When you have dining room furniture that suits your space and your style...

You create an environment where people look forward to sharing good food and good conversation.

Dining rooms all over the world are seeing less and less action as people work longer hours or opt for a meal shared with a screen, but a few pieces of furniture from this list you can start to make eating together a habit that everyone looks forward to.
We've collected pieces in a huge variety of styles, so no matter what your inspiration or what kind of space you're working with,

We've got great pieces of dining room furniture for you.


8 Best Dining Room Furniture Ideas

To kick off our list of dining room furniture ideas, we're starting with some of our overall favorite pieces.

The items on this list represent a range of styles and suit a variety of purposes - so if you find something you like here, you can find similar pieces in the sections below.


1. Biscayne Dining Table by Kalco Lighting

This dining table is great for small families who want to keep things light.

2. Victorian Dining Table

This Victorian-style table speaks of comfort and sophistication.

3. Kitchen Island

A great place to set up a buffet or store your fine china between feasts.

4. Walnut Wood Bar Cart

If your dining room doubles as a bar, this cart is a rustic, attractive addition.

5. Farmhouse Single-Door Rolling Kitchen Island

This rolling island is great for homes without a dedicated dining space.

6. Dining Table, 60" Round

If your home is always the destination for large gatherings, this large dining table with a removable leaf is a great way to make everyone right at home.

7. Custom Live Edge Custom Table

This unique dining table shows your individuality and connection to the natural world.

8. The Grove Dining Table by ELK Home

Simple, sturdy, and attractive, this minimalist table is a great addition to small dining spaces.

10 Dining Room Furniture Ideas That You Can Use In The Living Room

The furniture in this section is so stylish and inviting, you won't want to leave it behind once dinner is over.

So if you like to eat in the same room you relax, or if you want your dining area to be more inviting, this dining room furniture doubles as living room furniture, making your home as easy going and care free as you.

9. Barn Door Buffet

With sliding barn doors and tons of storage space, this is a stylish and useful addition to any room.

10. Pub Dining Set

Place this table in a dining nook or the corner of your living room for an inviting place to eat and drink.

11. Pub Table Collection

Bring the pub atmosphere home with this table and chair set.

12. Wood Buffet Storage Cabinet

With glass door panels that display what you store this console has endless possibilities.

13. Twin river table walnut with stone coffee dining table

This beautiful coffee table will be a conversation starter in any room.

14. Sideboard

With two cabinets and four deep drawers, this sideboard is as spacious as it is stylish.

15. Dining Room Chair Set of 4

These chairs are a comfortable place to enjoy a meal and make for attractive extra seating.

16. Contemporary Counter Height Table Set

This dining set seats four without taking up all your floor space.

17. Rolling Bar Serving Cart

This rustically styled bar cart is perfect for wheeling from dining room to living room.

18. Allister Sideboard

If you need more storage but not that much storage, this sideboard is a beautiful piece for the middle ground.

9 Dining Room Furniture Ideas That Can Be Used As Family Room Furniture

The dining room is a place for the whole family to gather together.

So it makes sense that you'd want some pieces that work just as well as family room furniture as they do dining room furniture.

The pieces on this list are meant to be enjoyed en masse, and they have the intimate, down to earth feel you want in a piece of furniture made for you family to enjoy. So no matter which room these pieces end up in..

19. Walnut Wine Cabinet

Keep your wine cabinet exactly where you need it.

20. Corner China Cabinet

This corner cabinet is great for rooms where space is at a premium.

21. Gold Modern Acrylic Pendant Chandeliers Lighting LED Ceiling Light Fixture for Dining Room

Illuminate the entire room to perfection using the remote control for this beautiful pendant chandelier.

22. Eagle Dining Chair

This chair is a great place to enjoy a feast or take in a movie.

23. Mid-Century Dining Chairs

These generously padded chairs are great for your hind-parts, and easy on the eyes too.

24. 3-Piece Pub Set

This table and chair set is a great dining table for couples or the perfect place for a board game.

25. Mirabell Accent Chair SANTORINI TEAL

If your family room or dining room is all about energy and creativity, this brightly colored chair is a great addition.

26. Convertible Console Dining Counter Table

Seat two or four at this convertible table.

27. Millennium 10 Inch Wall Sconce by Quoizel

This sconce is an unassuming yet attractive way to provide mood lighting.

10 Apartment Dining Room Furniture Ideas

Apartment dining rooms tend to be compact and intimate, which makes finding apartment furniture for your dining room the perfect opportunity to get creative.

The pieces on this list are big on style and function, but small on footprint. Scroll through and look for pieces that you could imagine in your breakfast nook or things that would make your apartment dining area a place you can't wait to come home to.

28. Kitchen Island Cart Breakfast Table with 2 Stools

This table and chair set have space to store all your dining needs.

29. Breakfast Table Set

Seat two or four with this convertible table.

30. Round Dining Tables

This naturally styled table folds out on both sides to be as big or small as you need.

31. Dining Set With Storage Chair Ottomans

Slide your seating underneath this table to go from dining mode to coffee table mode.

32. Dining Table With Chrome Base

This dining set is light on materials and goes great in minimally styled apartments.

33. Hideaway Dining Table

This table helps you save space with chairs that tuck perfectly around its edges.

34. Wall-Mounted Dining Table

When space is really at a premium this mounted table simply folds away.

35. Corner Nook Dining Table

This compact table uses an L-shaped bench to supply a surprising amount of seating.

36. Nate 3-Light Pendant

This industrial-style chandelier is a stylish addition to a modern apartment.

37. Serving Tray with Turn Table

Passing dishes is so 2018. Just use this gorgeous turntable to make sure everyone gets fed.

9 Traditional Dining Room Furniture Ideas

If traditional furniture is more your style, you're going to love the living room furniture in this section of our list.

The pieces here have stood the test of time and represent styles going back generations. If that sounds like you and your family...

38. Chrome Walnut Dining Table

This beautiful table speaks of craftsmanship and stability, traditional values if I've ever heard them.

39. Dining Room Table

This antique butcher-style table is big enough to feed the whole neighborhood and store all your dining supplies.

40. 5 Piece Lindsey Dining Set

There's room for four around this detail-rich table. Chairs are sold in sets of 2.

41. Round Dining Table

Gather the village around this circular cottage style table.

42. Round 12-Light Bulb Chandelier

This turn of the century industrial style chandelier casts a warm light for a great dinner atmosphere.

43. Double Holbrook Sideboard

This 2-cabinet sideboard is sturdy, spacious, and handsome.

44. Extendable Dining Table

This clean looking table is easy to extend seat 8.

45. Dining Room Chandelier

This pub-style chandelier creates an easy-going, open atmosphere.

46. Large Rustic Clock

This farm-house style clock is a great touch in large dining rooms.

8 Bohemian Dining Room Furniture Ideas

Bohemian furniture is popular among artists and creative people because of it's free spirited design and unconventionality.

If your dining room is a place where conversations flow freely and the exchange of ideas and laughter is as important as the passing of dishes and bowls, bohemian dining room furniture is the perfect way to set the tone.

Even though buying bohemian won't make you an artist or an intellectual, it's a great way to set the back drop to let your creative juices flow.

47. Button back upholstered chair

This high backed chair is a comfortable place to enjoy desert after dinner.

48. Hyannis Bar Cart

This knotted bar cart is a whimsical addition to your boho dining room.

49. Lisette Dining Collection

This 5 piece dining set is a classic mix of practical and comfortable.

50. Farmhouse Table

A spacious farmhouse style table is a great place to share a meal with friends.

51. Reeves Banquette

This ivory bench is inviting enough to bring the family back to dinner.

52. Armen Living Butterfly Dining Chair

This stylish chair is might just be powerful enough to inspire those seated in it to greatness.

53. Kingston Bar Cabinet

With this vintage bar cabinet at the ready, dinner can turn to drinks at a moments notice.

54. Pasadena Sideboard

This honey-comb sideboard is perfect for buffets, displays, and storage.

7 Minimalist Dining Room Furniture Ideas

Using minimalist furniture in your dining room is a great way to remove clutter and distractions and focus on creating a functional, stylish space to gather.

Minimalist furniture often uses unique shapes and designs to maximize a piece's functionality while using minimal materials. So if you're interested in getting back to basics without sacrificing all your style...

55. Satine Counter Stool

Saddle up to the bar in this richly textured stool.

56. Industrial Natural Wood Bar Cart

This bar cart is built with stability and style in mind.

57. Industrial Dining Table

This minimalist table is rustic but industrial and can easily seat up to 8 people.

58. Minimalist dining set

This dining set could be found at the hippest of downtown bistros or cafes.

59. Black Steel Neal Counter Stool

This sleek stool is a perfect place for drinks at your dining room bar or kitchen island.

60. Aiken Sideboard

This rustic-modern sideboard is an attractive addition to a minimalist dining room.

61. Sideboard Storage Cabinet

With modern design and minimal materials, this sideboard is designed for form and function.

9 Unique Dining Room Furniture Ideas

Is your kitchen a corner a creativity? Is your dining room a den of individualism?

If you're a creative person who doesn't want their dining room furniture to look like every other house on the block, check out some of these unique furniture ideas.

They all manage to toe the line between whimsical and practical, giving you a dining room that reflects your creativity but still suits all your needs.

62. Adjustable Bistro Table

This awesome adjustable table raises a full foot to suit the needs of the evening.

63. Counter Height Dining Room Table and Bar Stools

This industrial looking dining set is great for small families with style.

64. Galvin Cafeteria Table

There's room for four at this beautiful retro-style cafeteria table.

65. Pub Dining Collection

Dark wood tops and industrial style legs make this two-person table a stylish place for dinner or drinks.

66. Bakery Cart Shelf

This shelf is a storage space that's sure to be a conversation starter.

67. Reclaimed Barn Wood Buxton Dining Room Table

Made from industrial piping and reclaimed wood, each one of these tables is unique.

68. Demetria Dining Table

This dining table would be as at home in an ancient palace as it could in your dining room.

69. Bar Cart

This bar cart sports a geometric design and a shining brass frame.

70. Preston Sideboard

Everyone will be buzzing about this honeycomb style sideboard.

12 cheap dining furniture ideas

If any room needs to make an impression it's your dining room, and yet, you may often find yourself priced out of the stylish items you need. With the items on this list, though, you'll find cheap furniture that provides that style at a fraction of the price. Just find what you're looking for and start clearing space!

71. 5-piece Baxter Dining Set with Storage Chair Ottomans

A simple, unique design for friendly dining at your table.

72. Large Buffet Table

Serve for everyone on a buffet table that looks like it costs thousands more than it does.

73. Credenza

Bright, modern, spacious, and affordable.

74. Buffet Server Table Sideboard

When you need dining room storage that looks good at a good price, this is it.

75. Live Edge Dining Table

A stunning table that will awe your guests.

76. Counter Height Dining Room Table

Attractive, adaptable, and stylish in any setting.

77. Wood Console Table

Always admired that classic console table at your parents? You can have one now, too.

78. Millennium Lighting Corona Pendant, Matte Black

A simple, modern design that offers great lighting.

79. Mid-Century Dining Tables Collection

A lovely design with modern simplicity for those with a modern budget.

80. Farmhouse ceiling light for dining room

Gives your dining room an artistic, bohemian look.

81. Natural Linen Paige Round Back Dining Armchair

Every guest will rush to sit down in this.

82. Frost 5 Inch Mini Pendant

A simple but elegant way to provide your room with great lighting.

6 Budget Dining Room Furniture Ideas

Getting the dining room of your dreams doesn't have to clean out your bank account.

With this budget furniture you comfortably furbish your dining room and still have enough money left over for food. And since studies repeatedly show that eating at home is a great way to save money, you can create a space that will help you continue to save for years to come.

83. Lazy Susan

Give this beautiful lazy Susan a spin on your own dining room table.

84. 3 Piece Dining Set

This dining set is great for homes without a designated dining room.

85. Wine Rack With Stemware Holders

This wine rack has enough room for your whole collection.

86. Velvet Dining Chairs

Imagine these stylish chairs gathered around your dining room table.

87. Pendant Light with Bulb

The gold finish inside this lamp radiates warmth throughout your dining area.

88. Weston Dining Table

This classically styled table could be the place for your future favorite memories.

How To Pick The Best Dining Room Furniture Ideas

Furnishing a room can be difficult, especially if you’re moving to a new concept or style of design. So, if you’re at a loss for where to begin, follow these three steps to pick the best dining room furniture.

1. Make it your own

Since your dining room is a space where people gather, your place should feel like your own. As you look through these pieces, select items that you know you’ll get a lot of enjoyment and use out of. Look for items that reflect your personality and help you relax in the ways most natural to you.

2. Plan for company

The dining room is a place for entertaining guests and nourishing your friends and family. But that can be hard to do when you don’t have the furniture you need for people to sit on or places for them to set their food and drink. So even though step one says to make it your own, you also should anticipate having people over and give them a place where they’ll feel comfortable.

3. Work with your space

You can dream as big as you want, but you should only buy as big as your space. Before you add anything to your cart, measure your dining room and check the dimensions on each piece you’re considering.

Because no matter how stylish or comfortable your furniture is, if the room is too crowded to move around in you won’t be able to enjoy it.

More Cool Furniture Ideas

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In Conclusion

With all these fantastic pieces of dining room furniture to choose from, prepare to be everyone new favorite dinner location.

Remember to select furniture that reflects your style and needs and all that's left to do is make some dinner.