant, and peacock plant. However, it's a bigger struggle to determine if they prefer direct, indirect light, or partial sun.

Can I water my plants while they're in direct sun?

Yes, it's perfectly okay to do this. They will not burn or harm your plants.

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In Conclusion

Now you know everything there is to know about the plants that like full direct sunlight. We hope this helps you take better care of your beloved heat-tolerant plants.