One of my favorite types of presents to give is personalized housewarming gifts! It's such a fun and thoughtful way to celebrate with people you love as they enter a new season in their life.

I've picked out some housewarming gifts that are sure to make your friends smile, both when they open them and each time they use them. 


17 Best Personalized Housewarming Gifts

Not sure exactly what to get? These were the best housewarming gifts I could find and are sure to please any new homeowner.

Your friends are sure to love these simple and sweet ways to recognize, hey y'all, you got a house!


1. Personalized Garden Tools

These are especially sweet if they've been waiting a long time for a garden of their own.

2. Ocean Marble Personalized Glass Cutting Board

This gorgeous cutting board is a total show stopper!

3. Personalized Cheese Board

This gorgeous charcuterie board will become a keepsake.

4. Personalized Family Name Metal Sign

Let their guests know they've arrived with this attention-grabbing sign.

5. Wooden Key Hanger for Wall

Keep those new keys in order with this sweet wall plaque that has a hook for the pup, too!

6. God's Blessing Rest on this House Room Blessing

This stylized mezuzah is a thoughtful and traditional gift.

7. Latitude Longitude Paper Art Print

Home is where the heart is, and this sign can tell you exactly how to find it.

8. Housewarming Gift Candle

Choose a scent and add a sweet note on these lovely candles.

9. New Home Keychain 

This sweet keychain is a simple way to celebrate.

10. House Blessing Wood Plaque Inspiring Quote

Christian families will love this verse from Numbers to remind them of God's promises.

11. wine bag

This bag is an easy way to upgrade a nice bottle of wine to a grade-a gift!

12. Moon love Personalized Picture Frames

These sweet frames are a unique way to personalize their new home.

13. Personalized Cutting Board

These beautiful cutting boards come in several sizes and are great for keeping on hand.

14. Personalized Popcorn Bowl

Make movie nights in their new home an event with these large popcorn bowls.

15. Personalized Galvanized Family Name Beverage Tub or Tub with Stand

Get them ready to party with this large tub that will keep drinks for a crowd cool and ready!

16. Personalized You Are Home Doormat

This adorable doormat says - you're home!

17. Infinity Sign Personalized Wood Plaque

Commemorate their big move with this large wooden plaque.

17 Personalized Practical Housewarming Gifts

For all of your more pragmatic friends, this is the list for you! These practical housewarming gifts are both personal and uber useful.

These are my favorite kind of gifts because they'll get used super often and remember your thoughtfulness every time

18. Custom Tape Measure Key Chain

They'll need this for sure as they find space for all their gear in their new place!

19. Engraved Pocket Tool

Help him with his new honey-do list that comes standard with a new home!

20. Personalized Photo Blanket

This sweatshirt fleece blanket is the coziest way to settle in!

21. Rotating Personalized Wooden Pencil Cup With 3 Frames

Keep those remotes somewhere safe while still seeing smiling faces.

22. Personalized basket with removable liner

These would make perfect stair baskets - get one with each family member's name!

23. Personalized Mailbox Decal

Customize all the things with this gorgeous mailbox decal that looks super luxe.

24. Personalized RedEnvelope Kitchen Icon Oval Stoneware

For the friend that loves to give casseroles - help her make sure she gets her dishes back!

25. Personalized valet tray

These leather trays are perfect for catching keys and coins by their new front door.

26. Engraved Recipe Cutting Board

Do they have a family standout dish? Get it engraved on a place of honor on a cutting board.

27. Wind Chimes Personalized

Make their yard their haven with this gorgeously tuned wind chime.

28. Personalized Engraved Spatula

These adorable rubber spatulas have bright colors and sweet engravings.

29. Leather Pot Handle Cover

Get a handle on your cast iron skillet with this nifty cover.

30. Personalized casserole dish

Have your favorite recipe engraved on this casserole so that they never forget how to make it!

31. Personalized Floating Wine Glass

If their house has a pool or a garden tub, they're gonna need some of these.

32. Personalized Grill Set

This custom kit will set them up to be the grillmasters of their block!

33. Personalized Wood Farmhouse Boho Rustic Sign

These signs are all the rage!!! Get one custom made with their name or favorite quote!

34. Personalized Metal Clock

This practical gift will look good in any decor.

18 Personalized Unique Housewarming Gifts

These unique housewarming gifts are sure to stand out from the crowd of houseplants and cookie trays!

Don't be afraid to get something a little out of the box. Something extra special about these gifts is that they show you really put some thought into them!

35. Personalized Vegetable Potato Peeler

Super practical and also cheering, this would make even the dullest kitchen chore brighter.

36. Personalized Mini Wine Tool Barrel Set

Make it easy to pop open a bottle, whenever celebration calls for it!

37. Leather Tool Belt Personalized

Every homeowner needs a tool belt, and this leather one can be engraved however you like!

38. Personalized Pots with Engraved Photo

A set of these planters will really customize their new house.

39. Personalized Popsicle Holder

Make sure every kid can enjoy their popsicle and only have to worry about brain freeze.

40. Custom Photo 3D Lamp

Get a rendering of their new place, written in light!

41. Personalized Wood Gift Box, Bath Bomb Gift Set

This gorgeous personalized set has lots of lovely bath bombs, but when they've been enjoyed, it will be great for organizing their new bathroom.

42. Coffee Corner Personalized Wood Sign

Does their new place have a coffee bar? This is the perfect gift to complete their setup!

43. Custom Bar Sign

This is just right for hanging above the wet bar. NOW they're really moved in!

44. Personalized In Memory of Ornament

This crafter makes custom ornaments, so how about getting one with a picture of their new house on it?

45. Personalized Wine Bottle Tote

Wrap a nice bottle of chilled bubbly in this great tote to keep it cold 'til they can toast their new digs!

46. Custom Stove Top Cover

This nifty gift increases their counter space while keeping things tidy - double gift!

47. Personalized Gents Hex Jewellery Stand

Help them keep their nightstand spic and span with this unique stand.

48. Personalized State License Plate - Colorado

This would be a fun and clever gift if your friends have moved to a new state.

49. Personalized Bottle Opener

Give them a bottle opener engraved with their new address on it!

50. Personalized Spray bottle

Making even cleaning a luxury with these gold foil personalized cleaning bottles.

51. Recipe Box - Personalized

Give them a space to keep all their favorite recipes right where they can find them.

52. Engraved Fine Dining Twisted Red Chinese Bamboo Chopsticks Pair & Box

For the fam that is always ordering in sushi, they'll love these custom chopsticks!

8 Personalized Funny Housewarming Gifts

Some people love to celebrate with lots of laughter, and if those are your friends, these funny housewarming gifts are for you! Just because it's a grown-up milestone doesn't mean there can't be some silliness involved.

Strike a funny bone with these heartfelt and chuckle-inducing gifts that they will remember for years to come!

53. Embroidered Toilet Paper

The gift for those that have everything! This is an amazing gag gift they'll love to share!

54. Shot Glasses Bar Accessories Custom Personalized Photo Picture & Text

Line their new wet bar with photo personalized glasses! Think of all the possible drinking games!

55. Customized Pillow

Help their pet claim their spot in the new house with these hilarious personalized pillows.

56. Novelty Planter That Holds Plants, Glasses & You Can Draw On It

This fun vase is perfect for keeping their reading glasses, and sense of humor, on hand!

57. Design your custom door mat coir doormat

Choose your own witty saying to greet (or scare away!) their new guests!

58. Personalized-Theater & Lounge-Large Canvas

This large canvas wall hanging is perfect for putting in a den or loft.

59. New Home Owner Wine Glass

Your FRIENDS lovers will love this custom wine glass.

60. Personalized Soap Dispensers

These silly soap dispensers will liven up any kids or guest bathroom.

5 Personalized Housewarming Gifts for Men

Let them know that you're not giving them just any old gift with specially-made personalized housewarming gifts for men. Each of the gifts on this list has a one-of-a-kind feel that's sure to impress any guy you know.

61. Family Name Metal Sign

Stylish, unique, and personalized, this metal plaque is the perfect way to help your host decorate their home.

62. Personalize LED lamp

Reading "Drink more gin by order of" their name, this sleek lamp is an ideal addition to a home bar or kitchen. It's equal parts cheeky and attractive, making it a great gift for anyone with a good sense of humor who loves a martini.

63. Custom Personalized Game of Thrones House Doormat

Fans of the HBO hit series will absolutely love this detailed doormat. You can personalize it to include their family name and a choice of house sigils.

64. Personalized Whiskey Decanter

With the option to purchase either the decanter alone or with up to four engraved glasses, there's no better gift to get for any whiskey-loving guy you know.

65. Glass Beer Pub Mug Hand Crafted

Not just a simple engraving, each of these beer steins is fit for a medieval king. Each comes engraved with your choice of letters to represent your host's family name, all set on a pewter plaque.

How to Pick the Best Personalized Housewarming Gifts

So, now that you've seen every type of personalized housewarming gifts under the sun, how will you choose what to get? Don't just buy everything - no one needs that many monograms.

Let's narrow down the list with a few easy tips.

1. Name your price

First things first, get that dollar amount nailed down. It can be easy to get swept up in loving a gift so much, but if it's way outside your range, you need to shut it down early in the process.

You're friends just bought a house! They know how finances work, and no one is expecting you to go broke to impress anybody. Set a number that you're comfortable with, and don't change it.

2. Do some reflecting

Who are these people, anyway? Are they a young family or new retirees? Did they buy a home to grow in or the perfect party condo?

Think through who you are buying for and what their new house is like. You don't want to give gardening tools if they live in an apartment, or custom drinkware to teetotalers. Give some time to considering what your friends would love - they'll notice the effort!

3. Do or do not do - there is no try

You've set a budget, you've got a ballpark idea for what kind of gifts - now it's time to check it off the list. Too many good intentions become gifts left in a forgotten, online cart.

Don't overanalyze, there are tons of great gifts on this list, and they will love anything you give them because YOU gave it to them. Imagine their faces as they open your present, and let that encourage you to finish strong!

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In Conclusion

Did you find the perfect personalized housewarming gifts on this list? The average household has 300,000 individual items, and this list of housewarming gifts had some beautiful and unique ways to customize them. 

Enjoy choosing a gift, and celebrating with your loved ones for this landmark occasion. You will be part of reminding them of their joy for years to come!