Pause… you’ll need to put on a spooky playlist before you go over this compilation of the most Instagram-worthy cheap Halloween decorations this year. Yep, they’re that good!

The countdown to Halloween is on. But it’s never too early to start prepping your Halloween decorations. After all, it takes lots of work to strike the perfect balance between spooky and stylish with your home decorations.

Let’s not waste any more time… there’s candy to be bought, pumpkins to be carved, costumes to be bought, and tons of fun to be had.


8 Best Cheap Halloween Decorations

Does Halloween bring out the kid in you? Cough... cough... you’re not alone. Fall sets in, pumpkins appear on the shelves of your local grocery stores, and soon your front porch looks like a mad scientist’s lab. We love Halloween, and one thing we strongly believe in is that you don’t have to splash the cash to decorate.


1. Pumpkin String Lights

Step up your Halloween decor game with these gorgeous string lights.

2. Stretch Spider Webs

Frightening? Yes. Well decorated? Also yes. Trick-or-treaters will want some of their own.

3. Broken Body Parts

Some gory body parts to set the tone for this spine-chilling holiday.

4. 3D Changing Face Portrait

Spooky and understated. You'll be tempted to use this all year.

5. Raven Crow Prop

The haunted mansion is getting an extreme makeover this year.

6. Ghostly Trio Wreath

Sophisticated and still a little spooky. This wreath will add a splash of color to any room.

7. Holloween Potion Bottles

Go ahead... pick your poison, and read the declaimer while you're at it.

8. Crystal Ball

Add some pizzazz to spook season with this lovely crystal ball.

9 Cheap Vintage Halloween Decorations

We get it… there’s no Halloween without pumpkins. But there’s a lot more that comes with decorating for Halloween. Some of the decorations and costumes that have defined Halloween over the years may even surprise you. From the spooky 1800s to the Studio 54 heyday, to today. Check out our collection of vintage Halloween decorations and get inspired!

9. Plastic Chains

Your party will surely be more alive with these plastic chains on hand.

10. Eyeball String Lights

These eyeball string light scream ghoulish, but they're still chic.

11. Pumpkin Expression Stickers

Take your Halloween pumpkin game to the next level with these awesome vinyl decals.

12. Zombie Outbreak Metal Sign

What's Halloween without Zombies? Here's the Zombie you never knew you needed.

13. Primitive Witch

A great centerpiece for your Halloween tablescape.

14. Witch Spell Bottles

Hocus pocus! Ready to cast a spell this October? Here's what the 'witch-doctor' ordered.

15. Halloween Banner

The adorable finishing touch to your Halloween decor that you didn’t know you needed.

16. Wooden Painted Sign

This wooden sign will warm up your party on this spine-chilling holiday.

17. Printable Halloween Bunting

An understated solution to chic Halloween decor.

8 Cheap Halloween Door Decorations

There’s virtually no better way to celebrate Halloween than using door decorations that are equal parts spooky and elegant. This October, you should replace the fall wreath on your door with a Halloween-themed decor that’s unique and reusable. Our collection of Halloween door decorations will be a picture-perfect greeting for trick-or-treaters. No need for gory fake blood or messy spider webs.

18. Spider Inspired Wreath

Trick-or-treaters will be met by a menacing spider ready to pounce.

19. Monster Face

Your haunted mansion deserves a monster face at the entrance.

20. No One Leaves Doorway Curtain

Let trick-or-treaters know what's in store for them.

21. SpEYEder Doorbell

Your doorbell deserves an upgrade this Halloween. The kids will love it.

22. Dracula Bat Sign

This is one of the most adorable bat signs we've seen.

23. Hanging Spider Web

This hanging spider web is perfectly creepy, and perfect for Halloween.

24. Wood Door Sign

This well built, super cute door sign deserves a spot in your home this Halloween.

25. Happy Halloween Sign

This wooden sign will blend seamlessly with any decor.

9 Cheap Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween is the one holiday that really puts an emphasis on interior design. It’s the perfect time to splash on some ghoulish decorations and show off your handiwork. We have a versatile collection of cheap outdoor Halloween decorations that are easy on the pocket and look great.

26. PorchLight Cover

You can't have a Halloween party without this gorgeous porch light cover.

27. Realistic Skeleton Stakes

Scary never looked so good. Your yard will look like a haunted cemetery.

28. Black Creepy Cloth

Cobwebs are a staple for any spooky party. Get your hands on this gem.

29. Solar Torch Lights

The real flame effect looks amazing.

30. Not All Witches Live In Salem Sign

Some spooky humor. It's bound to tickle your guests.

31. Halloween Wine Bottles

This is a perfect gift for Halloween.

32. Lawn Bag Spider

A creepy-crawly that's versatile enough to fit in any home.

33. Hanging Ghost Windsock

You can never have too many ghosts on Halloween.

34. Skeleton Duo Carrying Coffin

You're in for the spook of your life

8 Cheap Halloween Yard Decorations

Between having trick-or-treaters and neighbors coming over for a Halloween treat at your boo-bash, you’ll be getting a lot of foot traffic this Halloween. We’ve rounded up some beautiful Halloween yard decorations to help spruce up your façade.

35. Spooky Zombie Girl

Because inflatable pumpkins as so two thousand-and-late.

36. Beware Sign Stakes

Your home will take spook to a whole new level.

37. Realistic Zombie Face and Arms Stakes

"Spooky" is more stylish when it's subtle.

38. Ghostly Group

This levitating Halloween décor is simply captivating.

39. Foam Tombstones With Metal Stakes

Give trick-or-treaters a scary treat.

40. Lighted Ghost Pathway Markers

Boo. Are you scared yet?

41. Metal Cat

Ok, that's just creepy.

42. Animated Reaper In Chains

For those who want to go gory this holiday

7 Cheap inflatable Halloween Decorations

Inflatable outdoor decorations have become more attractive with the years because of advancements in technology. Today, inflatables are weather-resistant, energy-efficient, and efficient at scaring the daylights out of kids. And best of all, they’re easy to install. Put a little fright into trick-or-treaters with these inflatable Halloween decorations.

43. Ghosts With Banner

Ghosts are an indispensable part of any Halloween.

44. Zombie Drink Cooler

This spooky inflatable cooler will chill your drinks scarily fast.

45. Halloween Dog

Bring some cheer and warmth to the holidays.

46. Witch in Pot

The witching hour just got a new member.

47. Pumpkin Patch Family

Pumpkins are a Halloween staple.

48. Archway with Ghosts and Spider

This self-inflating Halloween archway lights up for better nighttime viewing.

49. Coffin With Rising Dracula

This will be fun.

6 Cheap DIY Halloween Decorations

If you’re a die-hard fan of the spooky day, there’s no shortage of ways to get into the holiday spirit. And they don’t have to cost much. Making DIY Halloween decorations is a great way to kick off the spooks. You can make creepy crystal balls, pumpkin topiaries, and scary decor for the front door.

50. Witch's Brew Digital Art

The perfect Halloween gift for the coffee-lover.

51. Halloween Poster

Goes with your Halloween decor.

52. Halloween Countdown Calendar Pattern

A calendar with a twist.

53. Halloween Cards

The kids will remember this.

54. LED Wine Bottles

Get the party started.

55. Decorative Bats

Count Dracula would be envious.

7 Cheap Halloween Bathroom Decorations

The cost of decorating for Halloween can creep up on us in all its kitschy and wicked glory. Sometimes, you may be tempted to skip out on the bathroom to keep the costs down. But getting your fair share of scare need not cost an arm and a leg. We’ve rounded up some bathroom decorations that are scarily pocket friendly.

56. Two Ghost Decal

Creepy ghosts to warn trick-or-treaters to beware.

57. Severed Cut Hands

These 'spooktacular' severed cut hands will make a major statement as a centerpiece.

58. Rubber Spider Web Door Mat

This creature can keep an eye on who comes and goes.

59. Beware of Hitch Hiking Ghosts Blocks

A clever way to usher guests into your bathroom.

60. VALAK Digital Painting

Trick-or-treaters will love the Conjuring 2 Demon nun.

61. Scented Candles

You'll love them.

62. Bag of Bones

Create a creepy atmosphere in your bathroom with this bag of bones.

12 Cheap Halloween Room Decorations

Isn’t it scary how you can easily spend money when preparing for Halloween? You need to buy costumes, buy ingredients for the Halloween snacks, and finally turn your home into a haunted mansion. A huge chunk of your budget will go into room decorations. As always, we've got deets on how to get most bang for your buck.

63. Scary Reaching Hands


64. Felt Ball Garland

Not every Halloween decoration has to be spooky!

65. Bloody Footprints Stickers

These bloody prints look so real they'll scare aware anyone who sets foot in your home this October.

66. Cocoon Corpse

The creepiness factor is on steroids.

67. Halloween Advent Calendar

A ghost a day keeps the spooks away.

68. Forgotten Doll With Sounds

Great for a last-minute decor piece.

69. Dead Body Props

Admit it: This one creeps you out.

70. Halloween Pillow Covers

Bring some cheer to your haunted mansion with these lookers.

71. Creepy Ghoul Metal Sign

This is bound to get a few trick-or-treaters shaking in their boots.

72. Wooden Coffin With Lid

This is what Halloween is made of.

73. Plastic Scary Insects

You'll have fun pranking your guests with these.

74. Eye Sculpture

Creepy and classy in one package.

8 Cheap Halloween Ceiling Decoration

Halloween is a great time to let your imagination run wild when it comes to decorating your home. The thing is, Halloween ceiling decorations don’t have to look too messy or super scary. Today, we’ve rounded up some excellent decorations for your ceiling. You’ll love them.

75. Zombie Hanging Swirls

Hauntingly easy decoration.

76. Hanging Severed Head

Spook your guests with this grotesque severed head.

77. Light-up Chandelier

Something to light up your haunted mansion.

78. Paper Garland

Think beyond traditional Halloween decor.

79. Hanging Witch

This hanging witch adds a touch of eeriness to your ceiling.

80. Hanging Pumpkin

Spook and delight in one package.

81. Hanging Pumpkin and Ghosts

Let this ghostly gang hang from your ceiling. They're kind of cute.

82. Hanging Giant Spider

What's Halloween without a giant spider?

13 Cheap Halloween Kitchen Decorations

Got a bug for ghoulish decor for your kitchen? Halloween is the perfect time to show off your creepy side. While you may have outgrown trick-or-treating, there’s plenty of you can do to keep things edgy this Halloween. And there’s no better place for it all to come together than in the kitchen. Yep, you can turn your cozy kitchen into a creepy haven with our collection of kitchen decorations.

83. Ouija Board Towel

A good excuse to own an ouija board.

84. Head in Laboratory Jar

Make a subtle — but solemn — statement with this hideous head.

85. Halloween Character Blocks

Perfect if you're looking for some not-so-scary options.

86. Spooky Eyeball

Funny, frightful, or a mix of the two.

87. Gory Popcorn

Just what you need for a Halloween movie night.

88. Round Spider Web Tablecloth

Give your table the Halloween treatment.

89. Halloween Bowl Filler

Spooky... but adorable!

90. Table Top Tree With Bats

Up the spook factor of your kitchen with this spooky tree.

91. Corpse Sits Upright

Turn your kitchen from every day to Halloween-ready.

92. Halloween Beaded Garland

Need a fast and fun garland?

93. Witch's Brew Spoons

See how many people dare try what's inside.

94. Sugar Skull Measuring Spoons

Adding these cute measuring spoons to your kitchen table will make it perfectly festive.

95. Bat Ceramic Candle Holder

These cuties are sure to brighten up your kitchen.

11 Cheap Halloween Party Decorations

This time of the year is usually tons of fun. The weather is chilling up as the buzz of the spookiest holiday reaches a fever pitch. If you’ll be inviting friends and family for a Halloween party, you want to do one thing - terrify them!

We have some Halloween party decorations to help you do this and more.

96. Pumpkin Flameless Candles

Cute and bright enough for Halloween night!

97. Blood Weapon Garland

Great bang for your buck.

98. Halloween Party Decoration Set

A bloody mess. Your guests will love it.

99. 100 Halloween Stickers

Something for the kids. It will be a while before they're done with these.

100. Bloody Hand Prints Curtain

Bloody as bloody comes. These print curtains are bound to startle your guests.

101. Animated Skeleton Ghost

Your guests will do a double-take when they catch a glimpse of this.

102. 3D Bats Stickers

For when you want to go batty for your Halloween party.

103. Big Head Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington would be proud.

104. Friends Halloween PNG

If you're a fan of Friends, you must have this timeless wall hanging.

105. Drink Up Witches Banner

Go a little less scary with this hanging banner.

106. Witch Broom

Every witch needs a broom, and this is perfect for your witch costume.

How to Pick the Best Cheap Halloween Decorations

If you’re a true vintage lover, you’ll naturally go for vintage Halloween decorations. There’s a certain magic to getting spooky holiday setups from the 1800s. But decorating with vintage is not a walk in the park. Here are some tips for vintage decorating inspired by centuries of ideas.

1. Pick Items That Are Easy to Clean

When vintage décor gets dusty, as any kind of décor would, it just doesn’t look old and dusty. It comes off as old and dirty. Well... at least your spooked-out guests will think so. Make sure to pick decorations that are easy to keep clean. You’ll want your house looking it’s best when the ghouls and warlocks come knocking.

2. Check Out Dollar Stores for Décor

Vintage items usually cost more. But you don’t have to pony up the big bucks to get the look you want. You can find the perfect hair-raising items at your local dollar store for cheap. You can get that vintage look with a truly terrifying impact on a tiny budget.

3. Make Your Own Costume

You don’t have to buy a costume. Pull out your sewing machine and DIY a truly terrifying vintage costume. And here’s the best part – you’re only limited by your imagination.

4. Check Out Auctions and Online Classifieds

You can find a lot of great stuff on auction sites and classified such as eBay, Craigslist, and classified ads in your local newspaper. Get your hands on some timeless, used costumes and vintage décor items at a reasonable price.

More Awesome Decoration tips

Getting ready to spook out your home for Halloween? All the best. We have more holiday decoration tips for you. We promise you’ll love them.

  1. Embrace the things you love about autumn and deck out your home for the season without an amazing collection of Fall decorations.
  2. After a tough year, you want to make Christmas a magical moment. Out whimsical Christmas decorations will help you do just that. It has everything from pared-down neutrals to full-fledged glitz.
  3. Whether you want something with pumpkins, turkeys, or foliage, our Thanksgiving decorations collection has something for everyone.

In Conclusion

Greet your guests with spooky gorgeousness this year with our tasteful collection of cheap Halloween decorations. They’ll make you wish it was already October.