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58 Outdoor Christmas Decorations – This is the list for you.

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The best outdoor Christmas decorations proves you have the most Christmas cheer on the block this Christmas season . The only problem? The Christmas outdoor decorations you’ve currently got are subpar and putting your decent indoor Christmas decorations outdoor is just a non-starter.

What’s an outdoor Christmas decor fanatic to do?

The answer is, shop around for the best outdoor Christmas decorations ideas and put up some large outdoor decorations in time to light up the whole neighborhood for Santa’s arrival.

Whether you need a whole decorations overhaul or just need a few new items to get the look right, we’ve got all the Christmas decorations you could need to beat out the Griswald family household this year.


14 Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations

When you’re looking to impress not just your family but the whole world with your outdoor Christmas decorations, this is no time for skimping and taking shortcuts. You need the bring out the heavy artillery and get the best Christmas decorations on the market.

Here are the 14 best outdoor Christmas decorations:

14 Christmas Outdoor Wall Decorations

Some outdoor Christmas decorations novices think they are limited to putting some lights up, a wreath on the door, and maybe a snowman in the yard. Not you, you know they’ve left out all those outdoor walls that could be lined with decorations like these awesome wall decor options.

Here are 14 Christmas outdoor wall decorations:

16 Outdoor Farmhouse Christmas Decorations

Something about Christmas makes us all wish we were packing into a one-horse open sleigh and heading out to an old farmhouse…even if we’ve never been to a farmhouse before. That’s why farmhouse Christmas decor is so popular. It really puts us in that mind space, even if we’re really in the center of a city.

To indulge in that Christmas in the country fantasy, get some of these charming outdoor Christmas decor straight from the farm.

Here are 16 outdoor farmhouse Christmas decorations:

14 Minimalist Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Not everyone’s idea of great decorations involves blinding all passers by with absurd amounts of wattage. Sometimes, a more restrained look is better. For those who think less is more, these minimalist decor possibilities give all the same Christmas cheer without going over the top.

Here are 14 minimalist outdoor Christmas decorations:

How To Pick The Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations

At this point, you’re almost overloaded with Christmas cheer and suggestions for Christmas decorations. What’s a Christmas lover to do? To make sure you don’t blow the mortgage on Christmas decor this year, we’ve put together a few rules to help you choose the right outdoor Christmas decorations for you.

Here is how to pick the best outdoor Christmas decorations:

1. Think of What You Need

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the glittery Christmas cheer available, focus your mind around what you actually need to improve your decorations.

Do you have plenty of lights? Then forget those options and get the wreaths, garlands, and signs that would enhance your display. Got plenty of cute signs and displays but not enough light? You know what to search for…

2. Focus on the Overall Look

As you pick out items, think about how they will look with the outdoor pieces you already have. If you have a bunch of crystal clear white lights, those warm yellow lights might clash with the look. If you’ve gone all rustic farmhouse, new minimalist items might make the whole display seem off.

This is often the biggest mistake rookie Christmas decorators make. They just get all the decorations they like, but the overall design is a jumble. The best displays are those that have a clear, coordinated look.

3. Think of What You’re Communicating

This is the next logical step after Step 2. If you want a single look, you also want to communicate a single message. Are you trying to make everyone feel they’re back home on the farm for Christmas? Or do you want to make them feel dazzled by interesting shapes and angles in a postmodern Christmas?

You can make either one of those styles a success, but you can’t make both. To get this right, it takes a little introspection. What … and do you want to share with others through your display?

Answer that, and you know exactly what kind you should buy.

4. Avoid Becoming a Griswald House

There’s nothing wrong with going all out with your decorations, but there is a limit to how much you can do…somewhere. If you’ve seen Christmas Vacation, you know what a house with too many Christmas lights looks like. It’s an eyesore and absolutely overwhelming.

Don’t make people wear sunglasses to view your Christmas display. Choose items wisely, and they’ll radiate plenty of cheer without all the excess.

More Awesome Decorations and Furniture

Decorations come more than once a year. After Christmas passes and the lights have come down, we’ve got all the articles you need to decorate the rest of the house:

  1. Tailor your man cave decor for comfort and style with these items.
  2. When you’re on a budget, this cheap furniture can make your household look classy, no matter how much you have to spend.
  3. Whether moving or redecorating, when you need new furniture, this is the place to start looking.

In Conclusion

For many of us, putting up outdoor Christmas decorations is one of the most fun part of Christmas. There’s nothing like putting up the outdoor Christmas decor to make you feel festive.

However, if you’ve been feeling nervous about the holiday decorating season, now you can relax. With the Christmas outdoor decorations we’ve covered in this article, you’ve got plenty of options to buy your way into a great first year display or add those crucial Christmas decorations you’ve been missing.

Once you’ve chosen from these outdoor Christmas ideas, you can be sure that this year everyone of your small and large decorations is going to be a winner with everyone who seems them. No house is going to put Christmas on display like your place.

So, settle on your Christmas decorations for outdoors now and get decorating. Then, you can sit back with your eggnog and enjoy the glistening, glittering magic of the season. Merry Christmas!

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