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97 Best Bohemian Furniture – Add character to your home!

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Bohemian furniture is the style of choice for artists, travelers, and free-spirits of all varieties.

Boho furniture is all about unconventional styles and unique designs with a focus on comfort and usability that is more than most modern styles. So if you want your home to reflect your hippie vibes, bohemian furniture is the way to go, and we’ve got the ultimate list to help you get started.


6 Best Bohemian Furniture Ideas

Bohemian style originated in the homes of artists, writers, musicians, and journalists who rejected conventional style and excess – sometimes by choice and sometimes by necessity.

The best bohemian furniture captures the spirit of these eclectics and helps you create a space where like minded people seek comfort, creativity, and community.

Here are the 6 best bohemian furniture ideas:

8 Bohemian Bedroom Furniture Ideas

These bohemian bedroom furniture ideas can help you furnish your most intimate room with the comfort you need and a personality that’s all yours.

As you scroll through, look for items that would help you make your room a place that’s suited exactly for you, a place that will help you recharge and refocus at the end of each day.

Here are 8 bohemian bedroom furniture ideas:

7 Bohemian Living Room Furniture Ideas

Living room furniture is all about providing a place where people can come together in comfort. With a bohemian twist, your living room can be the place where everyone can feel at home, and where great conversations seem to last for hours.

Here are 7 bohemian living room furniture ideas:

6 Bohemian Family Room Furniture Ideas

Your family room furniture should reflect the unique personality and style of each member of your family. These bohemian style pieces reflect creativity and openness, and are the perfect place for new ideas to take shape.

Here are 6 bohemian family room furniture ideas:

4 Bohemian Apartment Furniture Ideas

The bohemian style originated in the apartment furniture of artists and gypsies, and boho is still the perfect approach for apartments today. Bohemian apartment furniture offers minimum foot print for maximum comfort and packs a lot of style into a small space.

Here are 4 bohemian apartment furniture ideas:

4 Bohemian Kitchen Furniture Ideas

Creativity is always welcome in the kitchen, and the unique designs of these bohemian kitchen furniture ideas could be the perfect setting for your next homemade masterpiece.

Keep the size of your kitchen and your cooking needs in mind as you browse through these pieces.

Here are 4 bohemian kitchen furniture ideas:

6 Bohemian Dining Room Furniture Ideas

If dinner as a family has slowly been replaced by grab and go or dinner and a screen, a change in dining room furniture might be just the thing to get everyone together again.

These bohemian dining room pieces are simple and functional, yet comfortable and attractive. All that’s missing is the meal.

Here are 6 bohemian dining room furniture ideas:

9 Bohemian Budget Furniture Ideas

Style doesn’t have to be expensive, and this bohemian budget furniture proves it. Make your space your own, without having to sell all your stuff in the process.

Here are 9 bohemian budget furniture ideas:

14 cheap bohemian furniture ideas

Bohemian used to be synonymous with affordable. After all, bohemians aren’t famous for their deep pockets. But while bohemian design furniture design remains as popular as ever, it now commands a hefty price tag. Luckily, we’ve found a few bargains out there. These cheap furniture options give you bohemian style at a price bohemians can afford.

Here are 14 cheap bohemian furniture ideas:

4 Minimalist Bohemian Furniture Ideas

Minimalist furniture with bohemian inspiration is the best way to make the most of small spaces. With a focus on function and an eye for form, these pieces are perfect for those who like to keep it simple.

Here are 4 minimalist bohemian furniture ideas:

6 Bohemian Pallet Furniture Ideas

What’s more bohemian than something reclaimed and re-purposed? These pallet furniture ideas capture the boho style and bring a sense of longevity and stability to your home.

Here are 6 bohemian pallet furniture ideas:

4 Unique Bohemian Furniture Ideas

We looked all over the internet for cool bohemian styles, and this is the most unique furniture we could find. Make your space somewhere truly one of a kind by including some of these unique pieces.

Here are 4 unique bohemian furniture ideas:

19 Modern Bohemian Furniture Ideas

For some, the term bohemian suggests something old and worn down. But bohemian furniture isn’t just found in a thrift shop. You can find modern furniture with that bohemian air you’re looking for. This furniture manages to combine modernist style and your free spirit.

Here are 19 modern bohemian furniture ideas:

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How to Pick the Best Bohemian Furniture

By now you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with all your options. Sorry about that. But maybe I can make it up to you, by helping you figure out how to pick the best bohemian furniture for your needs.

Here is how to pick the best bohemian furniture:

1. Don’t Overdo It

Bohemian style is meant to be comfortable, functional, and stylish, but if your space becomes crowded with pieces that don’t really fit, the comfort will be lost and the space will feel too busy to relax.

So don’t overdo it. Make sure everything will have a place and purpose before you check out.

2. Have a Plan

Any time you’re refurbishing your home, it’s best to go in with a plan.

Look at furnished rooms online for inspiration, and start thinking outside the box about how you’d really like to use your space. You might even be able to blend your current aesthetic with bohemian style, and include pieces you already own.

3. Get Some Input

If you want your space to have a comfortable vibe that fosters creativity, it needs to be a place that works for everyone who lives there.

So get everyone involved in choosing pieces, and make sure your home reflects your whole family. It’s a great way to bring people out of their rooms and back into places you’ll share.

In Conclusion

Using these ideas for bohemian furniture you’re ready to transform your space into a hippie’s dream home. This post is full of furniture ideas that foster your creativity and invite you to lounge with guests and family in a comfortable, laid back setting.

So get your vision board ready, and see how bohemian furniture could transform your home.

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