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65 Farmhouse Christmas Decor - Rustic items for everyone.


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by | March 12th, 2021

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No matter how tempting it may be to overlook the classic, rustic feel of farmhouse Christmas decor in favor of more modern holiday decorations, the traditional coziness provided by rustic Christmas decorations never fades. It's exactly this timeless quality of farmhouse décor that makes it an enduring holiday staple.

Especially during the holiday season, cultivating this atmosphere of warmth and rustic simplicity with your Christmas decorations will go a long way towards making your guests feel comfortable and at ease in your home, whether in the country or smack in the middle of downtown. So without further ado, please check out these awesome farmhouse Christmas décor ideas:


11 Best Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas

The best farmhouse style Christmas decorations are always a great value, with plenty of utility in multiple rooms of your home. Combine that with a refined but rustic aesthetic, and you have the items on this hand-selected list of the best farmhouse Christmas décor.

Here are the 12 best farmhouse Christmas décor ideas:

7. Flame Effect LED Lantern

When safety is your primary concern, but you don't want to miss out on the warm glow of candlelight, LED lanterns like this might be the perfect compromise.

10 Farmhouse Bedroom Christmas Décor Ideas

For every room in your house, having a consistent decoration scheme can lend an attractive and nuanced air to the space. So, if you're looking for the rustic chic look that farmhouse décor provides, don't forget to extend that style to your bedroom décor, as well!

Here are 10 farmhouse bedroom Christmas décor ideas:

13 Farmhouse Living Room Christmas Décor Ideas

The living room is where family and friends gather together to share quality time. Why not make your living room décor match with the rustic chic look that makes everyone feel at home?

Here are 13 farmhouse living room Christmas decor ideas:

8 Farmhouse Wall Christmas Décor Ideas

Spice up the blank spaces in your home with the ideal wall décor, and you can pull together the entire farmhouse theme in any room. Interior decorators generally agree that making the best of your wall space is a sure way to liven up your whole decorative scheme.

Here are 8 best farmhouse wall Christmas décor ideas:

11 Farmhouse Bathroom Christmas Decor Ideas

Why go to the trouble of decorating the rest of your house if you're not also going to spruce up your bathroom décor? These items have all been hand-selected to accent bathrooms of any shape and size with farmhouse style.

Here are 11 farmhouse bathroom Christmas decor ideas:

6 Outdoor Farmhouse Christmas Decorations

To really pull the entire theme together, it's just as important to decorate the outside of your home as the inside. Consider these bucolic Christmas decorations as you're looking for the perfect pieces to liven up your home!

Here are 6 outdoor farmhouse Christmas decorations:

57. 2 Foot Glittery Bristle Pine Tree

With energy-efficient LED bulbs, this pre-decorated Christmas Tree is wrapped in a burlap base for easy transportation.

6 Minimalist Farmhouse Christmas Décor Ideas

Harkening back to a simpler time, farmhouse décor has a lot in common with minimalist décor. You can explore these similarities with the following list of Christmas décor ideas!

Here are 6 minimalist farmhouse Christmas decor ideas:

How To Pick The Best Farmhouse Christmas Decor

When you're looking for the best farmhouse Christmas décor, keep these 3 principles in mind.

Here is how to pick the best farmhouse Christmas decor:

1. Plan for every room

You'll definitely want to make sure that the farmhouse theme extends through every area of your home. Unbroken theme is important for making a great impression.

2. Keep it simple

Farmhouse décor has an understated, rustic aesthetic. When in doubt, less is more! It's better to err on the side of simple than complex.

3. Focus on one pattern or material

What material catches your eye the most? Common farmhouse themes include plaid, burlap, and distressed wood – though you could also branch out into metal and live plants!

More Awesome Decorations and Furniture

Still looking for more amazing decorations after the holiday season is over?

Look no further than these hand-selected lists:

  1. How about something for his personal space? Man cave decor is just what you need.
  2. On a budget? This list of cheap furniture ideas might be perfect for you.
  3. If it's a refined aesthetic you're seeking, these minimalist furniture ideas should do you well.

In Conclusion

That covers it for this roundup of farmhouse Christmas decor. Hopefully you've found all the Christmas decorations you need to make your rustic farmhouse Christmas decor dreams come true!


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