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45 Best Unique Housewarming Gifts Anyone Can Enjoy

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Have you ever wondered why unique housewarming gifts are the most exciting type of present to receive when you’re moving home? It’s the very nature of unique gifts that makes them unusual and fun to receive. While some friends or family members might gift you a pot plant or set of saucepans, more quirky acquaintances will seek out presents that they’re sure you won’t already have.

If you’re looking for unique housewarming gifts then you’re looking to delight the lucky person who has moved into a new house or apartment. Choosing unusual housewarming gifts that the recipient is unlikely to have come across before is a surefire way to get into their good books – just check out the epic list below for the most awesome gift ideas.


14 Best Unique Housewarming Gifts

If you’re looking for the top unique housewarming gifts, you’ve come to the right place. These unusual and kooky gifts are both fun and useful, making them brilliant choices for friends and family members who have just moved into a new place.

Here are the 14 best unique housewarming gifts:

1. Moss print placemat

These beautiful abstract placemats are perfect for a modern home.

2. Jar Spoon Rest

Everyone needs a spoon rest in their kitchen and this one is super fun.

3. Flower Spoon Set

This beautiful spoon set is perfect for people who love to entertain.

4. Herb Garden Starter Kit

If the new homeowner doesn’t have a garden, they can still grow delicious herbs indoors.

5. Gold Crystal Candle Holders

A stunning candle holder makes romantic dinners easy – perfect for a couple moving in together.

6. Legend of Zelda 5 Ounce Gold NES Cartridge Canteen Flask

If you know a Legend of Zelda fan, they’re sure to appreciate this unusual drinks holder.

7. Handmade Whiskey Dispenser

Even the best whiskey aficionados are unlikely to have a dispenser like this one.

8. New Home Journal

This is a super handy gift for all homeowners and one that the recipient really will appreciate.

9. Cribbage Board

Friends who enjoy board games will invite you over for games night more often if you gift them this cribbage board.

10. Sugar and Creamer set

This earthy set is perfect for home movers who love a rustic touch.

11. Leaf candle holder

A candle holder like this is a fantastically unusual gift as they are all unique.

12. Upcycled Fork Garden Marker Set

Does the gift recipient have a garden? If so, they might enjoy these upcycled garden markers for their herbs.

13. Paper Clock

The amazingly retro design means this clock will look great paired with lots of different types of decor.

14. Asparagus candle

This super quirky candle is just the thing for vegetable lovers – you won’t find a better gift for vegetarians and vegans.

11 Unique Practical Housewarming Gifts

If you’re buying for someone who isn’t a fan of funny presents or doesn’t have a lot of space, practical housewarming gifts are the best ones to choose. These are gifts that the recipient can make use of around the home, meaning they look great and they’re functional too. Take a look at the unique and practical housewarming gifts below to find one that the recipient will really love.

Here are 11 unique practical housewarming gifts:

15. Coffee Spoon

Not many people have a coffee spoon, but they should. This makes a unique and useful present for music lovers as they can easily scoop and stir coffee powder, sugar and syrups.

16. Charcoal Companion Dog Corn Holders

Eating corn can be a messy business, thankfully these corn holders keep fingers clean and butter-free.

17. Food Dehydrator

Friends who like to spend time in the kitchen can have fun dehydrating everything from meat to herbs.

18. Dangerous to go alone Key Rack

Gamers will never lose their keys again when they have this awesome rack.

19. Grocery Bag Dispenser

This is a gadget we all need but very few of us have. Friends and family members will get lots of use out of this dispenser which makes it easy to store and re-use grocery bags.

20. Decoration Storage Box

Trays and trinket boxes don’t hold a candle to this awesome hippo storage bowl which is a definite talking point.

21. Squirrel Outdoor Birdfeeder

Whether used in a garden or on a balcony, this feeder won’t just attract birds, it will breath new life into the space.

22. Thanos Gloves Fist Shaped Beer Bottle Opener

Do you know a Marvel fan? They’ll get lots of use out of this fun Thanos glove bottle opener.

23. Countertop Rack and Wine Bottle Holder

Every home needs a wine bottle holder and you can’t beat an amusing one. This moose certainly helps to make a countertop look a little more fun.

24. Smart Plug by TP-Link

This unique housewarming gift is one that the recipient will certainly make use of. They’ll be able to control things like lights or appliances using their home wi-fi.

25. Rotatable Windmill Picture Frame

A photo holder like this is incredibly unusual. With its rustic style, this gift is fantastic for families and couples.

12 Unique Personalized Housewarming Gifts

Personalized gifts are always a joy to receive because they show that the gift-giver has taken a little bit of time to create a gift that’s special to you. If you know someone who’s moving house, personalized housewarming gifts could be the answer to the question of what to buy for them. The gifts below are particularly fantastic for home movers who are living together as a couple or a family.

Here are 12 unique personalized housewarming gifts:

26. Mail Holder

Mail holders are becoming a thing of the past but they’re amazingly useful. Gift a friend or family member this mail holder and they’ll definitely get use out of it.

27. Hand Painted Personalized Family Tree Plate

This is a lovely present for a family moving home – have the names of the parents and kids written on the plate and the family will cherish this gift.

28. Personalized Wine Box

A wine box makes a great personalised housewarming gift and it’s one that the movers aren’t likely to already have in their kitchen.

29. Modern House Numbers Vertical

These house numbers are super trendy but also very unique. If you can find out the new address of the recipients without them knowing, you can create an awesome surprise.

30. Personalized Ceramic Gift Dish

This cute little dish would make a fantastic addition to a console table or entrance hall.

31. Custom Silver Napkin Ring

Personalized napkin rings are definitely a unique housewarming gift but they’re perfect for people who like to have friends over for dinner.

32. Personalized Round Serving Tray with Handles

Personalize this serving tray with the surname of the family you’re gifting it to and they’ll get loads of use out of it.

33. Etched Glass Pitcher

A customized pitcher is a fun present that all recipients can make use of, whether at a summer party or as a dinner party water jug.

34. New House Wooden Key Chain Ring Fob

If you know a couple who are moving in together, you won’t find a better personalized gift than this super cute key fob.

35. Welcome to our Home Personalized Soy Candle

This candle is unique because the wifi network and password is printed on the label. You might need to be subtle when you ask about these details.

36. Personalized Cheese Board

Newlyweds and couples who are moving in together for the first time will soon discover that a cheeseboard is one of the very best housewarming gifts to receive.

37. Painted Mailbox With Lettering

A unique mailbox is the best way to make a house stand out and this bright blue one will be the talk of the neighborhood.

8 Unique Funny Housewarming Gifts

Funny housewarming gifts are the best type of present to give to someone who’s moving home and seems to have everything. A gift that can make them laugh will definitely be appreciated, not least because moving house can sometimes be stressful. Funny gifts can be enjoyed by all ages, so they’re a great option for movers young and old.

Here are 8 unique funny housewarming gifts:

38. House Slippers

People who appreciate wine will also appreciate having nice warm feet thanks to these slippers.

39. The Drunken Cookbook

Every home needs cookbooks and there are very few that can match the utility level of a book that teaches you how to cook while drunk.

40. NACHOsaurus Dip and Snack Dish Set

An amusing kitchen accessory and one that is a fun talking point at parties. No chip and dip session can be complete without this awesome dinosaur.

41. Shark Scrubby Holder

This is one gift that the recipient certainly won’t already have but it’s a particularly useful one. Who wouldn’t enjoy washing the dishes with this scrubber?

42. Meow bag Ties

Cat lovers will definitely be amused by these bag ties which feature fun cat faces and help to keep snacks fresh.

43. Funny Bathroom Sign

This sign will ensure that everyone who visits the bathroom has something to read to keep them amused.

44. Funny Kitchen Song Series Kitchen Art

This set of kitchen song prints would make a fantastic gift for a young couple or new homeowner to help brighten up the kitchen and make the space feel theirs.

45. Art Tapestry Wall Hanging

A big modern wall hanging can be all that’s needed to make a bedroom or living room look like home. A dog-lover would be especially pleased to display this funny mutt on their wall.

9 Unique Housewarming Gifts For Men

If you’re getting housewarming gifts for men that seem to have everything already, you’ll need to find that special something that really stands out. Every gift in this section has been selected especially because of its originality and uniqueness.

Here are 9 unique housewarming gifts for men

46. Large Quilling Art OWLsome

You’ve likely never seen 3D art or sculpture quite like this! It’s a tasteful rendition of an owl that would look great in any man’s home.

47. Seashell Etched Straited White Vase

This stunning jet black vase makes a lively accent piece for any living room, especially if it’s decorated with a simple flower arrangement.

48. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Salt lamps do a fantastic job of purifying the air while giving a warm, welcome glow to any room. With no two lamps looking exactly the same, they make truly unique gifts that are perfect for any home.

49. Wine Cork Holder 

If he loves wine, then he’ll appreciate this decorative cork holder that can be customized to match his name.

50. Electric Wine Opener with Charger and Batteries 

A beautifully-appointed wine opener set, this unique gift also includes an aerator, foil cutter, and decorative display case.

51. Hookey Games 

Amazingly simple and fun to play, yet rare enough to still surprise almost everyone at a party — this ring-toss game is an excellent way to add some flair to a guy’s home.

52. Large piggy bank

Measuring almost a foot and a half tall and wide, this super over sized piggy bank can give real character to a room. It’s a great conversation piece and looks awesome on coffee tables.

53. Key holder Steampunk

Let your recipient keep all of their essentials right next to the door with this uniquely designed steampunk style storage rack.

54. Tabletop Glass Fireplace

Who would have thought that you could have a tiny fire pit right on your table? It’s fully functional, and you can even roast a marshmallow for a s’more on it!

How to Pick the Best Unique Housewarming Gifts

If you’re buying housewarming gifts for acquaintances or colleagues that you’re not close with, it can certainly sometimes be difficult to pick the most awesome gift. Even the best gift-givers can get stuck and not know what to choose. Using the quick questions below, you’ll be able easily make a decision and gift a housewarming present that the recipient will really appreciate.

Here is how to pick the best unique housewarming gift:

1. How well do you know the recipient?

How well you know the person moving house can influence the gift that you buy for them. For example, if you’re looking for a gift for a close family member, you’ll already know what they’re likely to enjoy. However, it’s harder to know the preferences of someone that you don’t know very well. In this case, it can be a nice touch to choose a personalized gift which will make it seem as though you’ve really put effort into the present.

2. Is the recipient part of a couple or family?

If you’re buying for someone who lives on their own, you can choose funny or home decor gifts without worrying that their partner might not like the present. When it comes to couples and families, a practical gift that they can all use and enjoy is often a fabulous choice.

3. How much do you know about the recipient’s sense of humor?

Novelty and silly gifts are perfect for people whose sense of humor you know well. But, if in doubt about someone’s sense of humor, it’s often best to skip a funny or comical gift. In this case, choose a unique housewarming gift which they can use or admire, rather than one designed to make them laugh.

More Awesome Home Decor

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In Conclusion

Housewarming gifts are designed to brighten up a new home and make it welcoming to the homeowner. With this pick of unique housewarming gifts, you can ensure that your present is sincerely enjoyed by the mover, whether they are a friend, family member or colleague.

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