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Vintage Halloween Decorations - Featured

71 Best Vintage Halloween Decorations This 2021

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Looking for a new way to spice up your Halloween decor? Throwing a Halloween bash that you want to stand out? Vintage Halloween decorations are all the rage and will amaze anyone who takes a look at them. 

Halloween is claimed to have been celebrated for 2,000 years. That’s 2,000 years of different traditions and decorations that can be used as vintage decor. 

A quick search can show you how Halloween decorations have changed through the decades and you’d probably be able to get a lot of different ideas to help you decide on which ones to use. However, we’ve made things much easier by listing some of the greatest vintage Halloween decorations that will make it feel like a Halloween from the past.


8 Best Vintage Halloween Decorations

If you’re really trying to impress, then you need some of the best vintage Halloween decorations out there. Make the best of your Halloween decorations with the items listed here. Your decor will be the talk of the town, guaranteed!

Here are the 8 best vintage Halloween decorations:

7 Cheap Vintage Halloween Decorations

Who says you have to spend big on vintage Halloween decorations? Get some great ideas at a great price with these cheap Halloween decorations.

Here are 7 cheap vintage Halloween decorations:

6 Vintage Halloween Party Decorations

Set yourself apart from the rest with these vintage Halloween party decorations. Everyone will wish that they’d come up with such a brilliant Halloween party theme

Here are 6 vintage Halloween party decorations:

7 Vintage Halloween Door Decorations

Do you want the outside of your room or apartment to be decorated for all to see? Door decorations are a simple, yet fun way to show off your vintage Halloween decorations. These decorations can be used on any door, window, or anywhere else you think would be a good fit to place them

Here are 7 vintage Halloween door decorations:

5 Outdoor Vintage Halloween Decorations

Not all decorations can be used outdoors. You need to look at decorations that can withstand any weather; rain, snow, or even hot temperatures. This list of outdoor Halloween decorations are made to be used outside and definitely fit in well with the outdoors. 

Here are 5 outdoor vintage Halloween decorations:

6 Vintage Halloween Yard Decorations

Halloween yard decorations are always the spookiest because you have so many places to put them. Trees, gardens and gates are just some of several things that can be used to place your vintage Halloween decorations on. Think of all the endless creativity! 

Here are 6 vintage Halloween yard decorations:

4 Vintage Inflatable Halloween Decorations

Decorate big with inflatable Halloween decorations! Inflatable decorations are easy to set up and can last a long time. You may even be able to use them 20 years from now and boast about how old, or vintage, they are. 

Here are 4 vintage inflatable Halloween decorations:

6 Vintage DIY Halloween Decorations

Create your own decor with these DIY Halloween decorations that are both fun and easy to make. And since you’ll be the one making them, you’ll be able to create whichever vintage inspired look you want. 

Here are 6 vintage DIY Halloween decorations:

5 Vintage Halloween Bathroom Decorations

Yes, even your bathroom deserves to be decorated with vintage Halloween bathroom decorations. Decorate your bathroom mirror all the way to the shower curtain — you’ll be shocked at the many decorations there are just for a bathroom! 

Here are 5 Vintage Halloween bathroom decorations:

5 Vintage Halloween Room Decorations

Bedrooms, dorm rooms, hotel rooms; they can all be amazingly decorated just as any other area can. Although, depending on the size of the room, you may need to consider some more moderate room decorations

Here are 5 vintage Halloween room decorations:

6 Vintage Halloween Ceiling Decoration

Don’t leave your ceiling out! Ceilings give you the best place to put all those exciting decorations on. Lighted stickers or frightening skeletons make some great ceiling decorations that will bring amusement to any decor. 

Here are 6 vintage Halloween ceiling decorations:

6 Vintage Halloween Kitchen Decorations

Turn your kitchen into an old witch’s lair with these vintage Halloween kitchen decorations. What better way to get that vintage Halloween vibe? 

Here are 6 vintage Halloween kitchen decorations:

More Awesome Decoration tips

Need some help finding more amazing decorations for other occasions? You’ll be just as pleased with these special lists of decorations down below. 

  1. The season of Fall comes with a lot of different celebrations and holidays. Why not just celebrate this splendid season all by itself with some Fall decorations?
  2. Think about the Christmas season. Don’t be stuck with all those cliché Christmas decorations that everyone else uses.
  3. Thanksgiving is right around the corner from Halloween. Get into the spirit early with these Thanksgiving decorations.

How to Pick the Best vintage Halloween Decorations

With all the Halloween decorations out there, it can be hard to determine which ones will give you that vintage theme. A lot of the same decorations we use today have been used for decades. So, how can you choose the best vintage Halloween decorations that set yours apart from the usual? 

Here’s how to pick the best vintage Halloween decorations:

1. Do Your Research

Searching about the origins of Halloween can help you get a better idea of how it was celebrated so long ago. This can help you come up with some pretty unique Halloween decorations that most people probably haven’t seen. 

Likewise, looking at old photos of Halloween parties or decorations set in the 20th century can let you see what kind of decor was popular in those time eras. 

2. Talk With Elders

Talking to your grandparents or other old folks about how they decorated during Halloween can give you an accurate description of what vintage Halloween decorations should look like. And if you’re lucky, they may even have some old Halloween decorations that they are willing to pass down to you.

In Conclusion

Having a theme to go along with your Halloween decorations is a great way to stand out and amaze people. With these vintage Halloween decorations, you’ll be sure to impress anyone who sees them. 

While you’re at it, use these decorations to host a vintage Halloween party — vintage costumes, and all! 

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