Looking for some pallet furniture ideas for your home?

These rustic and re-purposed furniture will give your home a homey vibe.

The need for furniture often arrives alongside expensive life events like moving into a new place for example, and more often than not, traditional furniture come with hefty price tags.

So save your money for tacos and beer with these awesome pallet furniture ideas that are guaranteed to transform your living space and provide a convenient conversation piece all while being eco-friendly.


6 Best Pallet Furniture Ideas

The best pallet furniture ideas are great and sturdy pieces that you'll enjoy for years to come.

Take a look at our choice picks for your home.


1. Pallet Coffee Table

This coffee table will match any space, whether if it's for your living room or man cave.

2. Pallet furniture rocking chair in pallet

A chair with a very simple design but very functional.

3. Thirsty Rhino Udara Wood Pallet Coasters

These coasters are perfect in keeping your tables smudge-free.

4. Rivet Rustic Reclaimed Fir Wood Coffee Table

A beautifully sophisticated break from the usual wood pallet with legs coffee table.

5. Mackinac Lift Functional Coffee Table

Maximize your room's lounge factor with this impressive wood coffee table.

6. Darla'Studio 66 End Table

A brilliant re-purposed pallet project with a ton of functionality.

6 Bedroom Pallet Furniture Ideas

Gentlemen, there is nothing sexier than wooden furniture. Pallet furniture exudes quiet masculinity and power.

With these bedroom furniture ideas, your partner will be forced to remember just how dang manly you are where it matters the most.

7. winter sun, rustic headboard

A jaw-dropping headboard that's nothing short of fanciful.

8. rustic dresser

A magnificent pallet furniture idea with ingenious design is a great addition to any room.

9. Pallet Love Sign

An approachable pallet project certain to springboard your home's decor.

10. South Shore Holland Full/Queen Platform Bed

Make sure you have the right platform for success in the bedroom with this sleek wood base.

11. King Bed Frame, Pallet Bed

A lovely and tasteful pallet furniture idea with innumerable utility.

12. Jewelry Holder

The absolutely most perfect pallet furniture idea for her.

6 Living Room Pallet Furniture Ideas

If you're thinking about building a piece of furniture out of pallets, there is no better place to showcase your masterpiece than in the living room.

After much blood, sweat, and beers, you're going to want to show off your piece of art.

And these fantastic living room furniture ideas are designed to pump up your living space.

13. Shabby Chic Round 27" Pallet Wall Clock

A modestly rustic piece of functional wall decor.

14. Elevated Personalized Pallet Dog Bed

Because your fur baby deserves a cozy place to lay that weary head after a long day of doing absolutely nothing.

15. Barnwood Gray Wood Nesting Crates

A fun and smart storage solution that's extremely versatile.

16. Midwest Log Furniture - Torched Cedar Log Sofa Table

An elegant and chic table designed to fit any room.

17. Barnwood Decorative Rustic Display Box

Use it as decor in your kitchen; use it to store your spices to transform it into functional wall art.

18. Custom Geometric Wall Art

Brighten up your room with this awe-inspiring, wood wall art.

6 Family Room Pallet Furniture Ideas

You know the satisfaction of cooking a delicious meal and then watching everyone scarf it down while making yummy noises?

Well, these family room furniture ideas are basically the same thing but with furniture.

You understand things should not just look pretty, but they should also be super functional and get a lot of use.

And there are few rooms in the house that get more use than the family room.

19. TV Rack Palettenmöbel

Enhance your hang out space with this sizable wood TV stand.

20. Wide Rustic Pallet Bench

Create the perfect comfy nook with this rustic pallet bench.

21. Wood Pallet Tray

A highly usable wood pallet tray for any occasion.

22. Reclaimed Wood TV Stand

And when the TV gets boring, this fancy wood TV stand will take the stage.

23. The All Wood Thomas Maggie

Entertain like a boss with this polished wood pallet piece.

24. Reclaimed pallet dog bowl stand pet

Because every pet needs a little elegance in their life.

5 Apartment Pallet Furniture Ideas

So you live in an apartment along with roughly twenty percent of other Americans.

The generic furniture from the big box retailers and specialty furniture shops don't fit perfectly.

That's why these apartment pallet furniture ideas are so handy. Built exactly what you want for the space you need.

25. Handmade Rustic Corner Table

Make the most out of every naked corner with this sleek, wood corner table.

26. Rustic Wood Coat Rack Entryway Organizer

Set the tone right off the bat with this country style coat rack.

27. Rustic space-saving high rise shoe rack

Because nothing ruins an entryway faster than a sloppy pile of footwear.

28. Custom Upcycled Pallet Wine Rack

A rack made in the tradition as old as the wine it holds.

29. Crate Kitchen organizer

Keep the most important room in the house orderly with this clever kitchen organizer.

6 Bohemian Pallet Furniture Ideas

We get it. You can't just stuff any old humdrum furniture in your beatnik loft.

Just like you can't ironically wear any old throwback t-shirt design. It has to reflect you as a person or an artist.

These bohemian furniture ideas will absolutely accentuate the dissenter in you and compliment your inner iconoclast.

30. Rustic Pallet Shelf

For that naked wall you're just not sure what to do with.

31. BR SOLID Bar Stool

A tasteful bar necessity certain to enlighten even the most fussy bottoms.

32. Home Oniship Art Deco Henna Tattoo Storage Pallet Crate

These pallet crates are the simplest and most versatile storage solution that easily doubles as an end table when needed.

33. Shellmond Accent Cocktail Table

A unique little table certain to draw an admirable eye.

34. Rustic Farmhouse Wood Coat Rack

Add some necessary warmth to any room with this rustic wood coat rack.

Rustic Drinks Cabinet

35. Rustic Drinks Cabinet

A cleverly cultivated cabinet; a throwback to simpler times when there was no such thing as bad whiskey.

7 Minimalist Pallet Furniture Ideas

So you have exactly what you need, no more, no less.

Somehow, you've made your 500 square foot home feels ample, maybe even luxurious.

You're a minimalist, and these minimalist furniture ideas are exactly what you're looking for to keep your living space super comfortable without adding any excess clutter.

36. TOPO coffee table

The only thing this perfectly crafted pallet wood coffee table is missing are the coffee stains.

37. Standing table

A straightforward pallet wood table design for multipurpose use in any room.

38. Wide Rustic pallet shelf

Bring some much-needed life to your walls with this refined pallet shelf idea.

39. Everly Hart Collection Reclaimed Wood Pallet Wine Rack Decor

Keep the good stuck well within reach and never out of sight with this snazzy pallet wine rack.

40. Toilet Paper Holder & Cabinet with Shelf

The most sensible and smart toilet paper storage solution that nobody will balk at.

41. Breakfast Table

A snazzy design to furnish the coffee shop or the patio.

5 Unique Pallet Furniture Ideas

Looking for some interesting furniture pieces to spice up your favorite room?

Take a look at these one-of-a-kind and truly unique furniture ideas.

42. Pallet Wood Potting Bench

An aesthetic masterpiece suitable for the most decorative gardens.

43. Wooden bar

A modestly clever and sublime piece of functional wall art.

44. Pallet Bench

An artsy take on a simple construction designed to draw people together.

45. Wooden Sushi Serving Tray Boat Plate

Sushi night will never be the same with this fantastic serving tray shaped like a boat.

46. Markin Arts Rustic Distressed Torched Swedish Solid Pine Pallet Wood Wall Mount Coffee Beer Mug Hanger

An intelligent, affordable, and very functional kitchen design solution.

6 Budget Pallet Furniture Ideas

One of the main motivators for choosing pallet furniture is the money-saving factor.

These budget furniture ideas are sure to light up your living space without lightening up your wallet.

47. Decorative shelf made of pallets

Improve your wall decor with this well-crafted and sturdy pallet wood shelf fit for any room.

48. 5 Tier Rustic Torched Wood Entryway Shoe Rack

Keep your shoes neat and orderly with this well-designed organizational wood furniture idea.

49. Smiley shelf

The perfect addition to the kid's playroom.

50. Bottle Cap Pallet

A perfectly modest backdrop to showcase your jewelry or help organize your accessories.

51. Rustic Spice Rack

Improve your cooking game with this rustic spice organizer, and stop wasting time looking for the ingredients you need.

52. Hanging Pallet Shelf

It's so simple, you won't believe its elegance.

13 cheap pallet furniture ideas

You would assume pallet furniture might by its nature be affordable, but you'd be wrong. It's often quite costly, despite its humble origins. However, with our help, you can still pick up some cheap furniture in this style that won't leave you selling the house just to afford the item of your dreams.

53. Riverwalk Modern Pallet Style Console Table, White

Hand-painted distressed wood that looks great displaying your favorite items.

54. Riverwalk Modern Pallet Style Bookcase

A distressed wood pallet design that won't distress your wallet.

55. Zigzag Pallet Plant Stand

A cute plant stand at a quaint price.

56. Modern Boho and Slatted Sliding Door Accent Cabinet

This cabinet actually changes design, depending on how you position the doors.

57. Wood Serving Tray

Bring a bit of the farmhouse home with this pallet tray.

58. Rustic Chic Always Thankful Pallet Sign

You'll definitely be thankful for the price on this one.

59. Farmhouse Mix Headboard Full Size Easy Installation

A little of that quaint farmhouse style to your bedroom with a price that won't keep you up at night.

60. Ramsden Large Bookcase Brown/Dark Bronze

A bookcase that's at once simple and stylish while keeping the price to a bear minimum.

61. Clifton Coffee Table

A pannel table that is also a serious statement but without the hefty "statement" price tag.

62. Norman Reclaimed Pine 2 Drawer Nightstand Distressed Natural by Kosas Home

A pallet nightstand at a cost you can stand.

63. HD Pallet Sign Art Wedding Photo on Wood

Take pallet furniture in an entirely new direction with a photo that is the furniture.

64. 3 Tier Traditional Bookcase in Salvaged Cabin Brown - Pemberly Row

Bookshelves have never looked so good or cost so little.

65. Solid Wood Farmhouse Storage Console - Saracina Home

A beautiful, affordable piece of pallet furniture with down home country charm.

5 Pallet Patio Furniture ideas

The most appropriate place for an epic pallet furniture piece is outside on the patio.

A cold beer will never taste the same when enjoyed outside with friends admiring these pallet patio furniture ideas.

66. Reclaimed Pallet Wood Planter Box

Liven up any landscape or your favorite room with these trendy wood planter boxes.

67. Patio Bar Western Red Cedar

A basic yet tasteful addition that every patio needs.

68. All Things Cedar TE90 Teak Extension Patio Table

Completely change the way you lounge with this plush wood patio table.

69. Home Wear Wood Round Table with Umbrella and 2 Chairs Patio Table

Embrace the outdoors in comfort with this crafty wood round table and umbrella.

70. Custom Torch Fired Pallet Wood Patio Sofa

Create the party with this beautifully polished and awesome wood patio sofa piece.

11 Modern Pallet Furniture Ideas

Pallet furniture is often charming, but it can also clash with a lot of the rest of your furniture. To make the most of your pallet furniture, then, you need it to match the overall look of your place. So, if you have a lot of modern furniture, choose some of these modern pallet furniture options.

71. SAFurniture Coffee Table

A modern pallet coffee table to center your living room around.

72. FuleyFurnitureStore Reversible wooden chess table

A great way to display the most intellectual of pursuits.

73. SwingTable with Cedar Wood

Swing and eat all at once, all while sitting in your kitchen!

74. Evanswbf Wine Barrel Table

It's the coolest table for a drink with friends you can imagine.

75. Paletteriam Tv-Rack Pallet

What will you be looking at more: the TV or that TV rack?

76. BerlinerHolz Standing table

Limited room in the kitchen? You can still add some modern pallet style with this table.

77. Marchatelier industrial pallet table

Big, moveable and super stylish.

78. KerbholzGmbHCoKG seating group

You can bring that modern pallet aesthetic outdoor, too.

79. NaturalFarmhouse Coffee Table

So beautiful, you'll be afraid to even place your coffee on it.

80. MyGift Wood Pallet-Style Wall Mounted

There's no better way to show off important photos or your favorite plants.

81. CosyWooduk Solid Wood Dining Tables

It's the pallet table you've been waiting for for your dining room.

How To Pick The Best Pallet Furniture Ideas

With so many great pallet furniture ideas to choose from, how do you narrow it down to choose the best pallet furniture idea for you?

Follow these simple steps to ensure you make the best decision for your home.

1. Location

First, figure out where in or outside your home the furniture is needed most.

Is your home fully furnished but your patio is bare? Or did you just move into a new place and the old coffee table didn't make the cut during the transition?

Honing in on where in your home can benefit the most from a fresh piece of furniture is essential for narrowing down your search.

2. Choose the Right Pallet

Not all pallets are created equal. They range in durability and wood treatment.

Blue pallets, for example, are often heavy duty and constructed to hold large pallets of heavy goods. They can be harder to break down, and they're not necessarily constructed of the same parts as other pallets.

Pallets also can reused until they're no longer usable. Make sure you pick one that's still in good shape, or you might be left with a bunch of broken/chipped pieces of wood that won't last you a long time.

More Cool Furniture Ideas

Looking for some more beautiful and inspiring furniture ideas?

Freshen up your home with some of these amazingly cool furniture ideas.

  1. Keep it classy with these traditional furniture ideas.
  2. Maximize your kitchen's comfort with these kitchen furniture ideas.
  3. Impress your dining guests with these gorgeous dining room furniture ideas.

In Conclusion

No matter what the occasion or motivation for your pallet furniture ambitions, we've got you fully covered with a comprehensive, albeit slightly overwhelming, volume of pallet furniture ideas.

So go on, narrow down your options, make your choice and finally, enjoy a whole new level of cozy in your home.