91 Best Budget Furniture – This is the only guide you need!

91 Best Budget Furniture – This is the only guide you need!

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We’ve scoured the web to find great budget furniture ideas in tons of different styles.
After all, you shouldn’t have to sell your house just to be able to afford furniture.

Whether you want to furnish a family home or a student apartment, we have suggestions that will make your space feel like home.

Use the table of contents below to find budget furniture to suit your space and taste, or scroll through the complete list to see where inspiration strikes.


12 Best Budget Furniture Ideas

Budget Furniture - 12 Best Budget Furniture Ideas

These pieces of budget furniture represent a variety of styles, and while they might not all fit with your vision they’re sure to fit with your budget. If you haven’t yet decided on the vibe you’re going for, start here to find pieces you can build around.

Here are the 12 best budget furniture ideas:

Budget Furniture - Hyannis Queen Upholstered Platform Bed width=

1. Hyannis Queen Upholstered Platform Bed

This upholstered bed is both elegant and inviting, just calling out for breakfast in bed.

Budget Furniture - Abbonto Accent Bench width=

2. Abbonto Accent Bench

This rustically styled bench is perfect for entryways and mudrooms, offering stability and storage space.

Budget Furniture - Abigail Standard Bookcase width=

3. Abigail Standard Bookcase

The trouble with budget bookshelves is usually their stability. But this handsome shelf can handle your whole library and tie your room together.

Budget Furniture - Barrel Accent Chair Furniture Set width=

4. Barrel Accent Chair Furniture Set

With modern styling and comfortable design, this chair is perfect for reading nooks and family rooms.

Budget Furniture - Coaster Glass Top End Table In Black width=

5. Coaster Glass Top End Table in Black

This chic end table is perfect for displaying accent pieces and sharing a cup of coffee.

Budget Furniture - Bryant 5 Drawer Lingerie Chest width=

6. Bryant 5 Drawer Lingerie Chest

It’s called a lingerie chest, but it’s tall, thin design is perfect for storing any clothing or linen when space is limited.

Budget Furniture - Zeke Wood Makeup Vanity Set With Mirror width=

7. Zeke Wood Makeup Vanity Set with Mirror

Just because you’re shopping on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t afford to a little vain, and this gorgeous vanity is the perfect place to get ready and store your essentials.

Budget Furniture - Sorbus 2 Drawer Nightstand With Shelf width=

8. Sorbus 2 Drawer Nightstand with Shelf

Simple and practical, this nightstand has plenty of storage space and is perfect for apartments and dorm rooms.

Budget Furniture - Thornbury Kitchen Island width=

9. Thornbury Kitchen Island

When counter space is hard to come by this kitchen island is a stylish and practical solution.

Budget Furniture - Badillo 5 Piece Dining Set width=

10. Badillo 5 Piece Dining Set

If you’re committed to minimalism or furnishing a small space, this dining set is the perfect space to enjoy a meal.

Budget Furniture - Crimmins 72″ Kitchen Pantry width=

11. Crimmins 72″ Kitchen Pantry

This pantry fits perfectly into corners and stores your food without taking up all your floor space.

Budget Furniture - Cubicals Shoe Storage Bench width=

12. Cubicals Shoe Storage Bench

Feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door with this rustic shoe storage bench.

9 Budget Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Budget Furniture - 9 Budget Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Your bedroom is where you retire at the end of the day and recharge your batteries, so it needs to have a vibe you love.

These budget bedroom furniture ideas can help your personal space reflect your personal style at prices that reflect your budget.

Here are 9 budget bedroom furniture ideas:

Budget Furniture - Wide Dresser Storage Tower width=

13. Wide Dresser Storage Tower

With a sturdy steel frame and cloth bins for drawers, this minimalist dresser offers lots of storage for small spaces.

Budget Furniture - Coleman Canopy Bed width=

14. Coleman Canopy Bed

Sleep in style with this luxurious yet understated canopy bed, no box spring required.

Budget Furniture - LINENSPA 6 Inch Innerspring Mattress width=

15. LINENSPA 6 Inch Innerspring Mattress

Sink into this coil spring mattress with comfort foam without sinking into debt.

Budget Furniture - Set Of 2 Nightstand width=

16. Set of 2 Nightstand

This set of rustic nightstands is perfect for a master bedroom or guest room.

Budget Furniture - Karratha 3 Drawer Accent Chest width=

17. Karratha 3 Drawer Accent Chest

Add a splash of color to your bedroom with this chest that is both functional and attractive.

Budget Furniture - Vanity Table Set width=

18. Vanity Table Set

This understated vanity adds a touch of class without being ostentatious and is the perfect space to prepare for the day.

Budget Furniture - Portable Wardrobe width=

19. Portable Wardrobe

This wardrobe takes whatever shape you need so you can make use of every square inch.

Budget Furniture - Rossford Armoire width=

20. Rossford Armoire

Hang coats and store shoes or linens in this simple, chic armoire.

Budget Furniture - Mortensen Upholstered Storage Bench width=

21. Mortensen Upholstered Storage Bench

In spacious bedrooms, this comfortable bench is a warm and welcome accent piece.

8 Budget Modern Living Room Furniture

Budget Furniture - 8 Budget Modern Living Room Furniture

Modern living room furniture is all about removing access and focusing on function. If that sounds like your style, check out these budget furniture ideas to help create a space that is both inviting and practical.

Here are 8 budget modern living room furniture:

Budget Furniture - Pendant Lamp width=

22. Pendant Lamp

This understated chandelier brightens a room whether it’s on or off.

Budget Furniture - Piece Prisma Wall Décor width=

23. Piece Prisma Wall Décor

Decorate your shelves or coffee table with these eye-catching geometric accent pieces.

Budget Furniture - Bronson Off-White Area Rug width=

24. Bronson Off-White Area Rug

Modern spaces should still be comfortable, and this area rug can really tie the room together.

Budget Furniture - Cezanne End Table width=

25. Cezanne End Table

With concrete construction and timeless design, this end table adds a feeling of stability and permanence to your living room.

Budget Furniture - Wall Mounted Floating Shelves width=

26. Wall Mounted Floating Shelves

Display your favorite books and photos without taking up precious floor space using these hanging shelves.

Budget Furniture - Baxton Studio Armchair width=

27. Baxton Studio Armchair

These rocking armchairs provide comfortable, stylish seating for guests.

Budget Furniture - Rivet Adjustable Arm Mid-Century Floor Lamp width=

28. Rivet Adjustable Arm Mid-Century Floor Lamp

Shed some light on a good book or magazine with this brushed nickel adjustable lamp.

Budget Furniture - Timon Modern_Coffee Table width=

29. Timon Modern Coffee Table

Simple, stylish, and functional, this coffee table is a classic example of modern design.

10 Budget Family Room Furniture

Perhaps more than any other room in the house, the family room is a place for comfort and relaxation. These family room furniture ideas help bring the whole family together with pieces built for enjoyment and togetherness.

Here are 10 budget family room furniture ideas:

Budget Furniture - ‘Metallic Elephant Family’ Framed Graphic Art Print On Canvas width=

30. ‘Metallic Elephant Family’ Framed Graphic Art Print on Canvas

Decorate your family room with this family of elephants, animals known for their social nature and stable relationships.

Budget Furniture - Ashburn Dark Blue Area Rug width=

31. Ashburn Dark Blue Area Rug

Just imagine stretching out on this soft, durable rug on game night or movie night.

Budget Furniture - 5-Cube Reversible Open Shelf width=

32. 5-Cube Reversible Open Shelf

Display movies, photos, and games in this colorful open shelf.

Budget Furniture - 58″ Wood TV Stand Console With Fireplace width=

33. 58″ Wood TV Stand Console with Fireplace

There’s nothing homier than a fireplace, even if it is electric. This wooden TV stand is warm and spacious and can accommodate all your home entertainment accessories.

Budget Furniture - Lennert End Table width=

34. Lennert End Table

This robust wooden end table has plenty of space for lighting, decorations, and a beverage of your choice.

Fillmore 2pc Sleeper Sectional

35. Fillmore Apartment Size Sleeper Sofa

Adjust the angle of this tufted sofa and let your seat-mate do the same. It even lays flat to provide sleeping space for guests.

Budget Furniture - Ivar 32.84″ Bookcase width=

36. Ivar 32.84″ Bookcase

Store books, toys, and stuffed animals in this stylish low bookcase.

Budget Furniture - Mortensen Upholstered Storage Bench width=

37. Mortensen Upholstered Storage Bench

This upholstered bench provides a stylish space to store games or blankets and comfortable space to seat guests.

Budget Furniture - Padded Gaming Chair width=

38. Padded Gaming Chair

This padded chair is perfect for gaming or watching movies, and lays flat for nap time or storage.

Budget Furniture - Folding Convertible Sleeper Bed Chair width=

39. Folding Convertible Sleeper Bed Chair

Sit, lounge, or sleep on this handsome and adaptable armchair.

11 Budget Apartment Furniture

The compact nature of apartments can make them difficult to furnish, but they’re also an opportunity to get creative when making your space your own. These budget apartment furniture ideas have tons of personality without taking up tons of space, and best of all… they won’t keep you from making rent.

Here are 11 budget apartment furniture:

Budget Furniture - End Table Bedroom Night Stand width=

40. End Table Bedroom Night Stand

These petite night stands have three shelves, allowing you to store and display books and decorations even in small bedrooms.

Budget Furniture - Simple Design Coffee Table width=

41. Simple Design Coffee Table

This tapered coffee table allows you to eat and drink in comfort and still leave room to walk around.

Budget Furniture - Small Electric Fireplace Insert width=

42. Small Electric Fireplace Insert

Get all the comfort and warmth of a crackling fire without the chimney or the smoke. Fits in many entertainment consoles or as a stand-alone space heater.

Budget Furniture - Folding Multifunction Dining Room Table And 2 Chairs width=

43. Folding Multifunction Dining Room Table And 2 Chairs

Fold out this table when it’s time to prepare or enjoy meals, and stow it to save space when you’re finished.

Budget Furniture - Darcy Ottoman width=

44. Darcy Ottoman

Kick up your feet on this ultra soft ottoman.

Budget Furniture - Turn-N-Tube No Tools Entertainment TV Stands width=

45. Turn-N-Tube No Tools Entertainment TV Stands

This easy-assemble TV stand has a minimalist design and multiple surfaces for storage.

Budget Furniture - Mestler Casual Chair Side End Table width=

46. Mestler Casual Chair Side End Table

Rustic and compact, this end table can store books and support decorations, beverages, and snacks.

Budget Furniture - Walentin 2-Door Accent Cabinet width=

47. Walentin 2-Door Accent Cabinet

This compact cabinet allows you to store dishes, books, movies, or games behind its stylish glass doors.

Budget Furniture - Hollie Coffee Table With Storage Shelf width=

48. Hollie Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

With a rustic design and three storage cubes, this coffee table does it all.

Budget Furniture - Harlan 6 Piece Daybed Set width=

49. Harlan 6 Piece Daybed Set

This daybed does double duty as a comfortable sofa and sleeping space, and just begs for stylish throw pillows.

Budget Furniture - Roxana 4 Piece Set With Cushions width=

50. Roxana 4 Piece Set with Cushions

Perfect for patios and balconies, this four-piece set can withstand the elements and provide a comfortable space for entertaining.

8 Unique Budget Furniture

If you’re looking for furniture that catches the eye and speaks of your creativity and eclectic style, these unique furniture ideas could be the perfect fit.

As you scroll through these budget furniture ideas, look for pieces that match your personality and complement the general style and layout of your space.

Here are 8 unique budget furniture:

Budget Furniture - Bandla Coffee Table width=

51. Bandla Coffee Table

The overlapping layers of real wood in this coffee table give it a natural, rustic appeal.

daisy mirror

52. Daisy Mirror

Add light and life to your home with this flower-shaped accent mirror.

Budget Furniture - Ottoman Macrame width=

53. Ottoman Macrame

Use this hand-knitted ottoman as seating or a footrest in your bohemian styled space.

Budget Furniture - Creative LED Floor Lamp width=

54. Creative LED Floor Lamp

The soft light from this sloping floor lamp lends your living room or bedroom a relaxing, welcoming vibe.

Budget Furniture - Chrysanthos Geometric Bookcase width=

55. Chrysanthos Geometric Bookcase

Get creative with this eight-tiered asymmetrical bookshelf.

Budget Furniture - Lenox Oval Mod Rotating Wood Coffee Table width=

56. Lenox Oval Mod Rotating Wood Coffee Table

This rotating coffee table swivels into the exact position you want it, allowing you to use your space as you please.

Budget Furniture - Patio Couch With Awning width=

57. Patio Couch with Awning

Make your outdoor spaces as unique as your interiors with this shaded patio seating.

Budget Furniture - Caldwell Side Table width=

58. Caldwell Side Table

With sloping arms and clean lines, this side table is a great place for a mini-bar or photo display.

6 Traditional Budget Furniture

Budget Furniture - 6 Traditional Budget Furniture

Some prefer traditional furniture to match their taste or their theme. You don’t have to spend a lot just to create a traditional vibe. There are a lot of great traditional budget furniture out there!

Here are 6 traditional budget furniture:

Budget Furniture - Alymere End Table width=

59. Alymere End Table

With elegant legs and detailed accents, this end table is a stylish addition to a family room or bedroom.

Budget Furniture - Borchers Upholstered Panel Bed width=

60. Borchers Upholstered Panel Bed

Traditional yet trendy, this panel bed is a comfortable centerpiece to your bedroom.

Budget Furniture - Carmen 6-Light Foyer Pendant width=

61. Carmen 6-Light Foyer Pendant

Capture the charm of a candlelit chandelier in your dining room or entryway with this 6 light hanging pendant.

Budget Furniture - Kensington Hill Arriana 22 1 2 Wide Cherry Finish Accent Table width=

62. Kensington Hill Arriana 22 1/2″ Wide Cherry Finish Accent Table

This table is rich with detail and functionality, allowing you to store various items out of sight in the cabinet and drawer.

Budget Furniture - Maxen Platform Bed width=

63. Maxen Platform Bed

With its rustic frame and simple design, this platform bed speaks of stability and comfort.

Budget Furniture - Atwater Armchair width=

64. Atwater Armchair

Fill out an office or living room with this classic floral armchair.

10 Budget Bohemian Furniture

Budget Furniture - 10 Budget Bohemian Furniture

Bohemian furniture is the perfect match for an unconventional, artistic lifestyle, but what started as counter-culture has become mainstream – meaning bohemian styles often come with high price tags.

If you want furniture that speaks to your free spirit without imprisoning your bank account, check out these affordable boho furniture pieces.

Here are 10 budget Bohemian furniture:

Budget Furniture - Bohemian Style Carpet width=

65. Bohemian Style Carpet

This large rug brings warmth and positivity to large rooms, inviting you to get down and get comfortable.

Budget Furniture - Timeyard Mid Century Plant Stand width=

66. Timeyard Mid Century Plant Stand

Display your potted plants in this unique 10″ plant stand.

Budget Furniture - Cast Iron Coat Hooks width=

67. Cast Iron Coat Hooks

Rustic and irreverent, this coat rack invites guest to take a load off as they take their coats off.

Budget Furniture - Sherlyn Coffee Table width=

68. Sherlyn Coffee Table

In true bohemian style, this coffee table rejects the idea of perfection in favor of playfulness and authenticity.

Budget Furniture - Lexia_2_Piece_Nesting_Tables width=

69. Lexia 2 Piece Nesting Tables

These tables provide a little bit of surface area with a lot of style.

Budget Furniture - Rune Platform Bed width=

70. Rune Platform Bed

Low to the ground and rich in color, this bed is humble and inviting.

Budget Furniture - Evil Eye Gourd Lamp width=

71. Evil Eye Gourd Lamp

Add light and style with this intricately detailed gourd shaped lamp.

Budget Furniture - Corner Storage Cabinet width=

72. Corner Storage Cabinet

Store clothing and linens in the hand-woven baskets of this 4 tiered shelf.

Budget Furniture - Foldable Meditation Seat width=

73. Foldable Meditation Seat

Great for meditating or lounging, this foldable seat is as versatile as you are.

Budget Furniture - Effie 2 Door Accent Cabinet width=

74. Effie 2 Door Accent Cabinet

With a playful pattern of swooping, overlapping studs, this 2 door cabinet is a great accent piece and storage space.

9 Budget Minimalist Furniture

Budget Furniture - 9 Budget Minimalist Furniture

Minimalist furniture is about maximizing utility while minimizing materials, which makes for brilliant examples of design. If you want to simplify your space but love unique design and eye-catching furniture, check out these budget minimalist ideas.

Here are 9 budget minimalist furniture:

Budget Furniture - Futon Couch width=

75. Futon Couch

This futon’s sleek design and low profile make it a great addition to a minimalist living room.

Budget Furniture - Wine Rack Storage Cabinet width=

76. Wine Rack Storage Cabinet

Minimizing your furniture doesn’t mean you have to minimize your wine collection.

Budget Furniture - Dinning Table Set For 4 width=

77. Dinning Table Set for 4

The sleek design of this dining set allows you to focus on the food and the people, not the furniture.

Budget Furniture - Thomaston Writing Desk width=

78. Thomaston Writing Desk

Emerson himself would admire the self-reliance of this desk.

audio cabinet

79. Audio Cabinet

Store your electronics and manage your wires in this simple, attractive cabinet.

Budget Furniture - Sunbury TV Stand For TVs Up To 70″ With Optional Fireplace width=

80. Sunbury TV Stand for TVs up to 70″ with optional Fireplace

This wooden TV stand has an open front that allows you to store and display books, movies, electronics, and photos.

Budget Furniture - Lyster Platform Bed width=

81. Lyster Platform Bed

Made from sturdy steel bars that don’t obstruct your comfort, this minimalist bed is inviting and simple.

Budget Furniture - Lemington Rectangle Coffee Table With Splayed Legs width=

82. Lemington Rectangle Coffee Table with Splayed Legs

Low to the ground and as simple as it gets, this minimalist table adds a pop of color to your living room.

Budget Furniture - Sheetz 3 Piece Counter Height Dining Set=

83. Sheetz 3 Piece Counter Height Dining Set

Provide dining space for two while taking up the minimum amount of space with these counter height table and stools.

8 Budget Pallet Furniture Ideas

Pallet furniture can add a home-made, rustic style to your house or apartment. Whether you buy from a manufacturer or get inspired to DIY, these pallet furniture ideas can help make your house a home.

Here are 8 budget pallet furniture ideas:

Budget Furniture - Pallet Coffee Table

84. Pallet Coffee Table

This rolling coffee table is a rustic way place to enjoy a drink inside or outside.

Budget Furniture - Wood Hanging Shelf

85. Wood Hanging Shelf

This unique hanging shelf is modern and simplistic and takes up no floor space.

Budget Furniture - Shadow Cube Unit Bookcase

86. Shadow Cube Unit Bookcase

Draw attention to family photos or decorations with these hanging pallet cubes.

Budget Furniture - Reclaimed Pallet TV Stand

87. Reclaimed Pallet TV stand

Rustic and handcrafted, this TV stand is one of a kind.

Budget Furniture - Metal & Wood Platform Bed With Wood Slat Support

88. Metal & Wood Platform Bed with Wood Slat Support

This pallet headboard is available in twin, full, queen, and king size.

Budget Furniture - Floor Wine Rack

89. Floor Wine Rack

Display up to 18 bottles of your favorite wine in this humble pallet housing.

Budget Furniture - Leandra Ladder Bookcase

90. Leandra Ladder Bookcase

This ladder style bookcase combines modern style with rustic sensibilities and is the perfect place to display your favorite paperbacks, photos, and decorations.

Budget Furniture - Terwilliger Zigzag Pallet Multi-Tiered Plant Stand=

91. Terwilliger Zigzag Pallet Multi-Tiered Plant Stand

Pallet wood is the perfect surface for displaying your indoor plants.

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How To Pick The Best Budget Furniture

Don’t let picking furniture stress you out. Just follow these three rules below!

Here’s how to pick the best budget furniture:

1. Form and Function

Before you buy anything, think about how much space you have and how your furniture will be used. No matter how much you love that piece, if it doesn’t physically fit your room or figuratively fit your needs it isn’t worth it.

2. Consider Color

You can mix and match the styles, but they all have to work within the same color scheme. Choose colors that work well with the walls, floors, and other furnishings in the room.

3. Budget Based

Even though all these pieces were chosen to work for buyers on a budget, it’s still important to think ahead before you spend. Figure out how much money you have to work with, which rooms are your biggest priority, and what pieces you should buy first.

In Conclusion

Now that you’ve got all these great budget furniture ideas, you’re ready to furnish the house of your dreams. Use these suggestions to design a place that suits your unique personality and needs, and of course, put together a scheme that fits your budget.

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