Looking for man cave decor ideas?

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This is painful to say, but…men are usually clueless when it comes to home décor.

What comes to mind when you think of a man cave? My guess is… unsightly sports paraphernalia splattered across the walls, a deer head hanging above the mantel, and over-sized furniture that takes up too much space.

You don’t have to settle for these style-deprived ideas. We can help you pick out man cave furniture that turns your personal sanctuary into a chic space with a sultry and sophisticated masculine design.


19 Best Man Cave Decor

So, does your man cave looks like an episode of “Hoarders”?

I’ve been there, and well… it sucks. No simpler way to put it.

Today, I’d like to help you turn your favorite hide-away into the cozy little haven you deserve. After all, it’s probably the only space in the home where you have complete design control. We have a collection of furniture pieces that will turn your man cave into the perfect spot for enjoying a game of football with the guys or having some pure quietness to get some work done.


1. Golf Shelf

Display your collectibles in style. It’s a great conversation starter.

2. Bourbon Whiskey Decanter

Your favorite liquor never looked so good.

3. Bottle Cap Coffee Table

You’ll be the envy of the boys with this colorful bottle cap table.

4. Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Old World Globe Bar

This globe bar is perfect for a traditional, rustic man cave.

5. Batman: Metal Die-Cast Bat-Signal

Give your favorite superhero a home in your den.

6. Playable Replica Retro Arcade Game Machine

This retro arcade machine is the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work.

7. Oggi Professional 3-Bottle Revolving Liquor Dispenser

Game night with the boys will never be the same again with this classy revolving liquor dispenser.

8. Victrola Retro Desktop Jukebox with CD Player

Inject some disco vibes into your man cave with this retro juke. You’ll have so much fun with it.

9. You Better Have Beer

No beer. No party.

10. Game of Thrones Beer Bottle Opener

This creative beer bottle opener is a must-have for the Game of Thrones fan.

11. Montana West Resin Shotgun Shells Coaster Set

Protect your surfaces from moisture and scratches with this shotgun shells coaster set.

12. Barbuzzo 50 Caliber Shot Glass

These bad-ass shot glasses give “let’s take a shot” a whole new meaning.

13. 5 Liter Whiskey Barrel

The boys will absolutely love this American white oak whiskey barrel.

14. Man Cave Sign

Mark your territory with this corny man cave sign. It’s bound to get some laughs.

15. Do Not Disturb: Gaming in Progress

Great sign for when you have serious man stuff to get done.

16. Vintage Hunting Joke Plaque

Here’s something to crack you up when you’re feeling down.

17. Wood Spartan Helmet

Show some love to your man cave and your country with this American flag branded helmet.

18. No Trespassing: We're Tired Of Hiding The Bodies

This is a no-go zone!

19. Metal Bar Sign for Man Cave Decor

Deck out the bar section of your man cave with this tastefully designed sign.

15 Budget Man Cave Decor and Furniture Idea

I get it… you’re on a budget.

It’s easy to put together a stunning, designer-look replete with quirky accents when you have money to burn.  But what of us poor people?  How can we have the best mancave decor? Are we condemned to the throes of drab furniture?

Good news: at the Golden, we’re all about smartly priced but stylish furniture. After all, we’ve proven time and again that style, good design, and affordability can go hand in hand. We’ve discovered some fabulous pieces of budget furniture that defy all the cliché.

I must say… they look like a million bucks!

20. Padded Gaming Chair

You deserve to be comfortable when playing your favorite game in your favorite lair.

21. Industrial Bourbon Coffee Table with Casters

This industrial-style coffee table is game-changer for just about any space.

22. End Table

A concrete table is bound to strike a conversation.

23. Cubicals Shoe Storage Bench

Bring the drama into your man cave with this tasteful shoe storage bench.

24. Adjustable Bookshelf

Show off your bookworm is style.

25. Vintage Bottle Top Fridge Magnets

A fridge magnet that celebrates your favorite drinks.

26. Intex Beanless Bag-Inflatable-Chair

You deserve to rest in style in this colorful, beanless bag inflatable-chair.

27. Man cave rules sign

Every man needs rules to govern their kingdom.

28. Confederate War Wine Stopper

Celebrate American history with this Confederate war wine stopper.

29. Personalized Name Man Cave Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Art

Bring your walls to life with custom vinyl wall decals.

30. Basketball Trash Can Game

Are you a basketball fan? You’ll have fun playing hoops with your trash.

31. In Dog Beers

Hilarious sign for the consummate beer lover.

32. Cap Catching Magnetic Bottle Opener

Add some drama to your man cave bar with this cap catching bottle opener.

33. What Happens in The Garage Tin Sign

Lay down the law with this retro garage tin sign.

34. Man Cave Established Date Sign

Embellish the door to your little heaven with a tasteful established date sign.

14 Unique Man Cave Decor and Furniture Ideas

An expertly crafted, unique piece of furniture can add some oomph to your living space. But it’s hard to find such pieces of treasure among the low-cost, mass-produced items that you find a furniture store. We’ve done the hard work for you.

This is for the man’s man. The guy who’s always looking to stand out.

Deck out your man cave with some stylish and unique furniture pieces that embody your personality. They’re bold, opulent, and make a grand statement. They’re truly one-of-a-kind. You have to see to believe.

35. Storage Chest

Store away all your tools in this rustic wooden tool chest.

36. Set of 8 Vintage Farmhouse Wood Cabinet Knobs

Excellent wood cabinet knobs for a full-blown industrial look.

37. Colorado Gear - Birch Coasters

Hand made coasters for when you really want to make a statement.

38. Toilet Paper Holder

A bad-ass toilet paper holder for a bad-ass biker.

39. Antique Metal Medical Tablet Tins

Antique advertising tins for storing away the little things you don’t know what to do with.

40. Industrial Steampunk Double Light Switch

A manly, industrial light switch for the man who wants to stand out.

41. Vintage Nut Dispenser

What’s a man without nuts? You’ll love this vintage nut dispenser.

42. Football Helmet Light

This helmet light is a must-have for football fans.

43. Sawdust is man glitter

The perfect gift for the woodworker with a man cave.

44. Our Hookey Ring Toss Game

A hookey ring toss game for when you just want to relax.

45. Man Cave Fridge Sticker

Your man cave fridge deserves some loving too.

46. Beer Coffee Mug

Take some beer even when you’re taking coffee. Really neat…

47. Rusty gold vintage Schlitz flat top tall boy beer can

A rusty beer can to complement your industrial themed man cave.

48. Old Factory Scented Candles for Men

Even a man cave deserves to smell nice.

12 Minimalist Man Cave Decor and Furniture Ideas

Looking to turn your man cave into a minimal lair with a bold, masculine touch?

We stand!

You see… minimalism isn’t going out of style. It’s timeless. The right dose of minimalist furniture in your favorite pad will create a serene and stylish look that melds textural richness with architectural starkness.

Guys… how about a toast to “less is more?”

49. Wall Mount Beer and Soda Bottle Opener Set

A stainless-steel beer opener to bring some style into your man cave.

50. 15 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

You’ll definitely need a wine cooler in your man pad.

51. Personalized MANCAVE Sign

A sleek, simple, and iconic industrial style metal sign. Very classy.

52. Pine Ridge 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell 5 Piece Coaster

You don’t want your drinks messing up your furniture.

53. Floating Shelves Set of 3

Now this is how you increase surface space without cluttering the room.

54. Real Forked Antler Handles

Make a statement with this unique set of real deer antler handles.

55. Rotating Barrel Cabinet

Who said storage has to be boring?

56. Custom Rustic Bar

Bring the bar back to your lair. You’ll fall head over heels with this one.

57. Industrial Pipe Wall Shelf Mounting Brackets

Wall mounting brackets that scream masculine. You want these on your shelves.

58. Cast Iron Mustache Bottle Opener

Let’s put the ‘stache to work. It’s got to be good for something.

59. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

While away the lazy days in this chill sack bean bag chair.

60. Leisure Bed Video Gaming Sofa

This floor sofa will transform your bedroom into the ultimate retreat.

How To Pick The Best Man Cave Decor

So, you’re ready to start decorating your man cave, eh?

Congratulations! We’re excited for you. We have some tips to help you turn any room into a cozy personal space to relax and hide away from the world. It will be a home for all your sports memorabilia, gaming equipment, and other hobbies that make you who you are.

1. Select a Theme

Popular modern themes for the man cave favor an industrial look featuring wood and metal. These materials look amazing, are durable and flexible enough to accommodate a myriad of needs. Avoid using too much glass as it’s too fragile. You can also go with any of the other popular home decor themes.

2.  Choose Your Colors

Go with a light shade of blue, brown, or green. Steer clear of darker hues especially if you’re working with a small space. This is because the room will seem smaller than it really is. Use dark colors for accents instead. You can have these colors on wooden trim, decorative elements, and borders.

3.  Pick the Right Furniture

A man cave shouldn’t have too many pieces of furniture. Pick one piece and make it the focal point of the room. For this, you can go with a tastefully designed sofa. Throw in two or three other smaller pieces of furniture to complete the picture. A bookcase, coffee table, and end table would come in handy. You don’t need a credenza. Instead, hang your TV on a wall-mounted bracket. We advise that you go for furniture with in-built storage. This will help you save on space and keep clutter at bay.

4. Showcase Your Collectibles and Sports Memorabilia

This is the only room in the house where you can express your love for sports. You can display your collectibles and memorabilia prominently on walls or in large cabinets. You might want to avoid displaying them on cabinets if you’re short on space. Also, showcase a few of your pieces, preferably your favorites, to avoid making the space feel cluttered.

5. Use Lighting Creatively

Use lighting to add some flair to your man cave. You can find plenty of decorative lighting fixtures that complement your theme. Go with a single, bold lighting fixture or inter space tastefully designed lamps throughout the room.

More Great Furniture Ideas

We’re not done yet…

Don’t you think selecting furniture is a lot like dating? I mean… you are trying to get the right piece that will fit perfectly into your life and never leave, right? To snag the perfect furniture for your man cave, you need to cast a wide net.

This list is not nearly as conclusive as we’d like it to be. We’re not delusional.

This is why we’ve gone a step further and compiled more furniture ideas that might just inspire your man cave makeover.  Let’s dig right in.

  1. For the more adventurous man, we have a collection of bohemian furniture that we find completely intriguing.
  2. Need modern living room furniture? We have unique and stylish pieces that will get tongues wagging when you have guests.
  3. We also have some traditional furniture ideas to turn your home into a mind-bending haven.

In Conclusion

We’ve harped on and on about how to be a man over at Mantelligence. Today, we hope you’ve picked out some tasteful pieces of man cave decor to help you create the man cave of your dreams. After all, every man needs a space where they can unwind, recollect, and express themselves away from the world.