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89 Best Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas This 2021

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Creating a mid century modern living room might sound like it’s a lot of work. I mean, what is mid century, really? Well, simply put, mid century furniture is described best by two words: simple and functional. So, yup, no overly intricate designs and colors, just furniture that serve their purpose.

So, I bet that sounds less complicated now, does it? Well, this furniture buying guide we’ve created will make it even less complicated for you. You’ll definitely find the living room furniture you’re looking for here.


14 Best Mid Century Modern Living Room

The best mid century modern living room furniture is so functional and simple that they’re actually timeless. With these pieces, your living room would exude the mid century vibe alongside the modern touch. Choose among these and you’ll never go wrong, that’s for sure.

Here are the 14 best mid century modern living room furniture:

9 Budget Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

When looking for furniture, you want to make sure that you won’t break the bank while still getting the best deals. The following options are perfect for you if you’re after budget furniture. Picked to make sure that you’ll get the functionality without taking up a sizable amount of your budget, these pieces are guaranteed to make your furniture shopping less of a chore.

Here are 9 budget mid century modern living room furniture:

8 Unique Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

Not all living room furniture are created equal… or are they? Well, with these unique furniture will prove that some pieces really just stand out from the rest. If you’re looking to make a statement, pick one of these and you’ll more likely make the message clear while keeping the mid century vibes coming.

Here are 8 unique mid century modern living room furniture:

9 Traditional Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

A mid century modern living room will of course not be complete without traditional furniture. This kind of furniture is indispensable because basically, they are what makes a living room a true living room. Be sure to include one of these pieces when shopping for your living room to make it an authentic one.

Here are 9 traditional mid century modern living room furniture:

13 Mid Century Modern Apartment Living Room Furniture

Not everyone is blessed with a lot of space for their living room. Good thing, there are apartment furniture ideas that are made for limited spaces. Take note, just because your space is small doesn’t mean that your choices should be limited as well.

Here are 13 mid century modern apartment living room furniture:

12 Minimalist Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

The minimalist style is increasingly becoming popular nowadays, as the thought that less is more has gained more favor from today’s generation. Pick one of this minimalist furniture if you want to join the minimalist movement. Well, minimalist also means easier household cleaning. Ain’t that a treat?

Here are 12 minimalist mid century modern living room furniture:

13 Bohemian Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

Bohemian style is characterized by retro patterns, flowy texture, and natural fabrics. When you go boho, you won’t need to worry about matching styles. Just mix and match, then you’re good to go. There are no rules, so unleash your creative side. Pick from these bohemian furniture and start that bohemian living room project.

Here are 13 bohemian mid century modern living room furniture:

11 Small Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

There’s just something so charming with small things. More than being cute, they leave you wondering how such a small piece of furniture can pack a lot of function and change a whole room’s look by itself. Pick among these small living room furniture if you’re a fan of small but functional things.

Here are 11 small mid century modern living room furniture:

How to Pick the Best Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

Now that you have tons of options to choose from (thanks to our list), your next ordeal will now be knowing how to pick the best among all the items on the list. I mean, with the abundance of stuff to choose from, that’s a valid concern.

However, we have already thought of that too. This is the exact reason why we came up with a guide as well. We thought it might come in handy.

Here is how to pick the best mid century modern living room furniture: 

1. Know your budget limitations

Before plunging yourself into the sea of choices out there, it is important to consider how much you’re willing to spend on the furniture you’re looking for. Knowing this beforehand is like putting a filter into your list of choices, and will save you the heartbreak and headache once you find a piece you like so much only to find out that it costs way above your budget.

2. Consider your existing furniture

Unless you’re shopping for a new home or a completely new room, chances are there are furniture and pictures that are already in your area. Do consider them when picking your new addition. It’s important to make sure that the furniture you’ll pick will go with what you currently have or you’ll need to change the whole look of your room.

3. Keep your floor area in mind

When picking furniture, it is very crucial to consider the amount of space you have. Make accurate measurements of the area where you want to put your newly acquired piece. This is important because it’s much of a hassle when you have already bought the furniture only to realize that it doesn’t fit. It’s not like you can trim the furniture.

4. Follow your style

Lastly, you shouldn’t forget to take into consideration your own style. Obviously, you’re buying the furniture for yourself so you should be pleased with whatever you pick. It’s your rules and it’s your taste that matters.

More Furniture ideas

Got enough ideas for your living room already? Then it’s time to get some ideas for all the other rooms in your house. Beacuse, why not?

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In Conclusion

Picking furniture to create the mid century modern living room might come off as a daunting task but it can be made simple if you only have the right and enough information at your disposal. Well, you’ve got to definitely do your homework before actually deciding which furniture to buy. This is because when you buy living room furniture, you’re essentially making an investment. And of course, investments should not be taken lightly.

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