Gardening wall ideas can serve multitudes of purposes. These garden retaining wall ideas and decorations have been standing tall for years!

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What is Wall Gardening?

A Garden in a wall is building a wall-like structure to create privacy, achieve height, or divide areas in your outdoor spaces. It can line a landscape feature or effortlessly complement a driveway or concrete paving. Whether it's a stone wall, retaining wall, or vertical garden, wall garden adds to your outdoor home decor.

4 Wall Gardening Tips To Beautify Your Boundary Space

Give your outdoor area a stylish structure that delineates and divides. Whether it's a wall of trees, a gabion wall, natural stone walling, water, or greenery, here are some expert tips on making your perimeter or divider an eye-catcher.

Tip #1. Add a window.

If you have an existing stretch of wall that acts as your garden boundary, it may be leaving you feeling boxed in. So, why not add a window? You can go for a modern look or a classic design. It's the best and easiest way to break up a solid barrier or screening.

You can add a whimsical window box planter or a lick of paint to its borders to liven it up and balance your space. It's a great way to improve on an existing wall.

Tip #2. Add a soothing ambiance and a mesmerizing feature by installing a water wall.

Your garden guests will be head-over-heels for this focal point. Water walls create a soothing sound and flowing movement that brings a serene, tranquil feeling to most. It can be added as a stunning planter or a stand-out sculpture.

You can even add water features to a freestanding wall. Whether it's rock, sandstone, or a block wall, water is great wall decor.

Tip #3. Bring a boring wall to life with brilliant and flashy tiles.

Strategically chosen and placed, tiles can affect how natural light plays across your garden. It can liven up your dull boundaries or garden walls by adding shape, color, and texture.

You can even create the look of a stone retaining wall or a mortared wall with the right tile choice. You can even feature your tiled walls to offset your natural stone paving or your garden bed.

Tip #4. Create a vertical garden.

An extremely popular garden design is to create a living wall. Whether you use climbing plants, attach planters to wall blocks or build vertical structures of plant life, these green walls are a favorite. An alternative to potted plants, vertical gardens are great against stone veneer, a rock wall, or even wood treatment.

They're ideal for a smart home with hydroponic planters for growing herbs and vegetables.

3 Plants You Can Use to Ornament Your Garden Wall

For unexpected green and floral displays, move away from planting in traditional flower beds and adorn your garden walls with plant life.

Choose plants that like full direct sunlight and those that can bring your outdoor space to life!

#1: Ferns

Whether they're planted along with a concrete walling or on top of a croft stone retainer, ferns make the perfect ornamental plants. There are many types of ferns to choose from, and they're hardy and adaptable.

#2: Orchids

If you're looking for garden wall ideas that will complement your outdoor space with colorful blooms and fragrances, many types of orchids will give you the pop of color you might be looking for. Whether you place them in pots on your dry stone wall against a composite decking or hang them from boundary walls, orchids can add a sense of elegance.

#3: Succulents

Outdoor succulents are great for a garden wall! It doesn't matter if it's a concrete wall, stone, or if they're planted within retaining wall blocks; succulents are easy to keep alive and thriving. If you know how to propagate succulents, you don't need to buy many to get you started on your garden wall decorations.

3 Things To Consider Before Building a Lawn Wall

It's not just about the material of your garden wall you need to think about before beginning to build. There are other factors you need to consider.

1. Is it on the property boundary?

Consider your responsibilities if you are building this garden wall on the property boundary with a neighbor. You may need to look at the house deeds or plans and discuss issues and your design with neighbors early on. A 2m high stretch of the brick wall or concrete block may not be something they'd be happy about.

2. What's its purpose?

If it's for privacy, consider the wall's height and material. If it's simply to add a border or feature, try to find the right balance so it's not overbearing.

If it's a retaining wall, you may need to engage an engineer regarding suitable materials, size, and placement.

If you're building a garden wall as an ornamental piece, consider the outdoor area as a whole. For example, if you have porcelain paving, consider what would make a great contrast. You want your garden wall to add to the existing aesthetics.

3. To be or not to be seen?

Having a garden wall may be unavoidable. The best thing you can do is to boost its presence by turning it into a feature wall or obscure its existence by hiding it among greenery and blooms. Factor in the square foot of your area and the best materials to use. Garden walls should beautify the space.

Once you get started, though, and look more closely at what you can do with your space, you'll realize the endless possibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you sitting in your paving circle with more questions about garden walls? Well, I've answered some of the most frequently asked:

Why do you need to build a garden wall?

A garden wall can add sophistication and a sense of picturesque beauty to a garden. It may serve a purpose as a retaining wall, provide privacy, or act as a divider, but mostly, a garden wall can make an outdoor space feel complete.

Are garden walls high maintenance?

If built right with durable material, garden walls themselves shouldn't require any maintenance. However, if you've created a living wall, it'll require ongoing care with the plants.

If you have existing walls, it's a good idea to check their stability over the years. For example, check if a stone is dislodged or for any rotting wood or erosion.

Do you need footings for the garden wall?

Whether it's built of stone or other material, a garden wall should always stand on a solid foundation. The most common footing for garden walls is a trench filled with concrete. Like smaller, freestanding walls, others might have a t-style, strap beam, or flat spread footing design.

How thick should a garden wall be?

This really depends on its purpose, design, and material being used. Most common garden walls are brick thick.

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With a wide garden in a wall range available, your options for outdoor beautification and decorations are endless. Whether you're looking for garden retaining wall ideas, freestanding divider options, vertical gardens, or any other walling structure, you just need to find the most suitable for your space.