If you're looking for Halloween decorations, you've come to the right place.

Setting up Halloween decorations is one of the best parts of Halloween, and many people take this awesome activity very seriously.

That being said, it's easy to run out of Halloween decoration ideas if you're not careful. Check out this list of decoration ideas, and you're sure to get some amazing inspiration for your future decorations.

Halloween is always a ton of fun, but a big part of it is getting together with friends and family and spending time on arts and crafts.

Halloween decorations are a great way to do just that, so continue reading for new and interesting ideas that'll blow your socks off!


5 Best Halloween Decorations

If you want to really blow people away with your Halloween decorations this year, then you need to choose from the best Halloween decorations.

1. Spooky Witches and Cat Wall Decor

If you want a quick, simple way to decorate your home for Halloween, look no further than this wall decal. You can easily remove this decoration once you're done, and it certainly makes an impact.

2. Orange and Black Cat Ornaments

Made from soft felt, these black cat decorations are perfect for anyone who likes that "homemade" vibe. The convenient loops allow you to hang them on pretty much anything.

3. Bloody Footprints

Careful - this one might scare the kids! These bloody footprint stickers are easily removable, so you won't be left with a permanently spooky house. This is another great decoration for a Halloween party.

4. Flying Bats Wall Decor

Who said Halloween decorations need to be complicated? These simple bat decorations are great for that minimalist vibe, and it's a solid choice if you want to get your decorations done as quickly as possible.

5. Haunted House Print Table Runner

This polyester-cotton table runner is covered with the most beautiful Halloween drawings. This decoration is perfect if you're planning on having a dinner party.

5 Halloween Door Decorations

The door is your first line of defense when it comes to Halloween decorations. Choose from these door decorations, and you can make an immediate impact when Halloween rolls around.

6. Halloween Garlan Set

If you want your door to be seriously sophisticated this Halloween check out this Halloween garland set. Clearly, a lot of thought has gone into this Halloween decoration.

7. Pumpkin Wreath: Door Hanger

You've heard of a Christmas wreath, but what about a pumpkin wreath? This decoration can really set you apart from the crowd, and it really has a lot of character.

8. Spider Web

Sometimes, you just can't beat the classic door decorations. Strech this spider web over your door, and you're done. It's a quick, five-minute decoration that looks amazing.

9. Gothic Door Signs

There's something amazing about these Gothic door signs, and they really put a unique, sophisticated twist on Halloween decorations. Choose from a wide selection of signs.

10. Pumpkin With Chocolate Holder Inside

This might be the perfect decoration for a socially distanced Halloween. Just put your candy inside the pumpkin head, and let the kids grab what they need.

5 Vintage Halloween Decorations

With vintage Halloween decorations, you can skip back in time and relive the classic era of spookiness. If you love vintage styling, these decorations are for you.

11. Halloween Block Sign

These beautiful wooden blocks are both stylish and thought-provoking. Although the styles and motifs are decades old, they really capture the magic of Halloween.

12. Shelf Sitters

These beautiful Halloween signs are clearly from a bygone era, and they bring so much incredible life and character into your home. If you really want to take a unique path, these shelf sitters are an obvious choice.

13. Vintage Melted Plastic Popcorn Decors

These colorful melted plastic popcorn decorations are filled with character, and they're a welcome addition to virtually any home - especially if you're going for a vintage vibe.

14. Halloween Paper Treat Bags

These vintage paper treat bags are absolutely gorgeous. Their cartoony, 1950s-esque graphics will take you back to a completely different era. It's a great way to make Halloween extra special.

15. Vintage Soviet Metal Candle Stick

This vintage metal candlestick was manufactured in the Soviet Union during the 1980s. It's not exactly spooky, but it does have an elegant, unique style that can fit with any Halloween decorations.

5 Cheap Halloween Decorations

Keeping it cheap is always a good plan. After all, Halloween only comes once a year so it doesn't make sense to spend a fortune on decorations when you can just choose cheap Halloween decorations instead.

16. Skeleton Ornaments

You really can't go wrong with a few skeletons when it comes to Halloween. They make an instant impact, wherever you hang them and no matter how much effort you put into your decorations.

16. Giant Spider

This super scary giant spider is almost guaranteed to give your party guests a real fright. It's the kind of thing that makes people jump as they walk up to your door.

18. Plastic Witch's Cauldron

This cheap Halloween decoration can add a lot to your setup, especially if you're creating some kind of diorama with skeletons and witches. You can even fill the cauldron up with candy!

19. Stained Glass Bat Ornament

Instead of simply cutting out some paper bats, you can upgrade your home decorations with these beautiful stained glass bat ornaments - made from real cathedral glass.

20. Rusty Chains

If you want to create a dungeon or a medieval castle atmosphere in your house, then check out these rusty chains. These are made from real metal, and they're the real deal.

5 Halloween Yard Decorations

You can't forget about the outdoor areas when it comes to Halloween decorations. Choose from these amazing Halloween yard decorations, and you can make an impact whenever someone walks by.

21. Trick or Treat Yard Sign

Make sure kids know you're giving out candy with this awesome sign. This is a great decoration that isn't too scary or over-the-top.

22. Halloween Directional Sign

This funny little sign shows directions to all the spookiest locations in the world, including Transylvania, Salem, and Elm Street. It's a great addition to any yard.

23. RIP Handmade Halloween Tombstone Prop

Although this tombstone is made from styrofoam, it looks like like the real deal. Put it out in your yard, and people walking by won't be able to tell the difference.

24. Garden Flag Victorian Witch

This yard decoration is a perfect fit if you're going for a bit of a vintage vibe, as the Victorian styling of this witch sign really helps set your home apart.

5 Inflatable Halloween Decorations

Inflatable Halloween decorations are an amazing option. Inflate your decorations, and you can easily deflate them and pack them away once you're finished with them.

25. Blow in Pumpkin

Kids will love this Halloween decoration, and it will add new life to your front or back yard. It'll undoubtedly attract tons of trick or treaters.

26. Animated Airblown Fire and Ice Dragon

This incredible Halloween decoration is sure to attract plenty of glances. The inflatable dragon is impressive enough, but you can actually project animated lights into the dragon's body for an incredible effect.

27. Inflatable Grim Reaper in Flaming Motorcycle

What's even scarier than a grim reaper? How about a grim reaper riding a flaming motorcycle? This might be the perfect inflatable decoration for those who love Halloween and motorcycles.

28. Inflatable Pumpkin with Witch Hat

Sometimes, you just can't beat the classic Halloween decorations. This pumpkin wearing a witch hat is a great addition to your front yard or anywhere else you might want to put it.

29. Airblown Black Cat

Black cats are super cute, and they're the perfect Halloween decoration. If you really want to make your black cat decorations incredible, grab one of these inflatable options.

5 DIY Halloween Decorations

At the end of the day, Halloween decorations are all about having fun with friends and family, and doing a little arts and crafts. Bring out your artistic spirit with these DIY Halloween decorations.

30. Pumpkin Paper Craft

Get together with your friends, break out this template, and start creating your very own paper pumpkin. It's definitely an interesting twist on a regular Jack 'O Lantern.

31. Crochet Pattern: Haunted House

If you've never tried crochet, Halloween might be the perfect time to start! This pattern provides you with a step by step guide on how to create an awesome haunted house.

32. DIY Paper Lantern

Download this PDF, and you'll have all the instructions you need to create your very own paper lantern. These are amazing Halloween decorations, and you can make them yourself!

33. Pumpkin and Ghost Sewing DIY

Grab some and some sewing equipment, and you can create some awesome little stuffed ghosts and pumpkin. This PDF gives you all the instructions you need!

34. 3D Witch Hat Papercraft

Download this quick and easy PDF, and you can easily create your very own witch hat out of paper and glue. Try it with your friends for a fun Halloween activity!

3 Halloween Bathroom Decorations

Don't forget your bathroom when decorating your house for Halloween. Choose these bathroom decorations, and you can ensure that your visitors are spooked out in EVERY room.

35. The Nightmare Before Christmas Bar Soap Set

You can never have enough soap, and with this Nightmare Before Christmas set, you can get in the Halloween spirit even while you're washing your hands.

36. Oneiroi Bath Time Art Print

Bring a sense of spookiness to your bathroom with this interesting art print. It's also quite sophisticated, which is important in a bathroom.

37. Spider Shower Curtain Rings

With these shower curtain rings, you can get in the Halloween spirit even when you're taking a shower. They're also corrosion-resistant.

3 Halloween Room Decorations

If you're looking to decorate a particular room, you can put a unique spint on your home with these awesome room decorations.

38. Skeleton Spine Candle Holder

If you really want to make an impact when you have visitors during Halloween, choose these skeleton spine candle holders. There's something really spooky about these decorations!

39. Stained Glass Black Cauldron

Stained glass is just perfect for Halloween, and this decoration can be used in a number of different locations, including outdoors or in your favorite room.

40. Black Pillar Candles

Add a cool, sophisticated touch to your room with these incredible black candles. Made from beeswax, you can easily use these candles after Halloween as well.

3 Halloween Ceiling Decoration

The best decorators cover every surface possible, and that's why these ceiling decorations are important for Halloween.

41. Ghost String Lights Cotton Balls

This simple but charming set of string lights is very easy to set up, and it gives your ceiling a little extra pzazz on Halloween.

42. Black Cat on the Moon Hanging

Another stained glass decoration, this beautiful can on the moon can be hanged from any ceiling.

43. Black Zip Tie Hanging Ball Decor

This interesting piece of art was made entirely out of black zip ties. It's an ideal addition for any spooky room.

3 Halloween Kitchen Decorations

Make sure your kitchen is just as spooky as the rest of your house with these incredible Halloween kitchen decorations.

44. Halloween Pumpkin Placemat

This wonderful crochet placemat is the perfect addition to your dinner table, and it has been handcrafted by a skilled artisan who really knows what they're doing.

45. Halloween Decor Mason Jar

Decorate your kitchen with these amazing Halloween-themed mason jars, and you can get in the Halloween mood and relax at the same time.

46. Spooky Cat Halloween Tea Towel

These spooky cat Halloween tea towels add a little bit of flair to your snacks and drinks - whether you're eating candy or dinner!

How to Pick the Best Halloween Decorations

If you're not quite sure about how to pick the best Halloween decorations, don't worry. Simply follow this quick guide, and you can learn exactly how to make sure your Halloween decorations are the envy of the entire street.

1. Don't Get Too Scary

Remember, you don't want to scare the kids too badly. If your Halloween decorations are excessively gory or shocking, kids just aren't going to want to come trick or treating. You might also get complaints from neighbors.

Instead, choose decorations that are imaginative and interesting. These decorations will always be more enjoyable than those with pure shock value.

2. Don't Try to Do it All

Halloween decorations are more time consuming than you might realize. It might seem tempting to try and make everything by hand, but often there's simply not enough time.

There's no shame in choosing Halloween decorations that are pre-made. Focus on putting your unique touch on the small details, but go with convenience for the bigger items.

3. Choose a Theme

It's always more fun if you choose a theme when decorating your house. For example, you might choose to decorate your house with a vampire theme. Or maybe you prefer a minions theme. Go with whatever you like best about Halloween.

Choosing a theme keeps everything consistent. It gives you a sense of purpose when you're looking for new decorations, and it means that you're not scratching your head trying to figure out what to buy.

More Awesome Decoration tips

Of course, Halloween isn't the only time of year when you're allowed to put up awesome decorations. If you love decorating your house and you want even more excuses to participate in this activity, check out these other decoration tips:

  1. Fall (or Autumn) is a beautiful time of year, and you can supplement the beauty of the falling leaves outside with wonderful fall decorations inside your home. 
  2.  And who can forget about Christmas? If Halloween is over and you just can't wait to start decorating again, start with these awesome Christmas decorations
  3.  Once Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This holiday is another great excuse to decorate the house, so get inspired by these Thanksgiving decorations.

In Conclusion

Choose the best Halloween decorations, and your home will be even more amazing this year. If you're running out of decoration ideas, this article should serve as an amazing source of inspiration.

Don't be afraid to get creative! When figuring out Halloween decoration ideas, sometimes the best route is to really let your imagination run wild. 

Whatever you choose to create this year, don't lose sight of what's really important...

Have fun!

Halloween decorations represent a great opportunity to spend time with your friends and family, so don't take it too seriously.

The only thing left to do is to wish you a Happy Halloween!