Creating a mid century modern living room might sound like it's a lot of work. I mean, what is mid century, really? Well, simply put, mid century furniture is described best by two words: simple and functional. So, yup, no overly intricate designs and colors, just furniture that serve their purpose.

So, I bet that sounds less complicated now, does it? Well, this furniture buying guide we've created will make it even less complicated for you. You'll definitely find the living room furniture you're looking for here.


14 Best Mid Century Modern Living Room

The best mid century modern living room furniture is so functional and simple that they're actually timeless. With these pieces, your living room would exude the mid century vibe alongside the modern touch. Choose among these and you'll never go wrong, that's for sure.


1. Armen Summer Chair

This modern take on the traditional chair is perfect if you want a piece of sophisticated yet functional furniture.

2. Metal Ceiling Light

This statement piece will add much needed personality to any space you choose to put it, and this will work well when put in your living room of course.

3. Teardrop Shelf

This mid-century inspired shelf will definitely add some much-needed storage in your living room without sacrificing aesthetics. This is what mid-century is all about, right?

4. Eurofase Sectional Sofa

This sectional sofa will look perfect in your living room because it's available in Brown, Light Gray, and Beige. Plus, it's made of high-quality fabric that will last for years.

5. Well Woven Area Rug

This rug is handmade so you're sure to get the quality that you expect. Not only that, it's stain resistant and fade resistant, which is why you'll absolutely love it.

6. Acorn Upholstered Bench

This bench is so versatile, you can place it anywhere. However, we think it looks best in your living room especially because of its tufted seat.

7. VASAGLE Console Table

This console comes with cabinets, drawers and shelves, all for your storage needs. It's so functional and stylish, plus it comes with media holes to help you keep your wires organized.

8. Turquoise Upholstered Armchair

Nothing looks more comfortable than this brightly-colored armchair that's absolutely going to make a statement in your living room.

9. Pangea Boa Shelf

This modern-looking piece is definitely functional and unique. The perfect addition to your mid-century living room.

10. Entryway Storage Bench

More than a place to sit on, this bench also provide additional storage. Functionality at its finest.

11. Elevate Customs Foosball

This is something unexpected that will keep you and your guests entertained while in the living room.

12. Charlotte Coffee Table

Mid-century modern has never been this obvious. No frills, just your sturdy, useful table.

13. Regina Accent Chair

This stylish piece of furniture is unmistakably from the mid-century. Get this and feel the vibe in your very own living space.

14. Laptop/Bed Side Table

A stylish table, this piece will deliver functionality without sacrificing space.

9 Budget Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

When looking for furniture, you want to make sure that you won't break the bank while still getting the best deals. The following options are perfect for you if you're after budget furniture. Picked to make sure that you'll get the functionality without taking up a sizable amount of your budget, these pieces are guaranteed to make your furniture shopping less of a chore.

15. Office Star Telephone Table

This rather uncommon telephone table will absolutely get the attention of anyone who lays eyes on it at a very affordable price point.

16. BELLEZE Club Chair

Elegant-looking and contemporary, this chair will fit with almost any other furniture you will pick. Doesn't look cheap, yeah?

17. BIRDROCK Foot Stool

This hand-knitted pouf is both comfortable and stylish, making it the best addition to your living room without hurting your pocket.

18. Zinus Dane Table

This side table sure looks expensive, but we assure you, it isn't.

19. Wood Plant Stand

A cute but functional piece, this wooden plant stand might be plain but it serves its purpose.

20. Tufted Fabric Sofa

A stunning sofa that comes with a wooden frame and a tufted pattern for that revamped mid-century vibe.

21. GDFStudio Chaise Lounge

This chaise lounge is so comfortable you might find yourself sleeping instead of just resting when you get on it.

22. Costway Ottoman Footrest

This simple footrest is guaranteed to give your feet the TLC it deserves after a long day.

23. Modway display stand

This neat and elegant display stand will give your living room a level up without costing you much.

8 Unique Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

Not all living room furniture are created equal... or are they? Well, with these unique furniture will prove that some pieces really just stand out from the rest. If you're looking to make a statement, pick one of these and you'll more likely make the message clear while keeping the mid century vibes coming.

24. Erlenmeyer 51 Inch Floor Lamp

These shelves are so delicately designed, they will absolutely catch your eye even from a distance.

25. 2 Tier Wood Wine Rack

This sophisticated and eye-catching rack is the perfect storage solution for your wine and liquor supplies.

26. Henn&Hart Coffee Table

Steel-framed and delicately designed, this coffee table will definitely be the center of attention in your living room.

27. Atlas Floor Lamp

This intricate floor lamp features a globe and a minimalist stand that is sure to make your living room a lot more interesting.

28. Leeds Book Case

This sturdy book case will give your living room an additional storage that will give your books a new home.

29. RecPro Chair Recliner

Seriously, the circular base, diamond pattern, and comfortable cushion in this recliner give this a distinct style.

30. Sawyer Wall Shelf

This rustic wall shelf and its circular shape is a truly unique piece for your living room.

31. Mitzi Wall Sconce

This sconce is both a functional and an aesthetic piece that'll go with your mid-century living room.

9 Traditional Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

A mid century modern living room will of course not be complete without traditional furniture. This kind of furniture is indispensable because basically, they are what makes a living room a true living room. Be sure to include one of these pieces when shopping for your living room to make it an authentic one.

32. Marley Club Chair

An iconic single-seater accent chair cannot be missing from any living room.

33. Tenbrooke Candle Holder

Candle holders are a staple for living rooms because they provide elegant touch.

34. Madison Park Erika Hourglass Tufted Armless Chair

This handcrafted accent chair is pleasing to the eye due to its cutout design and printed fabric.

35. Wire Magazine Table

This magazine table might look plain, but it gives your living room a distinct mid-century style.

36. Quorum Ceiling Fan

A timeless ventilation solution, this ceiling fan is a contemporary take to the traditional fan.

37. Moroccan Area Rug

This fluffy rug might make you spend more time on the floor than on the sofa.

38. Portsmouth Sofa

The braided fringe is the most noticeable feauter of this sofa and there's no denying that it screams mid-century.

39. Maya Sideboard

The carvings on this sideboard will mesmerize you every time you look at it.

40. End Table

This end table is a classic, a truly timeless piece for your living room.

13 Mid Century Modern Apartment Living Room Furniture

Not everyone is blessed with a lot of space for their living room. Good thing, there are apartment furniture ideas that are made for limited spaces. Take note, just because your space is small doesn't mean that your choices should be limited as well.

41. RISEON Plant Hanger

Take advantage of your vertical space through this plant hanger.

42. YAHEETECH Lift Top Coffee Table

The lift top design of this coffee table ensures that the space under the table is still put to good use.

43. Yaheetech Console Table

This sleek but sturdy console table will not have any trouble fitting in any small space.

44. Greta Bookshelf

This bookshelf can also be a stand for your plants and really just about anything you can think of.

45. Sofa Side End Table

This side end table is especially narrow to fit in limited spaces.

46. VASAGLE Coffee Table

This set of tables can be stacked if you don't need a ot of tables.

47. Console Table With Wine Rack

A console table and a wine rack in one, how much space could that save?

48. AmazonBasics Cat Furniture

Who says you're purr-y friend needs a lot of space?

49. Giantex Flip Chair

This multipurpose flip chair is so versatile, it can replace 3 pieces of furniture at once.

50. Belleze Leisure Chair

Even limited spaces deserve an elegant piece like this.

51. WE Wood Fireplace Stand

This fireplace stand will bring a different kind of cozy to you apartment.

52. Greenco Wall Mount Shelves

Make good use of your corner space will adding drama to your living room as a whole.

53. Pet Food Bowl

The legs of this food bowl gives it its midcentury style, no doubt.

12 Minimalist Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

The minimalist style is increasingly becoming popular nowadays, as the thought that less is more has gained more favor from today's generation. Pick one of this minimalist furniture if you want to join the minimalist movement. Well, minimalist also means easier household cleaning. Ain't that a treat?

54. Spiral Floor Lamp

This minimalist lamp has a twisted accent which give it its distinct personality.

55. Living Room Set

A plush sofa with very few details? Yup, that's minimalist and very mid century.

56. Convenience Console Table

This console table embodies minimalism at its finest.

57. Rolling Bar Cart

The golden accents of this rolling bar cart gives off an elegant vibe that is not overwhelming, still staying true to it minimalist nature.

58. 3-Piece Wall Cubes Set

This set of cubes is so simple but the great thing is that you can actually arrange them however you want. Freedom!

59. Santa Clara Coat Rack

What can be more minimalist than this coat rack?

60. ROYAL PEARL Pendant Light

Minimalist meets modern in this pendant light that's sure to be a conversation starter.

61. Metal End Table

This round and sturdy end table can serve as a nightstand, a plant rack or even a coffee table.

62. mDesign Planter

A piece like this will compliment all your other living room furniture due to its simple yet functional design.

63. Brightech Shelf Floor Lamp

This floor lamp and shelf in one is yet another smart way to take advantage of your vertical space.

64. Hugo Wood Table

The hammock underneath the drawer is a clever, clever use of space.

65. Wood Coffee Table

The hairpin legs of this wooden coffee table shows off the mid century style the most.

13 Bohemian Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

Bohemian style is characterized by retro patterns, flowy texture, and natural fabrics. When you go boho, you won't need to worry about matching styles. Just mix and match, then you're good to go. There are no rules, so unleash your creative side. Pick from these bohemian furniture and start that bohemian living room project.

66. Honey Comb Shelf

Wooden shelves are rustic, making them a great bohemian accessory to your living room.

67. Umbra Ribbon Clock

This bold and unique clock will add more than just an accent to your living room.

68. BONLICHT Chandelier Lighting

The gold frame of this chandelier is modern and will surely go together with any piece you already have on your living room.

69. Nathan James Accent Table

With solid wood legs, this accent table is a sturdy addition to your living space.

70. Hanging Swing Chair

This white swing chair will bring a different air of coziness to your home.

71. Mindful Living Coffee Table

The hairpin legs on this coffee table is a familiar yet timeless mid century accent.

72. Zenithen Dish Chair

The dreamcatcher resemblance on this bunjee chair is uncanny.

73. WELLAND Side Table

Reclaimed materials also characterize the bohemian style.

74. Director's Chair

This foldable chair comes in a variety of colors that will make your living room come alive instanly.

75. Bellamy Cabinet

With plenty of concealed storage space, this dual cabinet will make your living room organized in no time.

76. TV Stand

This TV stand is adored with an interesting 3d print which is a sure treat for your eyes.

77. Christopher Fabric Ottoman

Bold print, check. Wooden legs, check. Bohemian mid century? Definitely.

78. FLBER OUTLET Blue Macrame

Macrame is undeniably a bohemian piece that won't leave you feeling blue.

11 Small Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

There's just something so charming with small things. More than being cute, they leave you wondering how such a small piece of furniture can pack a lot of function and change a whole room's look by itself. Pick among these small living room furniture if you're a fan of small but functional things.

79. Kate and Laurel Accent Table

This glam and tiny table takes a little space but it doesn't fall short on its function.

80. Tov Barrel Chair

The velvet fabric on this barrel chair ensures maximum comfort at a minimum size.

81. Lansen Arm Chairs

This set of chairs won't take up too much space but that doesn't mean it isn't comfortable enough.

82. DIMPLEX Electric Fireplace

No space for a real fireplace? No problem, this small but amazing electric fireplace will absolutely change your living room's ambience.

83. Remote Control Caddy

This small but incredibly functional caddy is the perfect solution for your messy console.

84. Corner Folding Bookcase

Small corners can be maximized by using this corner bookcase. Take note, this furniture can be folded for easy storage when not needed. Clever, right?

85. Tufted Suede Footstool

This footstool sure is small, but that doesn't stop it from serving its purpose - give your foot the rest it deserves.

86. Cd Rack

This multi-purpose CD rack can serve as a shoe rack and even a bookcase.

87. Chic Accent Chair

This accent chair has that vintage vibe that you just can't miss.

88. Rustic Console Table

This wooden console table might be small but it's classy and will surely hold many items.

89. Sawyer Modular Metal Frame Wall Box LARGE

This uniquely shaped wall box can hold your stuff while keeping your style.

How to Pick the Best Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

Now that you have tons of options to choose from (thanks to our list), your next ordeal will now be knowing how to pick the best among all the items on the list. I mean, with the abundance of stuff to choose from, that's a valid concern.

However, we have already thought of that too. This is the exact reason why we came up with a guide as well. We thought it might come in handy.

1. Know your budget limitations

Before plunging yourself into the sea of choices out there, it is important to consider how much you're willing to spend on the furniture you're looking for. Knowing this beforehand is like putting a filter into your list of choices, and will save you the heartbreak and headache once you find a piece you like so much only to find out that it costs way above your budget.

2. Consider your existing furniture

Unless you're shopping for a new home or a completely new room, chances are there are furniture and pictures that are already in your area. Do consider them when picking your new addition. It's important to make sure that the furniture you'll pick will go with what you currently have or you'll need to change the whole look of your room.

3. Keep your floor area in mind

When picking furniture, it is very crucial to consider the amount of space you have. Make accurate measurements of the area where you want to put your newly acquired piece. This is important because it's much of a hassle when you have already bought the furniture only to realize that it doesn't fit. It's not like you can trim the furniture.

4. Follow your style

Lastly, you shouldn't forget to take into consideration your own style. Obviously, you're buying the furniture for yourself so you should be pleased with whatever you pick. It's your rules and it's your taste that matters.

More Furniture ideas

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In Conclusion

Picking furniture to create the mid century modern living room might come off as a daunting task but it can be made simple if you only have the right and enough information at your disposal. Well, you've got to definitely do your homework before actually deciding which furniture to buy. This is because when you buy living room furniture, you're essentially making an investment. And of course, investments should not be taken lightly.