Is your kitchen furniture a little... overcooked?

Your kitchen layout should be designed with functionality in mind, but that doesn't mean it can't also be attractive...

And in this post we've got dozens of furniture suggestions that make a home cooked meal even more appetizing. We found inspiration in a huge range of styles, so no matter what you're looking for in your dream kitchen, you're sure to find something here that you'll love.

And if all these suggestions are just too overwhelming, I'll even help you narrow down your choices before you purchase.

So break out that cookbook and fire up the stove...


10 Best Kitchen Furniture Ideas

If you have no idea how to start furnishing your kitchen, this collection of our favorite pieces is a great place to start. We have a variety of pieces in a variety of styles, so if you find something you like here be sure to look through the categorized sections below.


1. Freestanding Microwave Kitchen Cart with Trash Can Holder and Bamboo Cutting Board

Store your trash in something useful, like this attractive and handy cart and cutting board.

2. Bush Furniture Salinas Accent Storage Cabinet with Doors

This storage cabinet has plenty of space for all your pots, pans, and dishes.

3. Open Kitchen Shelving

Need some extra space for your spices or dishes? This open shelving an go anywhere.

4. Kitchen island pendant light

This gorgeous pendant light would look great hanging above your kitchen island.

5. Pan Lid Holder for Pots and Pans

Stop getting your stove and counter tops filthy while you cook with this spoon and lid holder.

6. Grill Table

Even though your Big Green Egg isn't in the kitchen, believers know its a huge part of preparing your menu.

7. Kitchen Island Tops

This customizable kitchen island can really revolutionize your space.

8. Steel And Silicone Kitchen Compost Bin

Put your vegetable peelings and bruised fruit in this good looking bin.

9. Cooking Stage

This step is great for passionate young chefs or anyone who finds those counter tops just a little too tall.

10. Sorbus Kitchen Wall Pot Rack with Hooks

If you're short on cabinet space this rack can help store tons of your pots and utensils.

10 Apartment Kitchen Furniture Ideas

Apartment kitchens are notorious for forcing you to do more with less,

And that's exactly what this apartment furniture for your kitchen is supposed to do. It's made to make the most of your space and look good while doing it.

So finally invite over that neighbor you've been wanting to hang out with and cook up a little something,

11. Linon Kitchen Island Granite Top

This rolling kitchen island has room for storage and a large counter top for chopping.

12. 4 Door Microwave Storage Cabinet

This storage cabinet can be especially handy if your apartment kitchen is totally unfurnished.

13. Suzanne Kitchen, Square

This folding table can turn your kitchen space into a dining space instantly.

14. Yakitori Ceramic Charcoal Barbecue Grill

Bring the grill inside with this ceramic charcoal grill.

15. Apron Farmhouse Handmade Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

This large kitchen sink has a built-in produce rack and cutting board.

16. Metal Over Cabinet Kitchen Storage Organizer Holder or Basket

Keep all your bags organized and put away with this over-cabinet basket.

17. Adjustable Metal Kitchen Cabinet

This shelf can make help you fit a lot more in your cabinets.

18. 5 Tier Wall Mount Spice Rack Organizer Kitchen Storage Shelf

This mounted spice rack can help free up space from your shelves.

19. Farmhouse kitchen produce bins

If your apartment has a compact farmhouse style, these produce bins will fit right in.

20. Kitchen Organizer, Plate Rack

This attractive, retro kitchen organizer can turns storage into style.

7 Traditional Kitchen Furniture Ideas

If you know all grandma's recipes like the back of your hand and you're looking for traditional furniture to match your traditional menu,

You're going to love the next items on this list. These pieces speak of stability, handcraft, and permanence. It's still your job to make it just like grandma did,

21. Brown Buffet Table

This compact brown buffet is great for dish storage or setting out dishes out to cool.

22. Seville Classics Baker's Rack

This baker's rack is great for kitchens with a tradition of confection.

23. Crosley Furniture Roots Rack Rolling Kitchen Cart

This industrial cart is equipped with 2 large drawers and 2 large shelves to store almost the whole kitchen.

24. Long Standing Kitchen Cabinet

This traditional tall cabinet both displays and stores all your best china and glassware.

25. Wood And Stainless Steel Kitchen Compost Bin

Give back to the earth by composting with tried and true materials that won't break or need replacing.

26. Gourmet Basics by Mikasa Harbor 3-Tier Wire Market Basket

This produce basket has enough space for the whole farmer's market.

27. Coastal 51" Kitchen Island

This large kitchen island will change the way you prepare food and enjoy the time in your kitchen.

28. French Extension Dining Table

This enormous pine table in natural oak tone is great for passionate bakers, dedicated chefs, or anyone who likes to enjoy their time and space in the kitchen.

9 Bohemian Kitchen Furniture Ideas

If you like to cook foods with simple, natural ingredients,

Bohemian furniture can help your kitchen reflect your dietary philosophy. This boho furniture is simple, but perfectly satisfying. Just imagine chopping veggies in a kitchen like this and see if you aren't inspired to eat deliciously and responsibly.

29. 3-Tier Hanging Wire Basket

This delicate and attractive wire basket is a great addition to your creative kitchen.

30. Wine Cork Holder

This mini-wine barrel is a fantastic detail to add to your countertops.

31. VINTAGE Kitchen Scale

This one of a kind piece is a throwback to another time.

32. White Ceramic Compost Bucket With Filter

This brilliant white compost bucket is a great way to keep your food waste looking neat.

33. Peter's Goods Rustic Floating Wall Shelves with Rails

These rustic floating shelves keep all your goodies from falling off the edge.

34. Rustic Wood Kitchen & Bathroom Countertop Cabinet

Stash your sugar and spice in this nice little cabinet.

35. Kitchen Bakers Rack

Give your kitchen a cafe feel with this ornate spacious rack.

36. Wood Wastebasket

Keep your trash stashed in this handsome bin slash counter.

37. The Monogrammed Butcher Block Kitchen Island

This large kitchen island will make preparing meals and storing dishes incredibly easy.

8 Minimalist Kitchen Furniture Ideas

Minimalist furniture is great for small kitchens,

But it's emphasis on design and consciousness of space and material means it can also work great in larger kitchens if you choose the right pieces.

38. Casual Home Kitchen Island with Solid American Hardwood Top

This bright and minimalist island is an unobtrusive addition to your kitchen.

39. Countertop Storage

This detail-rich storage container looks great with bright or dark cabinets.

40. Satin Copper Cookware Shelf w/ Grid

Imagine your pots and pans hanging from this bright and beautiful grid.

41. 2 Tier All Purpose Metal Kitchen Corner Rack

This corner rack is a great way to keep those essential mugs or bowls near at hand.

42. MAGNETIC Paper towel holder

This paper towel holder goes where you need it to go.

43. Hestia Modern 2 Bulb Chandelier Mid Century Hanging Ceiling Light

This asymmetrical lamp is an artistic way to light your work space.

44. Flush mount ceiling light

Cast a soft glow of light throughout your kitchen.

45. Kitchen Conversion Chart Measurements Magnet

Keep this handy chart around to always get your conversions right.

8 Unique Kitchen Furniture Ideas

If "conventional" is a word you'd never use to describe yourself,

This unique furniture would probably look great in your kitchen. These pieces have loads of personality, and are perfect for creative chefs and adventurous eaters. So let your freak flag fly, Chef...

46. kitchen clock upcycling

You'll never find this clock in any of your friends' kitchens.

47. Over Sink(32”) Dish Drying Rack

This large drying rack can handle all your dishes at once.

48. Bread Basket with Lid

Bread lovers and entertainers will love this basket.

49. Auley Shelf

This shelf works great as a spice rack or dish storage.

50. Wine Rack

This stripped-down wine rack is a minimalist way to display your beverages.

51. Darlana Linear Lantern, Aged Iron

This iron pendant has a touch of the medieval to go along with it's modern charm.

52. Kitchen Chalkboard

Keep a running list or plan your menu on this chalkboard.

53. Vintage Silver owl trivet

Set down your piping hot dishes on this stylized owl trivet.

12 cheap kitchen furniture ideas

Just because you don't have a ton of cash doesn't mean you don't deserve to have a kitchen with a cool, attractive look. The trick is finding cheap furniture for your kitchen that is still high quality and stylish. That can be a pain to do on your own, but we've simplified the process by picking out some of the best cheap kitchen furniture out there!

54. Kitchen Pots Holder

An attractive, handcrafted item that's full of charm and helps declutter your kitchen.

55. Counter Stool

Quirky, bright colors and a comfortable seat all for a price you can definitely afford.

56. Wayne Barstool, Dark Gray Leather

A bit on the high end of cheap, but the quality and look make it worth it.

57. Golden Square Bar Cart

Roll this around to whatever room needs more storage and set it up!

58. Potato & Onion Storage box Rustic Wood

Replace those plastic receptacles with storage that adds unique charm.

59. Baxton Studio Lancashire Wood and Metal Kitchen Cart

With baskets on the bottom and a beautiful wood top, this is a great way to display as well as store.

60. Kitchen Sentiments Wall Decor

Add something fun to your walls without breaking the bank.

61. Americana Black and Distressed Oak Kitchen Island by Home Styles

They island you always wanted at a price you can afford.

62. Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse style and farmhouse quality without having to sell the farm to afford it.

63. Inglenook 8 Inch Mini Pendant

Add some intimacy and style to your kitchen lighting.

64. Winston Media Console, Natural

Give your kitchen that natural look at thousands less than you expected.

65. Julie 60" Round Dining Table, Unfinished

A bit pricier than other items here, but compared to other equally high-quality options, it's a steal.

7 Budget Kitchen Furniture Ideas

Just because you don't have a ton of dough to spend on your kitchen furniture...

It doesn't mean you have to prepare your meals in a space you despise. This budget furniture is functional and attractive. In fact, if it wasn't in this section with the words "Budget Kitchen Furniture" in big bold letters, you'd never expect this stuff was made for savers.

66. Utensil Caddy

Set out your utensils roadhouse style with this caddy.

67. Bamboo Wood 3-Tier Corner Kitchen Storage

Make use of that prime corner real estate with this tiered rack.

68. Pan and Pot Cabinet Organizer

Quit fighting through an avalanche of pots and lids every time you want to eat something hot.

 69. Sideboard Buffet Storage Cabinet with Glass Door,

Keep all your dishes stored and save precious cabinet space.

70. Cube Wine Rack

The geometric design of this wine rack is incredibly satisfying.

71. Powerful Magnetic Knife Strip

A magnetic knife strip is a safe way to store your knives without dulling them.

72. Green Reactive Glaze Ceramic Cactus Cookie Jar

Do you have the sweet tooth and bold personality necessary to raid this cookie jar?

7 Kitchen Furniture Ideas That Can Be Used as Dining Room Furniture

If you your kitchen doubles as your dining room, this furniture is ready to serve double duty too.

This dining room furniture is ready to get cooking, so get to scrolling...

73. Double Wall Mesh Copper Decorative and Fruit Bowl

Keep this bowl as a permanent fixture in your dining room or kitchen.

74. Kitchen Carts on Wheels

This robust bar cart is built to handle the load as you roll it from kitchen to dining room.


75. Mercana Furniture & Decor Columbia Rolling Kitchen Island with Storage

This island boasts tons of counter space and an unbelievable 8 drawers.

76. Kitchen Island & 2 Stools

Go from meal prep to main course in no time with this awesome island.

77. Industrial Retro Pendant Lighting

These industrial style light fixtures don't force require any capital investment.

78. Farmhouse Kitchen Table

This vintage table is perfect for a dining space that doubles as kitchen space.

79. Country Chandelier Light Fixture

This wooden chandelier blends country and modern styles for an awesome effect.

9 Modern Kitchen Furniture Ideas

Scan through any magazine or turn on any home improvement TV show, and you'll see one style dominates every kitchen: modern furniture. Modern style has taken over the cooking space, which means, if you want a cool kitchen, you need these modern kitchen furniture pieces now.

80. Simple Living Products Dining Set with Storage Chair

A great dark, modern contrast to the light colors in your kitchen.

81. Kitchen Dining Table Set

Sleek, simple, comfortable, and modern: everything you want in a kitchen table.

82. Glass Table Set

Those clean white chairs and that glass table: the height of modern style.

83. Kitchen Cart

Stylish and out of the way when you don't need it.

84. Giantex Buffet Server Wood Cabinet

When you want to add some modern class to your serving furniture.

85. Costzon Kitchen Storage Sideboard

A modern display case for all your best kitchen items.

86. Sogesfurniture Baker's Rack Utility Storage Shelf

A simple, stylish way to organize your microwave and important kitchen items.

87. 3-piece Pub Table Set

Set up a  little bar for a nice glass of wine right in your kitchen.

How To Pick The Best Kitchen Furniture Ideas

Furnishing a room can be difficult, especially if you’re moving to a new concept or style of design. So, if you’re at a loss for where to begin, follow these three steps to pick the best kitchen furniture.

1. Make it your own

Since home is a place most of us spend a good deal of time, your place should feel like your own. As you look through these pieces, select items that you know you’ll get a lot of enjoyment and use out of. Look for items that reflect your personality and help you relax in the ways most natural to you.

2. Look through your cookbook

The kitchen, perhaps more than any room in the house, is a place for productivity. And your ability to produce the meals you and your family love depends a lot on the furniture and equipment you have in your kitchen. So before you charge that credit card, flip through your favorite recipes and make sure you get the furniture you need.

3. Work with your space

You can dream as big as you want, but you should only buy as big as your space. Before you add anything to your cart, measure your living room and check the dimensions on each piece you’re considering.

Because no matter how stylish or comfortable your furniture is, if the room is too crowded to move around in you won’t be able to enjoy it.

More Cool Furniture Ideas

Looking for more furniture for that new home or redesign? Check out these posts for more great ideas.

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In Conclusion

Did you find a few pieces of kitchen furniture you just need to bring home? With this much great stuff to choose from, the challenge is narrowing down your favorites.

While you wat for your orders to arrive, be sure to check out some more of our posts for more furniture ideas.