Let’s talk about practical housewarming gifts, shall we? 

If you are reading this, chances are someone you know has recently moved into a new place and invited you to their housewarming party. So far, so good. The problem is, what gift should you bring them? 

Obviously, you can’t go empty-handed — but you also don’t want to get a tacky garden gnome, a cheap-looking Picasso print, or one of those fancy paperweights that are really only good for dropping on people’s toes. 

Instead, get your friends or family members practical housewarming gifts they will actually use and that won’t just sit around gathering dust in their new home. 


13 Best Practical Housewarming Gifts

Your time is too precious to waste it on scouring the Internet for gift ideas. 

To help you out, we have compiled this handy list of some of the best practical housewarming gifts out there. 


1. Hexagon Floating Shelves

These minimalist honeycomb shelves come in ten colors and can be arranged in infinite combinations. Perfect for showcasing small decorative items in any new home. 

2. Toothpick Holder

A toothpick holder is not something most people would pack in their luggage when moving house. Yet, we reach for the toothpicks at almost every meal. This little fella would make a cute and useful addition to any dining table or kitchen cabinet.

3. General Tool Set

Every home needs one of these.

4. Mini Travel Steamer

This 7-in-1 steamer is not just for travel. It works great around the house too. Whether it’s removing wrinkles from curtains and bedsheets or making shirts and suits look brand new, it could be a great aid to new homeowners. 

5. Bicycle Pizza Cutter Wheel

The perfect gift for pizza lovers that also doubles as a quirky kitchen decoration.

6. Ramen Bowl Set

These bowls are dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Great for hearty home-cooked soups, ramen, pho, and more.

7. Cutting Board with Tray

Why get one housewarming gift when you can get three? This practical 3-in-1 set features a cutting board, a colanderand a food storage tray

8. Dog Leash Holder

If your friends or family members have a dog, this personalized leash holder should come in handy in their new home. 

9. Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

This kit comes with everything a new homeowner needs to start growing organic basil, thyme, parsley, and cilantro

10. Wooden Planters

Another great gift for garden enthusiasts. These gorgeous planters offer an elegant and practical solution to store succulents, cactuses, and other small plants

11. Kate Spade Elephant Salt and Pepper

These little cuties are just as useful as they are elegant

12. How to Make a House a Home: Creating a Purposeful, Personal Space

More than just another coffee-table book, this guide is full of actionable tips on designing a functional, unique, and beautiful home. 

13. Good Morning Engraved Tray

Why not start the first day in the new place with breakfast in bed

11 Unique Practical unique housewarming gifts

When choosing a gift, you want to make sure it’s truly one of a kind. Our handpicked selection of unique housewarming gifts should make that easy for you!

14. Hanging Terracotta Ceramic Lamp

Handmade and inspired by traditional ceramic crafts from the South of Spain, these unique light fixtures will bring a warm glow to any new home.

15. Honeycomb Key Holder

Who hasn’t been late to work because they couldn’t find their keys in the morning? This original key holder will make sure that never happens again.

16. Felt Coaster Set

Just how adorable are these sheep coasters? Plus, they are fun, practical, and eco-friendly.

17. Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

The perfect housewarming gift for die-hard Star Wars fans.

18. Wood Cheese Slicer/Cutter

This gorgeous cheese slicer combines functionality with timeless elegance. Handcrafted from high-quality cherry and maple wood, it makes for a truly unique conversation piece.

19. Toast Shaped Board with Egg Cup Divots

An original and funny gift for couples and newlyweds. What a neat way to serve soft-boiled eggs and toast!

20. Viking Compass Wooden Wall Clock

This one-of-a-kind compass is inspired by traditional Icelandic lore. It features a runic inscription for good luck, blessings, and always finding one’s way.

21. Stainless Steel Rotating Fruit Basket

If you want to steal the spotlight at the housewarming party with a truly unique gift, you can’t go wrong with this sleek and lightweight fruit basket. It looks like it came straight from the twenty-third century!

22. Geisha Shoji Lamp

This hand-painted lamp is more than mere decoration and a light fixture — it is a piece of art.

23. Natural Reindeer Moss Home Hygrometer

Wow. This absolutely stunning item will not only elevate the look of any new home but will also help monitor humidity in the room. Plus, it requires zero maintenance!

24. Agate Coasters

Now that is what true elegance looks like.

13 Personalized Practical housewarming gifts

If you put a little effort into customizing your gift, it will be appreciated all the more. So, why don't you surprise your friends or family members with personalized housewarming gifts

25. Personalized Wood Wine Glass Caddy

A great gift for couples and newlyweds. Handcrafted from solid alder or walnut wood, this monogrammed wine glass caddy can hold two or four glasses.

26. Personalized Miniature Steak Branding Iron

Using this little tool, your meat-loving friends or family members will be able to brand their steaks with their own initials. How cool is that?!

27. Personalized Pizza Paddle

You can choose from nine original designs to customize this cute paddle-shaped board for your loved ones. Perfect for serving delicious bites in their new home.

28. Personalized Cheese Board with Tools

Another one for all the cheese lovers out there. Made from premium pine wood, this deluxe cheese board comes with a full set of serving tools

29. Custom Sequin Pillow Cover

Who doesn't love reversible magic sequins?

30. Personalized Cake Stand

In addition to choosing a customized engraving for this serving platter, you also get to pick from seven beautiful colors such as sage, lavender, coral, and tangerine.

31. Engraved Chopsticks

These custom chopsticks come with sterling silver handles and rests. A truly luxurious housewarming gift!

32. Personalized Wind Chime

The best thing about this heart-shaped wind chime is that you can engrave not just initials or names but a whole custom message for your new homeowner friends or family members.

33. Personalized Name Wine Decanter with Aerator Gift Set

If you want to get real classy, this one right here is your gift.

34. Return Address Stamp

Come on now, how cute is this personalized home address stamp?

35. Bespoke Keyring

New homeowners will love this handy keyring featuring a mini-map of their new address

36. Choose Your Scent Dough Bowl Candle

This rustic candle is made from 100% natural soy wax poured in a handcrafted dough bowl. Oh, and you get to choose the scent!

37. Personalized Tea Towel

This family name tea towel should come handy in the kitchen — and it looks super cute, too!

17 Funny Practical Housewarming Gifts

The best gifts for any occasion are those that make people smile. You really can’t go wrong with funny housewarming gifts.

38. Salsa Dip Cup Set

Hey, who doesn't appreciate a great pun?

39. The Tequila Mockingbird Kit

Is it martini o’clock yet? The perfect housewarming gift for book and cocktail lovers.

40. Funny Candles

If we’ve learned anything recently, it’s that toilet paper is worth its weight in gold!

41. Toilet Paper Storage Box

Cute, handy, and funny — the holy trinity of housewarming gifts.

42. Silicone Pot Holder

Whose turn was it to wash the dishes?! These pasta pot holders may trick the eye but will protect your hands and fingers.

43. Egg Separator

A funny and practical housewarming gift for anyone who does a lot of cooking, baking, and egg-cracking at home.

44. Smiley Face Spatula

Every home needs a good-quality spatula, and if it can put a smile on your face — even better. 

45. Kitchen Timer

Do your new homeowner friends or family members love cooking? Do they love dogs? If that’s two yeses, then they should fall in love with this little timer too.

46. Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

This legless pirate is actually a corkscrew, a bottle opener, a knife, and a keychain all in one. Super functional and extra cute!

47. Cookie Jar

Dragons hoard treasure — and is there a treasure that is more precious than all those yummy cookies, biscuits, and candies we all love to snack on?

48. Cauldron Soup Mug with Spoon

This one should come in handy to serve all those magically delicious homemade stews and potions.

49. Ceramic Spice Jars

Another great housewarming gift for Harry Potter fans. We all know that the black pepper goes in the Slytherin one, right?

50. Hodor Door Stop

Only the true Game of Thrones fans will get this one!

51. Funny Housewarming Card

This one is hands down the most original and cutest housewarming card out there!

6 Practical Housewarming Gifts For Men

Not every guy wants their house filled with decorative items. Some men are more pragmatic and practical in their approach to filling a home -- so you should consider more practical housewarming gifts for men as you shop for them.

52. Cheese Board Set

There's rarely a wrong time to set out a cheese board -- and this set makes it easier than ever to entertain groups small and large alike. Plus, it has a bonus wine key for opening the vino that will match perfectly with your cheeses.

53. Vienna Shower Curtain

You would be amazed at how often someone will move into a new home, yet forget to buy a liner and shower curtain. This simple curtain will match almost any decor, making it extremely practical and convenient.

54. Minerva Fringe Shag Area Rug

There's rarely a bad time to add more rugs to your home -- especially if they're as comfortable and stylish as this one.

55. Food Waste Caddy

A compact alternative to typical compost bins, this food waste caddy will help any guy get or stay eco-friendly in their home.

56. Medium Gray Planter With Brass Stand

House plants are a practical way to add color and cheer to an apartment while improving the air quality. This stand makes it even easier to get started growing.

57. Matte Black Bodum Melior Gooseneck Electric Kettle

Gooseneck kettles like this one are the most convenient way to help any guy you know make delicious coffee or tea. They're an early-morning must-have for anyone who likes to start their day with a little bit of caffeine.

How to Pick the best Practical Housewarming Gifts

When it comes to finding great practical housewarming gifts, the most challenging task is to come up with items that are actually useful.

To help make things easier for you, we thought we could share some of our go-to brainstorming tips.

1. Ask the Recipients If They Need Anything

Admittedly, this might ruin the element of surprise. However, that is the only foolproof way of making sure that your housewarming gift will be put to good use.

Alternatively, you could ask the new homeowners’ friends or family members.

2. Scan Your Memories (and Message History)

Can you think of an item that the new homeowners said they wanted or needed back in 2018?

Did they send you a link to a set of kitchen utensils or a tool box kit that they really like six months ago?

If you can’t think of anything specific, turn to email and social media. Type in a few key words and browse through your chat or email history. See if something pops up. Who knows, you just might get lucky!

3. Consider Their Lifestyle

A great gift should match its recipient’s way of life. Do they have a passion for cooking but hate driving? In that case, they will most likely appreciate a recipe book way more than car accessories.

More Awesome Gift Giving Tips

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In Conclusion

We hope that our suggestions for practical housewarming gifts have given you an idea or two.

At the end of the day, though, remember: love and friendship are the best gifts there are. So, make sure to give your friends and family plenty of those, and their new home will light up with happiness!