Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year and many of us enjoy spending time decorating our houses with indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations. The best Halloween decorations are ones that are spooky and frightening but that all the family can enjoy.

There are so many different types of spooky decor, so how do you know which are the best Halloween door decorations and which are the best garden decorations? By taking inspiration from the scary decorations below, you can choose the most fantastic props to decorate your house this October.


13 Best outdoor Halloween decorations

Why look through all of the outdoor Halloween decorations when you're looking for the best? Whether you hope to terrify guests in your backyard or just add a little spookiness to your street, these decorations are top of the list for offering a scary experience.


1. Headless Horseman Halloween Silhouettes

Spooky silhouettes are perfect for the front yard.

2. Mexican Talavera Skulls

These super fun skulls add a new dimension to Halloween decor.

3. Treats Halloween Candle Bags

If you like trick or treaters, you'll love these candle bags.

4. Trick or Treat Banner

Perfect to encourage kids to stop by your house.

5. Mirage Halloween Doormat

This freaky doormat makes it look like someone is escaping from a basement.

6. Halloween Decor with Lightup Eyeball

A great doorbell to make people jump when they reach your home.

7. 2 Witches Black Cauldron Silhouette Yard Signs with Stakes

When lit from behind, these witch silhouettes look super spooky.

8. Halloween Pumpkin Lamp

This lamp is very cheerful, for times when you want decorations which aren't very frightening.

9. Broom Parking Sign

An amusing sign to go near the front door.

10. Gas Can Jack o Lanterns

An unusual lantern like this looks amazing when lit by a candle or battery-operated light.

11. Halloween Witch Wreath

This fun and beautiful witch decoration will be loved by kids and trick or treaters.

12. Halloween Sign "Haunted House"

Who isn't scared of going to a haunted house? You can get friends and family in the mood to be frightened with this sign.

13. Pumpkin Foam Halloween Props

These happy pumpkins are just what's needed to welcome kids into your yard.

11 Cheap Outdoor Halloween decorations

Awesome Halloween decorations don't need to cost the earth, in fact, cheap Halloween decorations can be just as effective. Instead of spending a fortune on Halloween decorations, take your pick from the fantastic selection below.

14. Metal OWL LED Decorative Garden Lights

This fun owl is a nice decoration for both Halloween and fall.

15. Giant Bloody Handprint Decorations

This super scary handprint decoration can be used on doors or windows to make the house look terrifying.

16. Wicked Witch Legs

Fans of the Wizard of Oz will enjoy these wicked witch legs which can be placed next to the house, garage or shed.

17. Ghost Hanging Decorations

If you're looking for a really big decoration, this could certainly fit the bill.

18. Ghost Walkway Sign

These cute walkway signs are lovely accents for a path and are more sweet than frightening.

19. Spider Webs Mail Box Cover

Want to add some decoration to your mailbox? These magnetic covers make it look as though it belongs to a haunted house.

20. Spooky Raven on Grave Metal Yard

Everyone walking by will be scared by this raven and tombstone yard art.

21. Light-Up Jack O Lanterns

These lanterns are something a little bit different - you might not have seen outdoor lanterns like these before.

22. Tree Wrap Ghost

If you have trees in your yard, you'll want to decorate those too. This ghoul is the perfect tree accessory for Halloween.

23. Beware Zombie Animal Halloween Sign

Households with dogs will find this sign funny as it implies the dog has become a terrifying zombie.

24. Cocoon Corpse

If you're having a Halloween party, your friends will be very scared when they see this hanging cocoon corpse.

9 Outdoor vintage outdoor Halloween decorations

Vintage Halloween decorations are great because they can often look more spooky compared to modern Halloween decorations. These outdoor decorations are perfect for creating a scary scene in the front or back yard.

25. Metal Jack O Lantern Bucket

This vintage-style Halloween decoration looks like it has been outside for decades which makes it super creepy.

26. Gravestone Yard Stake

Have you ever seen anything more creepy than this rusty old gravestone for your front yard?

27. Flameless Candles

These candles can be used in so many different ways, from creating a spooky candle collection on the porch to lighting pumpkins in the yard.

28. Plaque Board for Haunted House - Witch is in

This sign is great for the front door and creates the atmosphere of a witch's haunted house.

29. Life Size Groundbreaker Skeleton Stakes

If you want to make it look like your yard is a graveyard, you'll need realistic looking skeletons. These skeleton stakes let you arrange the bones as though they have recently been uncovered.

30. Fabric Banner

A fabric banner is a very classic decoration and great for parties.

31. Solar Night Lights Owl Shape

This fantastic light up owl is a great Halloween decoration because it draws the eye after dark and helps to add more light to the yard.

32. Mossy Bat Tombstone

Creating a spooky scene means collecting props which look super old, such as this tombstone. Stick a few of these in the ground and your front yard will soon look like a scary graveyard.

33. lack Feathered Crows

Crows can help to create a vintage-looking scene by adding a super spooky element to your decorations.

10 Outdoor Halloween party decorations

If you're thinking of throwing a Halloween party, you'll want to make sure that you have some brilliant decorations to set the mood. These Halloween party decorations will help you create a freaky atmosphere for your guests.

34. Beware Signs Yard Stakes

These awesome yard stakes look super realistic and are perfect for setting the scene when your guests arrive.

35. Maple Leaf & Pumpkin String Light

These string lights are very autumnal and help to create a gentle glow which looks fantastic outside.

36. Star Wars Yoda Candy Bowl Holder

Fill this bowl up with candy so that your party guests will be able to grab some snacks easily.

37. Pumpkin and Ghost Expression Balloons

Scary and silly pumpkins and ghosts come to life with the help of these balloons which can be filled with air or helium.

38. Paper Lanterns with LED Light

These super cute lanterns look fabulous while providing a little light.

39. Black Creepy Cloth

You can use this cloth to make your yard look super creepy - use it as a backdrop or hang it from a tree to add a creepy dimension to your Halloween decor.

40. Fake Body Part

Body parts are always super creepy to look at, especially when they are strewn around the back yard.

41. Bloody Garland Banner

These knives look very realistic from a short distance so they're just the thing to scare party guests and passers-by.

42. Halloween Balloons Arch Garland

Balloon garlands bring a party to life, none more so than this Halloween-themed garland which would look awesome in the front or back yard.

43. Halloween Hanging Ghosts

Hang these from the house or a tree for easy and cute seasonal decor.

5 Outdoor Halloween yard decorations

Getting your friends, family or kids in the mood for Halloween can be as easy as picking some great Halloween yard decorations. Putting decorations outside in the front or back yard can really help to increase excitement levels in the run up to Halloween evening.

44. Three Stacked Pumpkins Garden Stake

A rustic garden stake is spooky because of the design and also the rust which makes it look old.

45. Primitive Wood Ghost with bat and pumpkin on metal stake

These are interesting and unusual designs for ghosts which would look creepy in the yard at night.

46. Halloween Eyeball Plant Markers

You won't have seen anything like this before - buy a collection of these eyeball markers and put them in plant pots to scare friends and family.

47. Pumpkin Garden Stake Lights

Lights make fantastic garden decorations and these pumpkin stake lights are no exception - use them to light a path or walkway.

48. Track-or-Treat Corrugate Yard Stake Signs

Get a load of decorations together with these yard stakes for the best effect.

6 Outdoor inflatable Halloween decorations

Inflatable Halloween decorations are both modern and interesting compared to more traditional decorations. If you're looking for something a bit different, these inflatable decorations could be just the thing.

49. Stone Gargoyle on Pedestal

You'll definitely frighten people on the street when they see this huge gargoyle.

50. Skeleton Skull

An unusual inflatable Halloween decoration and one which will certainly garner a lot of attention.

51. Scary Clown Archway

Many people are scared of clowns which is what makes this inflatable so effective.

52. Creepy Crawly Spider

A huge spider is frightening at any time of the year but particularly when spotted in someone's yard at Halloween.

53. 12 Foot Ghost

A massive ghost certainly can't be avoided and this angry spectre is just waiting for a stranger to come near.

6 DIY outdoor Halloween decorations

Making your own Halloween decorations using kits can be super rewarding, especially if you're completing the decorations with kids. The amazing DIY Halloween decorations will help to brighten up your outside spaces while giving you a super fun activity to enjoy.

54. Halloween Balloon Garland Kit

Make your own awesome eye garland using this kit.

55. DIY string art kit for Halloween

It won't take long to make a cool decorative string pumpkin.

56. Ready to Paint Tall Pumpkin

If you'd like a permanent pumpkin, you could paint a ceramic one.

57. Halloween Coffin PLANS

Are you good at woodwork? Using these plans you can create your own Halloween coffin.

58. Jack-o-lantern face decals

If you're doing Halloween crafts with kids then these pumpkin face stickers are super useful because no carving is needed.

59. Halloween Pumpkin Carving Tools

Without the correct tools, your carved pumpkins certainly won't look as awesome as you were expecting.

How to Pick the Best Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Choosing between outdoor Halloween decorations can seem hard but it doesn't need to take long at all. Follow the quick and easy tips below to select the best decorations for your outdoor space.

Here is how to pick the best outdoor Halloween decorations:

1. Think About Your Budget

Knowing how much you are able to spend on Halloween decorations means that you can find something which fits within your budget and is perfect for the space. If you don't know how much you want to spend, you might go for decorations which are a little more extravagant than you wanted.

2. Consider the Climate

In some areas, the evenings are warm at Halloween and good weather means that decorations can be left outside indefinitely. However, other areas can be very cold, wet or stormy at the end of October, meaning delicate or fragile decorations aren't a good choice. Thinking about the weather can mean that you get more value from your Halloween decorations.

3. Think of the Outdoor Location

One of the most important things you need to think about is where the decorations will go in your front or back yard. In particular, will they be close to a power source or will you need to purchase decorations that don't need to be plugged in? Similarly, the location will determine how big or small your decorations can be.

More Awesome Decoration ideas

When decorating your home, it's always great to have loads of inspiration on hand for decor and styling. Take a look at the ideas below to help you decide on the best decorations for your space.

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In Conclusion

Halloween is a time to have fun, get creative and make your space look spooky. These fantastic outdoor Halloween decorations are just what you need to welcome family, friends and trick or treaters.