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Vintage Halloween Decorations - Featured

71 Best Vintage Halloween Decorations This 2021


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by | | August 16th, 2021

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Looking for a new way to spice up your Halloween decor? Throwing a Halloween bash that you want to stand out? Vintage Halloween decorations are all the rage and will amaze anyone who takes a look at them. 

Halloween is claimed to have been celebrated for 2,000 years. That's 2,000 years of different traditions and decorations that can be used as vintage decor. 

A quick search can show you how Halloween decorations have changed through the decades and you'd probably be able to get a lot of different ideas to help you decide on which ones to use. However, we've made things much easier by listing some of the greatest vintage Halloween decorations that will make it feel like a Halloween from the past.


8 Best Vintage Halloween Decorations

If you're really trying to impress, then you need some of the best vintage Halloween decorations out there. Make the best of your Halloween decorations with the items listed here. Your decor will be the talk of the town, guaranteed!

Here are the 8 best vintage Halloween decorations:

1. Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

This adorably detailed pumpkin makes the perfect centerpiece for a vintage inspired table.

2. Ouija Board Tray

This Ouija Board serving tray is the ultimate vintage piece, with the Ouija Board having been around for well over a century!

3. Black Beeswax Candles

These black candles are spooky enough to bring back that 1800s Halloween era.

4. Bronze candleholder

A Gothic candle holder with an antique style would make anyone believe that it was made a century ago.

5. Witchy Cauldron Makeup Holder

Use this cauldron makeup brush holder as a bowl to fill with candy or leave it empty as a simple addition to your Halloween decor.

6. Haunted Street Lights

Old street lights with tree vines and bats – this decor just screams vintage Halloween.

7. Chat Noir Clock

You can't have a vintage Halloween without Roman numerals around a black cat.

8. Halloween Jack O Lantern

An actual lantern to steal the show from those amature Jack O Lantern carved pumpkins.

7 Cheap Vintage Halloween Decorations

Who says you have to spend big on vintage Halloween decorations? Get some great ideas at a great price with these cheap Halloween decorations.

Here are 7 cheap vintage Halloween decorations:

9. Crow In Cage

Crows have been known to give people the creeps since before time. Pair one up with this spooky cage and you've got a scene straight out of 1950s Hollywood horror.

10. Paper Haunted House

This paper centerpiece will take you back to the old Salem witch times.

11. Light Up Evil Pumpkin Halloween Props

Evil pumpkins are still just as popular as they were in the 19th century.

12. Fall Orange Pumpkpin Candy Dish

You've got to have a dish for candy. Best of all, this one lights up!

13. Witch Cauldron

These witch cauldron candy holders can be given out to kids or used as small scattered decorations.

14. Black Cat Silhouette Yard Signs

These black cat silhouettes will scare a ton of bypassers at night because of how spooky and real they appear.

15. Halloween Black Tree

This decoration is spooky, yet dazzling with its flashy purple lights.

6 Vintage Halloween Party Decorations

Set yourself apart from the rest with these vintage Halloween party decorations. Everyone will wish that they'd come up with such a brilliant Halloween party theme

Here are 6 vintage Halloween party decorations:

16. Light-up Demon Bat

A bat this scary deserves to be placed front and center amongst all your Halloween party decorations.

17. Pumpkin Halloween Centerpiece Decoration

Honeycomb paper decor is fun, cute and dates back decades ago.

18. Polyfoam Pick Axe

Are pickaxes even used for anything other than Halloween decor these days?

19. Life-Size Sound Activated Musical Dancing Haunted Witches Broom

A dancing witch broom that works on your command will be the highlight of your vintage Halloween party.

20. Skull Bottle Opener

The most appropriate bottle opener for a Halloween bash.

21. Skull Beer Funnel

And what better way to drink beer at a Halloween party than with this skull funnel?

7 Vintage Halloween Door Decorations

Do you want the outside of your room or apartment to be decorated for all to see? Door decorations are a simple, yet fun way to show off your vintage Halloween decorations. These decorations can be used on any door, window, or anywhere else you think would be a good fit to place them

Here are 7 vintage Halloween door decorations:

22. Halloween Welcome Sign Hanging Tag

The 'Halloween way' to welcome someone in.

23. Crashing Witch

This cashing witch is a hilarious way to let people know you're ready for Halloween.

24. Scary Bloody Handprint

Talk about a scene from an old slasher film… this might be a little too bloody for some.

25. Halloween Skeleton Wreath

The bones on this Skeleton Wreath look 'good as old'.

26. Large Wooden Dangling Black Cat and Skeleton

A dangling black cat and skeleton dressed up in vintage clothes; suspenders, bow tie and all!

27. Rubber Black Spider Web Outdoor Halloween Door Mat

There is no doormat more perfect for Halloween than this one.

28. Halloween Decoration Door

This door decor is friendly enough to make your home look like a cozy 1920s Halloween.

5 Outdoor Vintage Halloween Decorations

Not all decorations can be used outdoors. You need to look at decorations that can withstand any weather; rain, snow, or even hot temperatures. This list of outdoor Halloween decorations are made to be used outside and definitely fit in well with the outdoors. 

Here are 5 outdoor vintage Halloween decorations:


This grumpy tree looks like it's about ready to grab you right into the dark forest it came from.

30. Paper Pulp Halloween Buckets

You need to add this to your decorations because there's absolutely nothing like it.

31. Magnetic Mailbox Wrap

If you don't have a vintage mailbox, you need to get one just for this 'owloween' mailbox wrap.

32. Iron Halloween Figurine "Pumpkin Man"

This pumpkin man is dressed as a witch with the same stockings as The Wicked Witch of the West.

33. Eyeball Doorbell

Only the Addams Family would have something as strange as this.

6 Vintage Halloween Yard Decorations

Halloween yard decorations are always the spookiest because you have so many places to put them. Trees, gardens and gates are just some of several things that can be used to place your vintage Halloween decorations on. Think of all the endless creativity! 

Here are 6 vintage Halloween yard decorations:

34. Scary Ghost

A simple scary ghost that will literally light up your yard decorations.

35. Halloween Mesh Ghost Yard

If you want vintage Halloween, this cute little ghost is everything you need.

36. Halloween Lit Yard Decor

56 lighted accessories ranging from some of the most popular Halloween decorations.

37. Spooky Halloween Spider Webs Lights

This spider web light looks more like a disco lamp from the 1970s with its clashing colors.

38. Goblinelites Solar Halloween 125 String Lights

You can't have Halloween decor without purple and orange, and these lights give you the best display of both colors.

39. Metal Pumpkin

This versatile pumpkin can be displayed all throughout the fall.

4 Vintage Inflatable Halloween Decorations

Decorate big with inflatable Halloween decorations! Inflatable decorations are easy to set up and can last a long time. You may even be able to use them 20 years from now and boast about how old, or vintage, they are. 

Here are 4 vintage inflatable Halloween decorations:

40. Ghost Couple

Don't forget to include decorations for the Day of the Dead. This celebration goes way back.

41. Ghost Halloween

This terrifying inflatable ghost stands at almost 9 feet and makes a huge lighted display.

42. 7 Pumpkins, Cat, Witch Hats

Pumpkins, black cats and witch hats, these Halloween decorations have been used for decades.

43. Tombstones Pathway

At 7 feet long, this display of tombstones turns your home into a graveyard.

6 Vintage DIY Halloween Decorations

Create your own decor with these DIY Halloween decorations that are both fun and easy to make. And since you'll be the one making them, you'll be able to create whichever vintage inspired look you want. 

Here are 6 vintage DIY Halloween decorations:

44. Ready to paint Ceramic witch

Get ready to paint your very own witch with shades of black, white and gray to give it that vintage feel.

45. Door Hanger Kit

Wreaths are your typical vintage decor so create one of your own with this Door Hanger Kit.

46. Halloween Balloon Garland DIY Kit

Balloons are for all festivities and you get to create your own garland with these spooky Halloween balloons.

47. DIY Herbal Treatments and Halloween

These DIY bottles will give you the ultimate spooky vintage halloween with 'death poison' and 'brain juice' labels included.

48. Halloween Foam Decoration Kit

Paint your own decor with this 30 piece foam kit of all your favorite Halloween decorations.

49. Vampire Coffin Casting Storage Box Mold

Make your own coffins, bats and other molds with this 38 piece, easy to use, silicone modeling kit.

5 Vintage Halloween Bathroom Decorations

Yes, even your bathroom deserves to be decorated with vintage Halloween bathroom decorations. Decorate your bathroom mirror all the way to the shower curtain – you'll be shocked at the many decorations there are just for a bathroom! 

Here are 5 Vintage Halloween bathroom decorations:

50. Woven Pumpkin Basket

This woven basket is something you'd likely find in your grandma's bathroom – definitely vintage.

51. Primitive Halloween Jack Signs

Decorate your bathroom with these old looking spooky Halloween signs.

52. Frankenstein Bathroom door sign

It's not vintage Halloween without Frankenstein, and this decoration is especially made for your bathroom.

53. Pumpkin soap scrub

Smell like pumpkins after washing up with this pumpkin shaped soap bar.

54. Stained Glass Night Light

A nightlight in the shape of Halloween's favorite candy!

5 Vintage Halloween Room Decorations

Bedrooms, dorm rooms, hotel rooms; they can all be amazingly decorated just as any other area can. Although, depending on the size of the room, you may need to consider some more moderate room decorations

Here are 5 vintage Halloween room decorations:

55. Bats Halloween Decorations Wall Decal

Stick these bats anywhere along your walls or windows for a spooky, yet simple design.

56. Vintage-Style Halloween Spider Clock

Tell time through a 12 link spider web with a creepy message written along the bottom.

57. Spooky Hanging Candelabra

Candelabras are so outdated that they make the perfect addition to your vintage Halloween decorations.

58. Four Spell Books

Brews, potions, curses, and spells written on old style books for that old witch vibe.

59. Creepy Hands

These are terrifyingly perfect to stick out from underneath your bed.

6 Vintage Halloween Ceiling Decoration

Don't leave your ceiling out! Ceilings give you the best place to put all those exciting decorations on. Lighted stickers or frightening skeletons make some great ceiling decorations that will bring amusement to any decor. 

Here are 6 vintage Halloween ceiling decorations:

60. Bloody Garland Banner

This bloody banner can definitely be an inspiration for a Michael Meyers/Halloween scene.

61. Skull Shape Pendant Light

Incorporate some old voodoo into your decor with these little hanging Skulls.

62. Halloween Creepy Cloth

Go Gothic with this creepy cloth that can be hung along walls and ceilings.

63. White Spooky Spider Web

Fill your ceiling up with realistic looking spider webs to spook anyone.

64. Halloween LED Pumpkins String Lights

These hanging pumpkin lanterns will be the center of your Halloween ceiling decorations.

65. Bat Hanging Decor

These Gothic style bat silhouettes will make your ceiling look like a bat cave with bats flying around the room.

6 Vintage Halloween Kitchen Decorations

Turn your kitchen into an old witch's lair with these vintage Halloween kitchen decorations. What better way to get that vintage Halloween vibe? 

Here are 6 vintage Halloween kitchen decorations:

66. Crawling Halloween Spider Lace Lined Tablecloth

Specially crafted tablecloths for certain occasions were very popular in the early 20th century which makes this Tablecloth perfectly vintage.

67. Halloween Skull Shaped Toothpick Holder With Spider Web

This adorable toothpick holder and tray looks like something right out of the 1980s era.

68. Halloween Patchwork Table Runner

Get an old wooden table to place this on and you've got yourself a kitchen from the 19th century.

69. Ceramic Mummy and Monster Halloween Decor Snack Dish

These little snack dishes are so adorable and will be the talk of your decor.

70. Vintage Style Halloween Ceramic Mugs

Drinking from these mugs will be the highlight of all your vintage decor.


This chair's design just screams vintage and the details only make it better.

How to Pick the Best vintage Halloween Decorations

With all the Halloween decorations out there, it can be hard to determine which ones will give you that vintage theme. A lot of the same decorations we use today have been used for decades. So, how can you choose the best vintage Halloween decorations that set yours apart from the usual? 

Here's how to pick the best vintage Halloween decorations:

1. Do Your Research

Searching about the origins of Halloween can help you get a better idea of how it was celebrated so long ago. This can help you come up with some pretty unique Halloween decorations that most people probably haven't seen. 

Likewise, looking at old photos of Halloween parties or decorations set in the 20th century can let you see what kind of decor was popular in those time eras. 

2. Talk With Elders

Talking to your grandparents or other old folks about how they decorated during Halloween can give you an accurate description of what vintage Halloween decorations should look like. And if you're lucky, they may even have some old Halloween decorations that they are willing to pass down to you.

More Awesome Decoration tips

Need some help finding more amazing decorations for other occasions? You'll be just as pleased with these special lists of decorations down below. 

  1. The season of Fall comes with a lot of different celebrations and holidays. Why not just celebrate this splendid season all by itself with some Fall decorations?
  2. Think about the Christmas season. Don't be stuck with all those cliché Christmas decorations that everyone else uses.
  3. Thanksgiving is right around the corner from Halloween. Get into the spirit early with these Thanksgiving decorations.

In Conclusion

Having a theme to go along with your Halloween decorations is a great way to stand out and amaze people. With these vintage Halloween decorations, you'll be sure to impress anyone who sees them. 

While you're at it, use these decorations to host a vintage Halloween party – vintage costumes, and all! 


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