Whether you've just moved into your very first apartment and don't have any apartment furniture, or you've lived in apartments for a while now and are just looking for a change, We've scoured the internet, searching for the best furniture we could find that can help turn even the most run-down apartment into a fresh and lively living space. Some are a little pricey, but many are much less expensive than you might initially think.


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9 Best apartment furniture ideas

Why scroll any further when you can find the best apartment furniture right here? Below you'll find our favorite pieces. >

1. Giantex Floor Sofa PU Leather Leisure Bed Video Gaming Sofa

Even if you're not a gamer, it's still good for lounging. (If you are a gamer though, check out gamertelligence

2. Low Profile Loft Bed

Minimal, rustic, and ridiculously cool looking.

3. Record player table

Going for a mid-century modern look? This table is the perfect fit for your record player.

4. Furinno 99811DB-WG/BK Turn-N-Tube 5 Tier Corner Shelf

Corners are boring if there's nothing in them. Spice yours up with this corner shelf.

5. RoomDividersNow Premium Heavyweight Room Divider Curtain

Since you can't build walls in your studio apartment, some heavyweight curtains are a must.

6. Eileen Convertible Sofa

Is it a sofa that turns into a bed or a bed that turns into a sofa?...

7. Shackelford Space Saving 36 Pair Shoe Rack

Time to start collecting shoes.

8. Sauder 415050 Carson Forge Night Stand

This night stand can be purchased as part of a full bedroom set.

9. SpaceMaster SM-CMC-800 Freestanding Microwave Kitchen Cart

A pleasant piece to look at, complete with a drawer that's perfect for random junk, and a place to store your garbage can.

9 budget apartment furniture ideas

Why spend a fortune? Especially since you can get the same look from conveniently priced budget furniture? These pieces will feel right at home in your apartment - and they won't cost you an arm and a leg.

10. Custom Sofa Arm Tray

Make sure you measure your sofa arms twice (just to be sure) before buying this.

11. Wine Rack - Wooden Wine Storage

An interesting way to display your wine.

12. White Acrylic Wall Stand

Even a tiny wall stand has the potential to make a significant change in your apartment.

13. Wooden wall hooks

Hooks are always a necessity for interior decorating. You don't see wooden ones too often, do you?

14. Furinno 11192BK/GY Efficient Home Laptop Notebook Computer Desk

A budget desk is really all you need to hold your computer.

15. LANGRIA 18-Cube DIY Modular Cubby Shelving Storage Organizer

A VERY unique storage organizer that's sturdier than you might imagine and completely water resistant.

16. Kernorv Hanging Room Divider

If you're going for looks, these room dividers will POP.

17. InSassy Folding Storage Ottoman Bench Foot

A convenient piece of apartment furniture with a modern look.

18. Clothes Hanging Organizer

When you don't know what to wear, an organizer like this one can help you decide.

4 Unique apartment furniture ideas

When the first thing you want people to say when they walk into your apartment is, "Wow!", you'll need some unique apartment furniture to get the results you're looking for. Below are some of the most unique furniture pieces we could find.

19. Atlantic 4 Tier Rotating Cube Espresso

Get your media center organized with this rotating cube tower.

20. Intex Inflatable Empire Chair

This interesting chair is completely capable of spending time on your apartment balcony.

21. Keter 7.5-Gal Cool Bar Modern Smooth Style with Legs Outdoor Patio Pool Cooler Table, Grey

Chill your drinks while chilling on your balcony.

22. Ace Pet Crate

That giant plastic dog crate doesn't do your apartment any favors. Your best bud in the whole world needs some unique furniture of his own.

7 Traditional Apartment Furniture Ideas

No frills, no fancy stuff, just some good old, traditional furniture to fill your apartment.

23. Broadridge 5 Drawer Chest

Pure elegance in this 5-drawer dresser chest.

24. Briar Sleeper Sofa

A customizable sleeper sofa with plenty of colors and materials to choose from.

25. Best Choice Products Kitchen Counter Height Dining Table Set w/ 2 Stools

Small enough for the smallest kitchens. It looks good too!

26. Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat Black

A reasonably priced recliner that doesn't take up much room.

27. Vana Balcony 2 Piece Sectional Seating Group with Cushion

Sure, it says this is a balcony piece, but you can put it in your kitchen if you want.

28. 4-Drawer Storage Organizer Dresser

If you have a few stairs to climb, fabric furniture is a smart investment.

29. Bush Furniture Salinas Hall Tree with Storage Bench in Antique White

Most apartments don't have entryways, but I'm sure you'll find a place for this.

10 Minimalist Apartment Furniture Ideas

You live in an apartment and don't have much room to put things. It might be time to check out minimalism and try out some minimalist furniture for a clean, yet sophisticated look.

30. Mid Century Modern Shelves

Without much floor space, a minimalist approach is to put stuff on the walls. These shelves should do the trick.

31. minimalist industrial decor floor cushion

Polyester fabric is much more functional than solid wood.

32. Wall-Mounted Minimalist Square Framed Iron Floating Shelf Brackets

Again, wall furniture is where it's at when you're trying to keep it simple.

33. Minimalist white floating nightstand

Double-check with your landlord before you start putting a bunch of stuff on the walls... You might have to patch those holes and paint over them before you leave.

34. Murphy Dinette with Chalkboard "Minimalist Style" Compact Folding Dining Table

A wall chalkboard when you want it, a table when you need it.

35. Roxanna End Table

A handsome end table at a reasonable price? Yes please.

36. Lisa Solid Wood Leaning Desk

I personally wouldn't use this as a desk, but I'd definitely put stuff on it.

37. Scarlett 2 Piece Nesting Tables

This set pairs well with the Roxanna End Table above.

38. Philippos End Table

Minimal is all about functionality with less materials. This piece accomplishes that perfectly.

39. Ermont Storage Bench

You can put things inside, sit on it, or just look at it because it's such a neat piece of apartment furniture.

4 Apartment Bedroom Furniture Ideas

A bedroom without bedroom furniture isn't a bedroom... Well, unless it has a bed in it, then that counts I guess. Either way, here's our favorite pieces perfect for the room where all the magic happens.

apartment furniture - Portable Closet Wardrobe Closet




40. Portable Closet Wardrobe Closet

We posted this up above, but it's so awesome we had to post it twice!

41. Lignite 3 Drawer Nightstand

A sturdy night stand that comes in a spectrum of colors.

42. Hayworth Upholstered Platform Bed

Ditch the bed skirt and box spring... Get a platform bed.

43. Eleanore Full/Double Platform Bed

Going for the metal look? This one will do you good.

2 Apartment Living Room Furniture Ideas

You're bound to have company at some point in your newly furnished apartment... So be sure to get the right living room furniture to entertain your guests.

44. Legare Furniture 36-Inch Desk Hutch

Part of a VERY unique and interesting set of pieces, this desk is small, but it gets the job done.

45. Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable Bed

Blow it up, pull it out, and relax.

5Apartment Kitchen Furniture Ideas

For those who love to cook, your kitchen is where you'll want your favorite apartment furniture... This kitchen furniture will mesh well in your (probably) tiny kitchen area.

46. Kitchen Pots and Pans Hanging Wall Storage

You could make this if you go out and buy the right materials. It's probably cheaper to buy this though.

47. Macy Kitchen Cart with Granite Top

You may not have granite counter tops, but you can have a granite top kitchen cart!

48. Kitchen Island Storage Trolley Utility Cart Rack

When you want more kitchen storage, but don't need anything too fancy.

49. Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack with Food Safe Removable Wood Cutting Board

Another no-nonsense kitchen piece.

50. Homegear Kitchen Cocktail Bar Table

Don't have a bar, but want one? This'll work.

4 Apartment Dining Furniture Ideas

Here's a list of dining furniture for any size dining room. Most apartments combine the living room and dining room, so you might have more space than you think!

51. Chelsey 4 Piece Dining Set

Stools are great space-saving chairs and this table is small enough for almost any apartment.

52. Bryson 5 Piece Dining Set

A minimal design that highlights the center of your dining room.

53. Monroe 3 Piece Nook Dining Set

Have you always wanted a restaurant booth in your apartment? Now's your chance.

54. Giantex 5 Pcs Kitchen Dining Table Set

5 pieces, but not as invasive as you might think. The chairs slide into the table for space-saving storage.

11 Apartment Pallet Furniture Ideas

Whether you're looking for inspiration to make your own pallet furniture for your apartment, you'd rather buy because you're not so good at DIY, the pallet furniture below should tickle your fancy. Some of these pieces aren't made from pallets, but they have that pallet furniture feel to them, which is just as good.

55. Industrial Credenza Console with 3 File Drawers

An elegant piece of

56. Mission Twin Over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed with Trundle

Who needs to grow up? Get a bunk bed to relive the glory days of childhood.

57. stained and natural wood coat rack

A handmade coat rack with plenty of pop.

58. Pallet furniture table

This tiny table has a surprising amount of storage space on the inside.

59. Rustic little shelf

Just like the name says.

60. Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Pallet Home Furniture

Custom made with your very own choice of stain.

61. Rustic Wood Ottoman Table Serving Tray

Impress your guests and do adulting right with this rustic serving tray.

62. Rustic wall shelf

A highly stylized wall shelf that will proudly display all your favorite items.

63. Pallet Bar

Inside or outside, this made-to-order pallet bar will attract all your party guests like a magnet.

64. Rustic End Table

Individually handmade and distressed to get that perfect farmhouse/antique feel.

65. Entryway Wood Shelf

You can paint all this pallet furniture yourself, but this one comes pre-painted.

17 Modern Apartment Furniture Ideas

We've all seen the ads and magazines. The best way to style your apartment is with modern furniture. If you want that luxury, classy look, you've got to fill your space with the right pieces, all while keeping your limited square footage in mind. These modern apartment furniture pieces all hit the size and style dynamics you're looking for.

66. FURINNO Computer Desk

Modern and space conserving, so you can fit all your tech in one spot.

67. Sorbus Bathroom  Organizer

If you have tons of towels and only a tiny corner to store them in, get this.

68. X-Chef Kitchen Rail

Make your kitchen look professional, while also saving space.

69. FURINNO Simplistic End Table

Simple and sleek and also small.

70. HOUSE DAY Closet Space Saver Pack

Pack more into that tiny closet.

71. SIMPLE DESIGNS HOME Organizer Storage Shelf

A light, a shelf, and a modernist masterpiece.

72. DONYER POWER Mini Electric Fireplace Tabletop Portable Heater

Couldn't afford the apartment with the fireplace? Bring your own.

73. Encore Essentials Planter Holder

Add a little class and a little greenery to your apartment.

74. Caroeas Laundry Basket

Make trucking your laundry around so much easier.

75. OxGord Free-Standing Coat Rack Metal Stand

Provide a place for everyone's coat without losing much needed space.

76. WoodPETker Modern Cat Furniture

Even the cat can appreciate good taste.

77. NeaAntica Indoor plant shelf

Give your plants pride of place on these modern shelves.

78. Aingoo Work Workstation

You can work from home in comfort and style without taking up a whole room.

79. Simple Living Products Wood Corner Computer Desk

Put that empty corner to good use.

80. Sanipoe 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer

Even if you love makeup, you can still keep it in a tight, organized space.

81. GEHE Bamboo Wood Sofa Arm Tray Table

Keep that modern sofa in good condition with this.

82. MyGift Remote Control Organizer

Never lose a remote again.

How To Pick The Best Apartment Furniture

If you know absolutely nothing about interior decorating, this will help get you started. But do a little more research before you start buying mismatched apartment furniture.

1. Pick a Theme and Stick With It

Learn about the different types of furniture themes. Do you want minimalist? Modern? Chic? Post modern? Traditional? Wood? Rustic? Antique? Stainless steel? Figure out what you like and work within that theme.

2. Mind Your Budget

Don't buy a $2,000 piece of furniture if you only make $10/hour. Buy what you can afford.

3. Less is More

You don't have to put furniture everywhere. Start with a few items at first and build up from there.

4. Don't Forget to Measure

Door frames, rooms, corners, all of it. You don't want to buy a community couch for the hallway outside your door.

More Furniture Ideas

Still haven't found all the pieces you need to complete your apartment? Check out these other great articles!

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  3. Sometimes cheap bedroom furniture is the way to go... Ain't nothing wrong with that. Cheap doesn't always mean poorly made.

In Conclusion

We hope you've found at least one new piece of apartment furniture for your pad by reading this article. And if you're moving into your first apartment... Good luck on the next chapter of your life!