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Cheap Bedroom Furniture Ideas - featured

68 Best Cheap Bedroom Furniture Ideas

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Cheap bedroom furniture available!

Did you feel it? That little tugging sensation on your heart?

That’s the irresistible prospect of boosting your bedroom aesthetic without burning a hole in your bank account.

You’ve been waiting for that perfect moment. That moment when the stars would align. When you’d have enough dosh to splurge on some bedroom furniture. Furniture that’s good enough to turn your bedroom into an Instagram-worthy haven. That time is now.

Check out our collection of mesmerizing budget furniture. It doesn’t get more inviting than this.


18 Best Cheap Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Let’s face it…

You’re here because… err… your taste is bigger than your budget. That’s all of us.

The good news? You don’t need Bill Gates-type cash to design the perfect bedroom. After all, we believe big ideas come in thrifty packages. It’s possible to find tasteful budget furniture pieces with a big impact on the cheap.

Luckily, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Our collection of delectable bedroom furniture will give you an excuse to stay in bed all day. After all, you don’t have to settle for less even when your budget is hugging the bottom line.

Here are the 18 best cheap bedroom furniture ideas:

11 Cheap Bedroom Apartment Furniture Ideas

Looking to update and upgrade a bedroom in your apartment?

Getting around those pesky rules in your lease can be tricky. The whole process can also be costly. But don’t let this faze you. You can always turn your bedroom into a dreamy haven with tasteful furniture updates without running afoul of the lease. Our collection of cheap bedroom apartment furniture will give you that high-end look for a steal.

Here are 11 cheap bedroom apartment furniture ideas:

13 Traditional Cheap Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Traditional furniture is calm, orderly, and timeless.

If the retro look appeals to you, then you’re in luck. Create a compelling sense of place and history in your bedroom with our collection of tantalizing furniture. These pieces will go with every design aesthetic. Get ready to take notes…

Here are 13 cheap traditional bedroom furniture ideas:

12 Cheap Bohemian Bedroom Furniture Ideas

You want to create an exotically beautiful bedroom with plenty of excitement, eh?

Then you’ll feel right at home with the boho or bohemian style. Boho is all about color, patterns, and texture. It’s bold and fun. But can you do it on a budget? Absolutely!

Add some funky undertones to your bedroom with our jaw-dropping assembly of bohemian furniture pieces. They’re bound to quench your taste for the eclectic.

Here are 12 cheap bohemian bedroom furniture ideas:

15 Cheap Minimalist Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Admit it.You don’t get the appeal or ornate trim, wild color schemes, oversized patterns, or knickknacks in the bedroom, do you? We don’t blame you.

You see… the bedroom is where you go to hide from a chaotic world. It should be serene, clean, and uncluttered. If this described you, then you’d do well with a minimalist look. Minimalism doesn’t have to be bleak and lifeless. It just means decorating for function. Or just doing away with the unnecessary.

These simple but gorgeous minimalist furniture pieces will pack unmatched style and function into your bedroom.

Here are 15 cheap minimalist bedroom furniture ideas:

More Awesome Furniture Ideas

You loved it, right?

I’m talking about this amazing collection of bedroom furniture.

And now you’re thinking… what about the rest of my home? Well…we’re not about to leave you high and dry. Check out the posts below for a collection of furniture pieces for all styles and rooms.

  1. Here are some modern living room furniture ideas that will get tongues wagging.
  2. Create a cozy escape with these family room furniture
  3. Pick out some tasteful kitchen furniture. The heart of your home deserves to be stylish.
  4. You deserve to dine like a king. Check out these dining room furniture pieces.
  5. Create memorable spaces with our tasteful collection of unique furniture.

How To Pick Best Cheap Bedroom Furniture

Shopping for bedroom furniture on a budget can be a tall order. You don’t want to be one of the millions of people stuck in the land of sameness — indistinguishable as you buy the same old uninspiring pieces everybody else does. You want to stand out. We have some tips to help you do just that.

Here is how to pick the best bedroom furniture:

1. Invest for the Long Term

The lowest-priced furniture may not always save you the most money. For example, a $200 bed may be cheaper than a $300 bed, but it might only last half as long. Go for quality pieces instead of buying low priced items that you’ll have to replace regularly.

2. Buy on Sale Furniture

Go for clearance and sale items. This is one of the best ways to save money when shopping for furniture. If you go for sale items, you’ll get new furniture at a fraction of the cost. If you don’t mind a few dings and dents, then clearance items are a good option. Just make sure you’re buying good quality pieces.

3. Buy Second Hand Furniture

Styles and trends are constantly changing. Furniture is no exception. People are always selling their old furniture to get with the times. You can take advantage of this to buy some used timeless, sturdy furniture that would have cost a fortune when new.

4. Consider Financing

You don’t need to have all the cash upfront to deck out your bedroom. Financing can help you make furniture more affordable since you break up the cost into more manageable chunks. Talk to your banker to understand the implications.

5. Take it Slow

Redecorating your bedroom doesn’t have to happen in one fell swoop. You can buy a piece at a time until everything comes together. This way, you can afford to spend more on individual pieces rather than splurging on lower quality items.

6. Trade with Family and Friends

Have some family or friends who are downsizing or moving? Do they have stuff they no longer need? This is a great opportunity to snag some amazing pieces of furniture on the cheap. You can either pay them for the pieces or trade-in with something that they need. Win-win!


Looking for some tasteful bedroom furniture ideas? We’ve got you. Make your bedroom super dreamy with our collection of tasteful furniture picks. Budget furniture never looked so good.

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